Used to love [Minyeon][P-5]

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Part 5


After about an hour later…it’s already past midnight..

At Hyomin house…

*bell ringing a few times*

Hyomin currently sleeping soundly at her room BUT she’s awake after a while. She’s lazily walking towards the main door while rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“Huh..who’s at this time…” Hyomin complain by herself.

“Ah…it’s Jiyeon..” Hyomin said after seeing it from the small hole at the door.

Hyomin lazily open the door while still half awake. After opening the door, she’s very startled at Jiyeon’s sudden hug. Jiyeon is crying silently leaving Hyomin speechless and loss words as she doesn’t have any clue at all.

Why… Hyomin quite confuse with Jiyeon’s action.

“Unni…” Jiyeon call weakly in between her sobbing.

“Hmm..” Hyomin stared at crying Jiyeon worriedly.

“Unni..can u just stay with me tonight..”Jiyeon still buried herself towards Hyomin hug.

“Yea..yeah..why not..” Hyomin just nod weakly while patting Jiyeon’s back.



Back to present..

That day…u’re crying all night..

N it last quite long… Hyomin taught quietly.

“Alright..alright..hmm…if u insist..” Hyomin give in as she taught about Jiyeon happiness.

“REALLY!!” Jiyeon excitedly jump around celebrating the one thing that she want for.

“Yeah…with one condition..”Hyomin show her index finger.


“I’ll go with  u..” Hyomin said bluntly and changing the channel to something more interesting to watch to ease her uneasiness.

“BUT I..”

“It’s ok for u to talk with Eunjung unni alone..” Hyomin said while still searching for the right channel.


“I’ll just be there for u..nothing more and nothing less…” Hyomin turn to look at Jiyeon and pat her head while wearing a reassuring smile on her face. She knew that Jiyeon quite worried about it.



A few days later..

Eunjung currently stay at the hotel near her filming site. She’s currently filming some dramas. Thus, the final destination that Hyomin lead Jiyeon to is there.  the hotel where Eunjung stay.

“ did u knew she’s here??” Jiyeon ask as she have a doubt about something.

“I just knew..” hyomin answer shortly while ignoring Jiyeon curious gaze.

“SO..u did contact n very close with each other..” Jiyeon mumbling by herself.

“Hmm..yeah..” Hyomin just nod as it’s the truth after all.

“So..u did that with her too..” Jiyeon suddenly felt some kind of a strange feeling burning inside her heart.

What this feeling…

It’s totally..  Jiyeon try to covering it by pouting as if she’s disappointed.

“What’s that??” Hyomin frown at that one questioning things that disturbing her mind.

“hmm..nothing…” Jiyeon shook her head to end that one feeling and make it disappeared.

What she’s talking about..

Is eunjung use me to break up with her.. Hyomin quietly taught it as Jiyeon kept avoiding to answer her question.


-Hotel lobby-

She’s.. Hyomin realize that Jiyeon shivering after waiting for quite a while as Eunjung schedule is changing and been extend. What they can do is just waiting at the lobby of the hotel.

“Jiyeon-ah..use mine..Hyomin give her coat to Eunjung and sit quite close to her to make Jiyeon warm.

“Hmm..u’re not cold??” Jiyeon quite surprise with tHyomin offer BUT she doesn’t doubt the sincerity as she knew Hyomin very well.

“I’m not.”.

When I see’s not at all..

This never ending warm feeling..

Make my body warm… Hyomin smile widely while seeing Jiyeon happy reaction because of her coat.

~message tone~

“Ah..Jiyeon-ah..Eunjung already waiting..” Hyomin said while showing the message that she just receive. She’s lead Jiyeon to Eunjung room.

When they arrived, Hyomin nod weakly towards Jiyeon as a sign to come in and showing some good luck move.

“Hmm..I..I got it..” Jiyeon reluctantly give a short reply to Hyomin.

“Are u really ok??” Hyomin ask as she’s felt that Jiyeon not ready for this meeting after seeing Jiyeon uneasy face.

“YUP!! Unni..u’re waiting right??”

“Of course..i’ll waiting exactly outside..”

“Alright then..”


Hyomin POV

Are they…hmm…back with each other again??

That man before is her boyfriend right?? Hyomin trying to remembered everything that Eunjung said about her love.

Is she’s gonna play around with our Jiyeon again… Hyomin felt uneasy as she think about it.



What did I do with Eunjung??

Why her face before..


Husband n wife??

We’re just having fun…

She’s full of aegyo.. Hyomin grin by herself.

I can’t hate her at all.. Hyomin nod as she’s agree at that one fact. She’s act as if she’s thinking.

Huh.. Hyomin let out a small sigh.

I can only hate myself for being like this after all… Hyomin mumbling by herself.

“Unni??”Jiyeon already calling Hyomin for a few times BUT it seems Hyomin is in her own world.

“Ah..Jiyeon!! that’s..quite fast..” Hyomin quite shock at that on fact. She only taught about a few things in that long time. Hyomin scratch her head that doesn’t itchy.

“Hmm..not exactly 30 minute..” Jiyeon said bluntly while grin by herself. She felt amuse by Hyomin reaction.

I wait that long?? Hyomin awkwardly rub her back of her head.

“U’re..” Jiyeon want to say something.

“What??” Hyomin look at Jiyeon with her usual blank face.

“Nothing..” Jiyeon shook her head while still grinning by herself.

Unni..that’s cute… Jiyeon excitedly taught inside her mind. Now, she realize everything that she should realize from the start.


To be continue

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  1. Hyomin.. Why you can just say your feeling?? Wkwkwk.. Love the story!!

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