Holiday [END] [EunMin, JiReum,QBS]




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Chapter 7 [END]


After a while of thinking time for Jiyeon..

Jiyeon at last decide to take out the plastic bag that being inside her bag all this time n put it on the ‘table’ that she just opened. She’s quite surprise to see the present that she felt excited about before.’s a chocolate..

Plus a sweet one.. Jiyeon felt displeased just by seeing the cover of the chocolate that she just found inside the plastic bag in her bag. She take it out to show it off to Areum that she found the present that Areum secretly put BUT now her mood quite mix as it’s not what she expect. Her reaction totally opposite that what she want to show.

Jiyeon POV

Is Areum doesn’t know about it..

I guess she doesn’t knew it Jiyeon knock weakly her head with her hand.

What I expect from Areum that just recently join us..

BUT..she know our group beforehand… Jiyeon shook her head weakly.

Again..why I expect she knew everything..she might not interested at me in the first place..that’s why she doesn’t know about it. Jiyeon let out a weak sigh. She glancing at her side for a second just to see that one expression that she doesn’t want to see from areum.


Areum POV

Ah…she found it..

Soyeon unni success!!! Thank god she did it..

Wait..why her expression..

Is she hate it?? BUT I taught..she love it…

Hyomin unni surely not gonna lie to me about it..

BUT why?? Why her reaction..

Is it because she know it from me..

Is she hate me that much..

Before too…



“Wait…what happened there??” Eunjung ask curiously at Hyomin after she realize that Jiyeon currently doing something.

“U doesn’t see it?? Eunjung..I taught u give more attention to them like I do..” Hyomin said with a disappointed tone.

“LOL..hyomin-ah..why should I??” Eunjung let out a small laugh n asking with playful tone.

“I taught that u too curious about them before n kept asking me why I’m too confident..” Hyomin explain seriously n still doesn’t turn to look at Eunjung that staring at her.

“U know what hyomin..” Eunjung caress Hyomin face n make Hyomin turn to look at her.

“Huh..what??” Hyomin quite surprise at Eunjung sudden action.

“I only have my eyes on you all this time..” eunjung bluntly said while putting a very sincere smile on her face. She really look at Hyomin all this time.

“That..” Hyomin become speechless as Eunjung look at her intently.

“U’re really go all out for them do you..” Eunjung added while her smile ully disappeared from her face as If she’s very disappointed with Hyomin action.

“Yeah..yeah..bcz..they both loving each other..” Hyomin felt guilty and stuttered while she trying to make up an excuse for it.

“So…what?? We’re not??” Eunjung said it straight n her face become more closer to Hyomin by time.

“Eunjung-ah..u’re…u’re too close..” Hyomin try to pull herself away from Eunjung.

“We’re a lover right??” Eunjung ask while wearing a smirk on her face.

“BUT this is the public place..” Hyomin said while avoiding Eunjung strong gaze.

“I want u to look at me only..” Eunjung said weakly. There is the sadness behind her words.

“I..I look at u now..” Hyomin look at Eunjung trying to make Eunjung felt reassured BUT it’s not succeed as Eunjung look more sad than before..

“JUST now..not before..” Eunjung stared blankly at other place for a second before trying to kiss Hyomin by moving her face more close to Hyomin face.

“Eunjung-ah…” Hyomin push a bit n…

“…STOP!!” Hyomin shout. It’s not too loud but not too slow that people can ignore it.

“….” Eunjung become speechless as she’s felt taken aback with Hyomin action. She sit hopelessly at her seat.

“So..sorry..” hyomin hold eunjung hand while saying it. She really felt guilty. She never shout like that to Eunjung. Eunjung must be in pain because of her words.

“u doesn’t love me..” Eunjung eyes teary while saying it. She felt hurt.

“I love u..but..”


“Hyomin?? What’s going on??” Boram voice can be heard from far.

“Ah..nothing unni..” Hyomin answered shortly. After a few second..

“…we playing games..”Hyomin added as she can’t think any other good reason n it seems Boram waiting or her reasoning.

“Ooo..” Boram just nodded innocently agree with the ‘answer’ that Hyomin give.

“LOL..yeah right..” Soyeon let out a small laugh while looking at Hyomin.

“They having a lovey dovey quarrel..i’m jealous..” Q-ri said while wearing a smirk on her face.

“What..what’s that mean..they playing games..n why u jealous q-ri??” Boram defending Hyomin reasoning n felt strange that q-ri and soyeon kept denying it.

“Ah..boram I taught u still a kid..” Soyeon said while patting Boram head.

“Nope..she’s a baby soyeon-ah..” Q-ri said while wearing a wide smile on her face. She’s love Boram innocent self after all.

