My only fault.. [Eunjung x X][P-1]

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Part 1

There is a new segment n session that involve a new DJ that recently, her popularity increase because of it n this story is about her..n her love story…

N that’s her is Eunjung…


-At the radio station-


Eunjung currently at the end of her session…the session that generally talk about LOVE.

“Waa…everyone sure is very hype when we discuss about this..” Eunjung said as she received a lot of comment and response from the listener online.

She currently discussing about breakup as it’s the part of the segment to talk about it plus we called it as love phrase that might be end sweet or maybe bitter for a certain people out there. Lot of listener seems giving lot of reaction to it.

“…so..the last comment that catch my attention…” Eunjung found the one that totally grab her interest.

“ I regretting it after you’re gone from my side..” Eunjung bit her lips. It seems related to herself. She exactly found herself in that situation that the listener give.

~a sad background song playing~

“…Hmm..u’re the one that initiate it???” Eunjung asking by herself as if she questioning the listener that give that comment. She felt her heart hurt as she suddenly remembered something.

“It’s very painful..hmm..I understand it..” Eunjung put her hand on her chest. She’s trying to calm herself n return to her cheerful self. She need to be strong for the listener out there.

“Anyway…let’s cheer up a bit while listening to this one song…” Eunjung choose a song that quite cheerful and can ease up a bit her stuffing heart.

“Sexy LoVE!!! Yeah…I knew..I knew..everything is perfect when we’re in love..”

“Let’s meet again tomorrow night guys!! And please be strong in my place..I need ur strength too..”

K..will end in 1…2…3.. Eunjung co-worker give a signal at the other side of the room..


“Huh…this session…” Eunjung let out a small sigh while tidy up all the related paper for that night session.

“Are u OK eunjung??” Min said while giving Eunjung the next paperwork to study.

“Yup..i’m alright…”

“Good job!! It’s a good thing to choose u as our night dj’s…” Min said excitedly as she’s the one that scouting Eunjung from many DJ that come for the audition to be the DJ’s there.

“I’m not that good..” Eunjung wave her hand while shyly denied it.

“LOL..u’re perfect..” Min said while doing a ‘DAEBAK’ sign.

I really..not… Eunjung shout out loud inside her mind. She really can’t stand the fact that this one opportunity that she got actually end her long term relationship. The relationship that she treasure with all her heart.


-Eunjung’s home-

It’s really empty without her..

Eunjung open the refrigerator just to found her regular meal that is fast food that she always buy after done her night shift.

Hmm..this… Eunjung look intently at a bag of plastic that being there for quite a while now. She grab that bag and open it.

“Must be delicious..” Eunjung said excitedly while put it on the table and take the plate of hot rice that she heated back.

“ is..”  Eunjung eat it n nod a few times while the pool of tears forming inside her pair of eyes by times. She smile awkwardly while eating it slowly and treasured the taste that make her miss that one girl more.

I felt like..the tears start to flowing down non-stop.  Eunjung start crying out loud as she remembered the incident that make herself full of regret.

I shouldn’t do that… Eunjung thought by herself. She stop eat and walk calmly towards the sink to clean her hands. Then, she run towards the bedroom and wrap herself inside the thick blanket.

“I miss her..miss her warmess…miss her…miss her everything!!!” Eunjung shout out lout inside there while crying like there is no tomorrow for her.

It’s like the routine for herself. She make a time to going through the memory lane of herself with the girl that she treasured everyday. Every second is like a dream to her. she doesn’t want to accept the reality that very cruel to herself. Leaving herself lonely and live without her.

It’s a dream..the reality is a dream for her…

Break her heart into the small pieces…n actually burn it into ashes in a second…

This cruel dream…

The dream that she can’t even run from it existence…

Why I living in this dream…Eunjung thought b herself while sobbing. She’s curling herself inside the thick blanket and actually fall asleep to only dream about that one girl that doesn’t leave her mind. All this time.

I hate this…Eunjung mumbling by herself in her sleep.

To be continue…

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