Holiday 6 [QBS, EunMin, JiReum]

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Part 6


After a while..

-Inside the airplane-

boram soyeon q-ri


Boram seat is in between Q-ri and Soyeon. While soyeon is still absent, she’s too worried that she kept asking q-ri about Soyeon while q-ri just kept teasing Boram while twisting her words.

A few minutes pass..

“What are u doing??” Boram ask as she felt relieved as soon as she see Soyeon that at last come n sit beside her.

“Yeah..why u’re late?” Q-ri ask as she also curious.

“Me??” Soyeon make a straight face as if she doesn’t it’s her that they ask.

“Yeah..u…” Q-ri just nod a bit while her eyes stared at Soyeon that still not answering their question.

“Owh…Areum suddenly ask me to help her before..” Soyeon relaxing her body a bit to rest as she felt quite tired after running here n there for Areum before.

“Ah..I guess it’s related to Jiyeon..” Q-ri can guess whatever that related to Areum as she figure it out everything before.

“How did u know???” Soyeon blink her eyes a few times as she doesn’t believe that Q-ri know something about Areum n Jiyeon.

“I taught that u knew it too..” q-ri say it with a s mile on her face. She look at Soyeon and as if they have a long conversation with their eyes lock with each other. Boram look at her side. Left n right a few times while mumbling by herself as she felt she’s been left out.

“Ah..I did..” Soyeon suddenly say it ater there is only silence in between them.

“Hmm..what both of u talking about??” Boram still can’t stop her curiosity after seeing both Soyeon n q-ri smiling to each other.

“Naahh…don’t mind it Boram..” Q-ri pat Boram head n then take a magazine that she bring along with her.

“Huh..Soyeon-ah..tell me..tell me..” Boram frown at q-ri action that totally ignoring her in their ‘conversation’.

“Hmm..BUT..u still a need to know..” there is a smirk on Soyeon face as she say it.

“Kid!!!” Boram lost her calmness for second and snap our from it and glared at Soyeon that still grin by herself as she enjoying Boram reaction.

“No..she’s a baby…” Q-ri added bluntly while her eyes still ixing on  the magazine.

“Q-ri!! Soyeon!!” Boram felt very displeased and glared at the person that sitting at her side.

“It just the truth Boram..” Q-ri wearing an innocent face while saying it. She felt amused by the cute reaction that Boram make.

“YUP2..” Soyeon nod a bit and smiling at Boram while sending a sign of victory to q-ri by wink at her for successfully teasing Boram.


-At the same time-

eunmin t-ara


“Why u’re changing ur seat with Areum??” Hyomin ask as she quite surprise that her seatmate was Eunjung. She sure it’s Areum.

“U ask me why??” Eunjung quite surprise as she doesn’t expect Hyomin to ask that kind of question to her. She taught hyomin will welcoming her more than anything else.

“Yeah..” Hyomin nod while wearing a confuse face.

“U want me to answer it??” Eunjung felt a bit confuse too with Hyomin reaction.

“Of course..” Hyomin said with serious tone.

“Hyomin-ah..are u sure u’re not hating but like me??” Eunjung frown as she felt very disappointed.

“Of COURSE!!! I taught that we figure this out last night..” Hyomin suddenly felt guilty as she look at Eunjung that seems down because of her.

“LOL..yeah2…I just knew that u’re jealousy is the things that I love the most..” Eunjung grin by herself as she remembered the scene that she see before.

“Based on what?? N what do u mean by jealous?? I’m not at all..” Hyomin said innocently as she positive that she doesn’t show off her jealousy in front of eunjung at all.

“I see ur face before…when u’re sitting with our manager..” a smirk can be seen on Eunjung face. she felt amuse as she see the changing on Hyomin face.


“U..” Hyomin blushing hard as she realize about what happened before.



At the waiting place before departure…

“Unni..where is Areum??” Jiyeon ask Eunjung that currently playing her phone and listening some music.

“U’re sure worried too much about her..” Eunjung said while thinking about the fact that hyomin tell her before.

“I..I’m not!!” Jiyeon shook her head furiously denying that one fact but it seems true as she’s blushing hard because of it.

“Jiyeon-ah…CUTE!!” Eunjung pinched Jiyeon cheek that redden by time as eunjung tease her.

“Unni!!” Jiyeon pout n look at the other place avoiding eunjung gaze.

“Don’t worry…she must be somewhere nearby..” Eunjung try to give out reassured statement as she knew Areum personality that will not make trouble especially in her works.

“Where??” Jiyeon look around, gazing at one corner after another. Eunjung also join in as she curious.

“…Ah..” Jiyeon’s eyes did found that one person and her eyes did meet that person eyes. She felt very happy inside BUT she can’t really show it as she doesn’t want her unnies tease her later. Thus, she decide to pretend that she doesn’t see it.

“Hmm..Jiyeon??” Eunjung felt quite strange that Jiyeon suddenly become quiet. She look at the way that Jiyeon just pause her way before n she also found the person that she love a lot.