“Again!!..” Boram push Soyeon hand and glared at the 2 person that teasing her from the start.


“Look what u done..” Hyomin smacked weakly Eunjung head.

“Sorry…” eunjung said while looking at Hyomin with her cute puppy eyes.

“I will look only at u…dun worry eunjung-ah..BUT after I help Areum..” Hyomin pat Eunjung head.

“Areum again..” Eunjung said weakly.

“dun act like a kid..u also always with Jiyeon..I doesn’t say a word..” Hyomin said with an annoyed voice.

“Yes!! Hyomin jealous!!” Eunjung suddenly become lively after listening to hyomin reply.

“Huh..” Hyomin just let out a small sigh while Eunjung feeling excited by herself.


Areum n Jiyeon as if alone in their own world doesn’t even heard n listen their unni’s making lot of noise near them.

Areum..she look..disappointed.. Jiyeon felt guilty and think hardly what she should do while staring at the chocolate that she hold for quite a long time. reaction sure too clear for her to make that kind of face… Jiyeon let out a loud n long sigh. It’s quite loud that actually caught Eunjung and Hyomin that sitting near them.

“Jiyeon-ah!!..ah…chocolate!!” eunjung that still in her excited state continuously asking or the chocolate that Jiyeon hold tightly. She doesn’t see it before.

“….” Jiyeon just kept her silent n look intently at the chocolate.

“U don’t like it right?? Want it!! want it!!” Eunjung give such a clear reason so that she can gain the chocolate as fast as she can.

“Eunjung..shut ur mouth..” Hyomin whispered it near to Eunjung.

“BUT..Jiyeon hate” Eunjung said with a sad tone.

“U hungry?? Should buy another food..not take others..” Hyomin said firmly.

“..” Eunjung look at Hyomin with her puppy eyes until at one time she realize something.

“ u..” Eunjung want to said what’s she think but been cut by Hyomin.

“Yeah..” Hyomin nod a few times n let out a small sigh.

“…” Eunjung pout n look at Jiyeon. After a few second..

“Ah…sorry!! Dun want it..” Eunjung said while waving her hand denying that she want it.


Areum POV

Wait..Jiyeon unni  hate it.. Areum become panic after she heard what Eunjung said. It’s clearly the things that she never think as it’s Hyomin unni recommendation.

Hyomin unni…Areum turn to look at Hyomin. Hyomin still calm n just nod weakly as if giving an ‘It’s OK’ sign to her.

I..I’m sure it’s gonna be OK…hyomin unni must have a plan..Areum take a deep breath before staring at the book that she’s currently read. She’s very anxious n disappointed but she try to appeared as calm as possible. She’s pretending to read it while once in a while glancing at Jiyeon.

What..what she gonna do?? Areum repeatedly shouting that taught inside her mind.


Jiyeon POV

Why eunjung unni..huh..

Now she know that I hate chocolate..

She..she’s doesn’t care..

Ah..I guess she  care..

She sure look more disappointed than before..

She..she..for me..Jiyeon felt happy at the taught that Areum reaction for her is purely for her and Areum surely think about her a lot. A smile n warm expression suddenly replace her confuse n disappointed face before.

I guess I eat it..for her.. Jiyeon strip the cover of the chocolate n eat it slowly as she’s trying her best to make sure that she’s not thrown it out back.

“Unni..u..u hate it right??” Areum ask as she quite surprise that Jiyeon make that kind o decision.

“Hmm..I..I do hate it..” Jiyeon stuttered while answering Areum. Her heart beating fast n she suddenly become nervous. It’s been quite a time Areum talk to her after the long awkward atmosphere before.

“Why..” Areum felt curious and want to know the reason for it.

“U don’t want me to eat it?” Jiyeon raise her eyebrows while saying it. She doesn’t expect Areum to questioning her action. She taught Areum gonna be happy but she’s doesn’t look like one.

“…”Areum shook her head.

“..u can eat it..BUT dun push urself..”Areum look worried while saying it.

“I’m not..Areum-ah..I like it bcz I received it as present..” Jiyeon said bluntly and smile happily.

“Present..” Areum panic again as she taught her plan already been exposed.

“I my secret admire that love me so much..” Jiyeon grin by herself.

“…..” Areum look blank and staring at Jiyeon. She felt a bit relieved as her plan doesn’t been known yet.

“I love it because of her..” Jiyeon added. She felt amused as she look at Areum reaction.

“Hmm..unni…” Areum look reluctant while calling Jiyeon’s. She’s a bit afraid to asking this one question that make her felt uneasy.

“Yeah..areum..” Jiyeon look intently at Areum.

“If that secret admire turn out to be me..” Areum said while avoiding Jiyeon gaze as she taught Jiyeon can read her mind.

