Painkiller!!! DAEBAK!!! [t-ara,the seeya,5-dolls,speedy]

I’M!! I’M!! FAINT..+.+

LOL…It’s too much for me…WHAT I CAN SAY IS JUST!!! DAEBAK!! JJANG!! A new collaboration…n again with BALLAD SONG!!!


Maybe u doesn’t understand why?? why?? I’m act like this… tumblr_inline_mgb2micUDv1rx2fz3






YOSH!! let me explain!! CCM bring out a NEW BALLAD SONG!!! and it’s one of the EPIC collaboration LIKE USUAL..haha..



jiyeon sad

credit to the person that upload this heartbroken pic..>,<…so sad…T.T

Jiyeon act is DAEBAK!!! with this song playing…waa…T.T.. tumblr_inline_mgb27bVauc1rx2fz3

yeah…what’s this about?? let’s watch the MV!!!

the storyline is really heartbreaking..>,<

In my opinion…

~this song is after break up song…about the loneliness and the things that happened after break up..why??

because..Jiyeon is suffering of after break up disease..hmm, the loneliness make her sick and maybe crazy..cause she’s hoping that one person coming to eat with her..yeah..eating together..she also crying when she found the cloth of that one person..can’t sleep while hugging the pillow..yeah..miss to cuddle that one person..she also want to turn back time so everything back to the times when they are together..and she just fine… she dead at the end?? SAD..T,T..

my other opinion…  tumblr_inline_mgb223QKcn1rx2fz3

~that one person is already DIE!!! WHY??

because Jiyeon calling and that person not pick up..she also super duper frustrated…yeah, I assume that she can’t meet that one person again…that’s why she’s crying a lot..the fact that she can’t meet that one person again…the fact that she can’t listen to his or her voice yuri things..>,< ..hmm, that’s the reason..


did u see she’s coming in to the house bringing the bag..n the house is like no one living there, I guess..that house is ‘that’ one person house..>,< …she’s going there to..u know..hmm..treat her more thing that I can think is that house is their house..

hmm..>,<…maybe both are involve in accident…n that one person is die…she’s the only survivor.. imagination gone wild…every time the new MV come out…especially T-ara MV..the one that have the story behind it..

LOT OF IDEA for FANFIC is OUT!!! haha..BUT I dunno if I gonna write it or not..cause I guess this MV has continuation right..should I waiting for it or writing it..hmm..I dunno..or maybe not writing it..

HUH!! ADDICTED to this NEW SONG!!!  th0fd6341d7996



NICE CCM!! good ballad song there…I LOVE this collaboration..all the collaboration is DAEBAK!!!


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4 Responses to Painkiller!!! DAEBAK!!! [t-ara,the seeya,5-dolls,speedy]

  1. Beanie says:

    I loveeeeeeee itttt!!!!! I got to admit that CCM is really good at making ballad songs. And you know what happened next, the MV is just Dae to the Bak! DAEBAK!

  2. koizora says:

    This song is perfectly amazing,,,jiyeon acting was great too.. oh just i wanna say…this collaborate truly amazing… perfect

  3. i cried when i watch the mv at the first time.. miss jiyeon so much at that time.. and Her Acting is perfect! Daebak!!!

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