“Unni..she’s here…” Jiyeon shyly say it. Eunjung turn back and look intently at Jiyeon.

“SO??” Eunjung ask as if she doesn’t know anything.

“Hmm…no..nothing..” Jiyeon shook her head. Her redden cheek been cup by her hand for a while now.

“Where is she??” Eunjung ask again as if she knew nothing about it.

“At the back…with Hyomin unni..” Jiyeon said weakly as if she’s whispering to herself.

“Really..” Eunjung turn back to look at the place that Jiyeon said. Even she already found it before. She just enjoying the view that she seen. She’s shouting excitedly inside her mind.

Eunjung POV



LOL…she’s pouting…

She’s frowned at me..

What sh’se thinking?? Nodding by herself..

She might think I’m looking somewhere else…



Hyomin POV

Is she searching someone??..

Hmm…soyeon unni??

Ah..might be her..

She doesn’t even look at me…


What’s with the air around her..

Everyone seems in love with her…

Ignore2…for now..Areum 1st…

Hyomin try to convince herself by nodding a few times and turn to look at Areum worried face.



Back to present..

“Areum n Jiyeon..are u sure about them??” Eunjung ask again even though she already seen it herself. Jiyeon’s reaction towards Areum is very sincere like the day she’s falling in love with hyomin.

“I’m sure..” Hyomin look at Areum n Jiyeon that’s sit not far from them.

“U’re so confident” Eunjung can see the determination in Hyomin eyes.

“I’m not..” Hyomin shook her head as she’s a bit reluctant deep in her heart.

“Then..” Eunjungfelt confuse as she doesn’t see any reason to doubt about it anymore.

“Wait n see..” Hyomin said weakly while staring at the 2 person near them. Eunjung just sit there quietly watching Hyomin. She held Hyomin hand tightly to make Hyomin uneasiness go away and make her comfortable along the journey.



~At the same time~

-Jiyeon and Areum seat-

The awkwardness is very serious as it can make everyone that see it will be awkward too and leaving them alone. They should solve everything that they should before it become more serious is what people might think when seeing the air around them.

She’s reading the magazine…

Should I read one too…

Areum reluctantly doing what Jiyeon’s done but instead of magazine she read her own books that she bring until at one time she realize that there is no movement from Jiyeon.

Ah..she’s asleep…

Did soyeon unni do what I ask before.. Areum quite worried as she doesn’t know anything as Soyeon not informing her.

Hmm… Areum look at the backpack that been place beside Jiyeon. Then, she look at the owner of that bag. 


She’s very…

Pretty and adorable even when she’s sleeping..

Huh..what did I think..Areum hit her head weakly and received it consequence well. she rub her head that hurt.

Let’s continue reading.. Areum taught while opening back her book.

Areum continue reading the small japanese learning book that she buy before when they working in Japanese.  She’s wearing a serious face while studying it and too into it that she didn’t even realize that Jiyeon already awake.

She’s not sleeping??

Huh..Jiyeon taught quietly in her mind while open her backpack and searching a mineral bottle that she buy from the stewardess before she’s sleeping.

“Hmm..what’s this..” Jiyeon felt there is a plastic bag inside her backpack. She’s quite surprise as she’s quite sure there is no plastic bag before in her bag.


From airport.. Jiyeon quite sure as there is a logo of the airport there written on the plastic bag.

The incident of Areum disappeared before check in…playing back inside her mind.

“Areum??”  Jiyeon unconsciously call out Areum name out loud while thinking about the possible owner of the plastic bag.

“u call me??” Areum turn to look at Jiyeon with curious face while Jiyeon quickly hide the plastic bag that she just found and pretending that she just awake from her short nap.

“hmm..nope..” Jiyeon yawn a little and shook her head.

“Owh..really..sorry if I wake u up..” Areum felt a bit sorry as she did make some sound while turn the page of the book and when she’s trying to memorized some words.

“No..not at all..” Jiyeon smiling happily as she felt very excited after receiving the present that Areum buy for her.

What is it…

Areum felt confuse with Jiyeon reaction that quite unusual for a person that just awake rom sleeping.

Is she having a good dream??

It nice to see her smiling like that..

Areum smiling as she felt satisfied with the reaction that she just see while Jiyeon kept trying to make a plan to ‘showing off’ that one present even she doesn’t know the content of that plastic bag.

Should I.. Jiyeon taught quietly as she want to take a step to a comfortable zone with Areum. It’s too awkward for them right now is what she taught.

Maybe not.. Jiyeon shook her head n put her hand on her chin acting like she’s thinking.

But what is it.. Jiyeon put one of her hand cautiously inside the backpack that she put just beside her as she’s too curious n excited about it.

What she’s thinking… areum taught quietly inside her mind.


like a serious matter…

Areum quite curious and a bit worried while seeing Jiyeon action. She just glance once in a while to check out Jiyeon expression as she doesn’t want to be found out.

Changing in a second..



To be continue..

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