“U??” Jiyeon pretending that she doesn’t know a thing about it.

“AH..I..I just give example..if it turn out to be me…do u gonna eat it too..” Areum said while awkwardly scratch the back of her neck.

“….” Jiyeon kept her silent or a while n act as if she thinking.

Why..why she’s..hmm..I guess she’s not eating it if she knew it’s me.. Areum become down when she think about that possibility.

“I will..n I will eat it ALL..” Jiyeon said while wearing a smile on her face.

“ALL”  Areum repeated Jiyeon words as she want a conformation.

“Yeah..all..because I like Areum..” Jiyeon said bluntly.

“like…” Areum pinch her face.

“Puuff..” Jiyeon that currently hold her laugh actually burst it out and laugh as she see Areum cute action.

“Do u like me Unni?? I taught that u hate me..” Areum still can’t believe the words that Jiyeon just utter.

“I..I never hate u..I..I like u..I guess..” Jiyeon cup her face as she can feel that her cheek currently blushing hard.

“Really..” a smirk can be seen on Areum face. She find Jiyeon very attractive at that one time and felt like she need to tease her.

“Yeah..maybe love..” Jiyeon said while avoiding Areum strong gaze that make her heart beating fast than usual again. Under areum gaze, she become very nervous.

“I love u too unni..” Areum said while looking at Jiyeon. She know that Jiyeon currently shy as she blushing crazily. Now, she can relate everything that happened while they were together before.

“Areum-ah..” Jiyeon call Areum as Areum suddenly become quiet.

“I..I super duper worried that u hate me..” Areum said weakly as she express what she felt all this time.

“…but now…when u said u love me..”

“..I..” Areum look intently at Jiyeon.

“U what areum-ah..” Jiyeon become curious than she ever felt.

“I felt very happy..n..I’m sure that I love u..” Areum confess properly and tell what’s in her mind.

~Awkward silence~

“Areum-ah..can I know something..” a question suddenly come across Jiyeon’s mind.

“Yeah..what do u want to know unni..I tell u everything..” Areum said from the bottom of her heart. She really meant it.

“Hmm..since when..” Jiyeon felt reluctant to ask.

“Since the start…” Areum cut Jiyeon’s word after seeing Jiyeon can’t finish her words.

“Start…I taught that u hate me..cause I’m cold..” Jiyeon still remember that Areum afraid of her and Soyeon when she first join t-ara.

“Me..just afraid to admit it..but after a while..” Areum shook her head weakly and explain it shortly.

“Areum-ah..” Jiyeon felt satisfied to hear that one answer.

“I love u unni..can I love u??” Areum ask again  to make it a certain confirmation for herself.


“..of course u can..”Jiyeon said shyly.

“Areum..” Jiyeon quite surprise at a sudden small action that Areum just did. Areum hold her hand n kiss it.

“I..I can do this right..” Areum blush byherself while saying those words. She still holding Jiyeon’s hand tightly.

“Su…sure..” Jiyeon felt warm as it’s the ending that she want all this time.


“Hyomin-ah..that’s a happy ending…then..can I …” Eunjung grin and look at Hyomin.

“Wait unni..not here…” Hyomin said while pushing Eunjung that quite persistent.


“We..we can continue later..” Hyomin said bluntly.

“I dun want!!”Eunjung shook her head furiously.

“This holiday is something that I will treasured wait..” Hyomin said while looking intently at Jiyeon.

“I..I treasured it too really precious to me..” Eunjung become calm after Hyomin reassured herself with her look.

“Me too..” Hyomin added.

“Our precious memory that I will not forget..” Eunjung smile satisfied. This holiday surely a holiday that make heart feeling a fullest love that she can’t find anywhere. Only with Hyomin she can feel it. The true meaning of love.


“Boram..what do u think of our holiday??” q-ri said while looking intently at Boram. She hope the answer is what she expect but…

“Hmm..FUN!!! I can go my fans…n etc…” Boram said excitedly.

“U sure doesn’t change..” q-ri let out a small sigh n smile afterwards. She can’t blame Boram for it. It’s Boram after all.

“Unni…she just a kid like I said before..” Soyeon said bluntly.

“I’m NOT!!” Boram glared at Soyeon that grin by herself as she felt amuse when seeing Boram reaction.

“Yeah..she’s not Soyeon-ah..she’s my BABY..” q-ri said while hug Boram from side. Boram is her lover after all.

“Ah..q-ri..u..sure..” Boram blushing hard inside q-ri warm smile.

“LOL..don’t show off in front of me..” Soyeon said playfully.

“Boram-ah..Soyeon is jealous..” q-ri said with a teasing tone.

“Huh..what a holiday I’m in..” Soyeon just let out a small sigh n kept doing what she’s doing before.






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