Confession??..[EunJi aka EunYeon][OS]

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shy pointing



After a stage performance..Just a day after Jiyeon injured.

Note:- Jiyeon still perform with the other member.

T-ara waiting room…

“U’re ok?? Are u sure that u absolutely fine??” Eunjung eyes surely full of worried. Her voice clearly show how much she’s worried. She’s totally taken aback when she watch by her own eyes how Jiyeon hurt her knee before.

“I..I am..” Jiyeon said reluctantly. She still felt hurt and received a treatment at least once a day.

“Hmm…look at me..don’t avoid my gaze..” Eunjung felt more uneasy as Jiyeon avoiding her gaze.

“I’m not..” Jiyeon shook her head n trying to look at Eunjung eyes but she’s failed. She’s felt very nervous as she can felt how strong eunjung gaze.

“Huh..don’t push urself too much..” Eunjung pat jiyeon’s head.

“…I hate it..” Eunjung said as if she’s whispered to her ownself.

“I’m sorry..” Jiyeon suddenly thought that she make something that make Eunjung mad n hate her for that.

“Why u say sorry Jiyeon-ah..”

“I ruined this performance..”

“It’s not ur fault..” Eunjung caress Jiyeon face n hug her for a while before let Jiyeon receive some treatment.



At a restaurant, t-ara girls having their dinner together celebrating their days. BUT there are 2 girl missing from there. It’s Eunjung n Hyomin.


“Unni..why u crying?” Hyomin ask as soon as she catch up with Eunjung that seems running away from their dinner event inside the restaurant.


“I’m not..” Eunjung shook her head n wave her hand as she trying hard to deny that one fact.

“LOL…u n ur tears…I know it well unnie..” Hyomin recognize Eunjung’s eyes that seems moist n teary. Even when the tears not flowing out from it.


“Worried about Jiyeon?” Hyomin ask bluntly without hiding her curiosity.


“UNNI!!” a familiar voice calling them from far. The owner of that voice excitedly wave her hand while calling her unnie’s name.


“Unni…dinner time!!” Jiyeon shout again excitedly as the things that they ordered before already arrived n it officially a dinner time.

“We’re coming JIyeon-ah…” Eunjung replied with the reassured smile on her face as she try to hide her sadness.

“Jiyeon-ah!! Eunjung Unnie want to talk with u…” Hyomin suddenly shout while wave her hand as if asking Jiyeon to come there.

“Hmm…” Jiyeon looking at them while wearing a blank expression. She walk slowly towards them.

“What are u doing…” Eunjung glared at Hyomin that just grin by herself enjoying the scene that imagine.

“LOL…face it n u will find it worth trying..” Hyomin said while wearing a smile on her face.

“Huh…talk like a pro..”

“I am..” Hyomin make a ‘BEST’ sign with confidence.

She..yeah..she’s with Sunny.. Eunjung thought quietly inside her mind n just smiling bitterly.

“So..I’ll be waiting a good news then..” Hyomin walk away and wink before she kind of disappeared from there.

“Unni..what is it?” Jiyeon ask as soon as she arrived there.

“U want some?” Eunjung give a bottle of milk soda that she buy before.

“AH..sure…” Jiyeon drink a bit. She realize that she’s been watched by a pair of eyes as eunjung staring at her intently until she done.

“It’s indirect kiss..” Eunjung suddenly said as if she mumbling by herself.

“What??” Jiyeon ask as she doesn’t really hear what Eunjung said.

“I will not repeat it again..” Eunjung said while wearing a smirk on her face.


“Can I be ur ONE?..” Eunjung ask directly while stared at Jiyeon eyes.

“My ONE?”

“ ONLY one..”

“Hmm…Unni…u…are u ok??” Jiyeon ask reluctantly as Eunjung act differently.

“Dun make me worried again Jiyeon-ah…” Eunjung said with a very worried tone.

“BUT I’m not really do anything..” Jiyeon look completely confuse n lost.



“Dun be hurt..n look at other person…” Eunjung said after separating herself from Jiyeon.

“I’m not..” Jiyeon said while still confuse about everything.

“…just…just focus on me…” Eunjung continue while her eyes start to teary again.


“I kiss u..” Eunjung said shortly.

“Y..yeah…u..u kiss me..” Jiyeon blushing hard as she realize that she’s been kiss before. She can still remember eunjung soft lips on her.

“Doesn’t see the difference?” Eunjung ask for a confirmation before do what she want to do from the start.


“I LOVE U” Eunjung said nervously. She’s hoping that Jiyeon can answer her as soon as possible. Her heart beating fast than usual as if it gonna explode.


“Hmm..sry..hmm..I guess everyone waiting..” Eunjung step back, turn around n trying to run away as Jiyeon kept quiet n doesn’t replied her but suddenly she’s been hug from back.

“Unni..I love u too..” Jiyeon whisper while still hug Eunjung from back. She’s turn eunjung to face her n..she..


“ last u tell me what u feel..” Jiyeon said sincerely from the bottom of her heart.

“Huh..” Eunjung become confuse and stared blankly at JIyeon with questioning look.

“I already love u for a long time..” Jiyeon said while grin by herself.

“Always love u..” Jiyeon added and hug Eunjung.

“NICE ENDING THERE..” a familiar voice come from Eunjung back.

Hyomin?? Eunjung separate herself from Jiyeon and turn to look at the person that suddenly appeared there.

“WHAT!! WHAT ARE U DOING HERE!!” Eunjung really surprise when she found out that person is Hyomin.

“I’m watching..” Hyomin said while wearing a smirk on her face.

“I thought that u already leave..” Eunjung confuse n pointing at the way that hyomin go before.

“Naah…I leave about..hmm..a few step..” Hyomin said bluntly n laughing afterwards.

“Jiyeon-ah..u know it??” Eunjung look at Jiyeon with disbelief face.

jiyeon peace

“She help me unnie..” Jiyeon calmly answer Eunjung’s question while making a peace sign.

“BOTH of lovey dovey couple all the time..BUT only now..” Hyomin said while trying to hold her laugh.

“My mistake..” Eunjung said shyly.

“Still end up really leaving..haha..” Hyomin walk away while humming t-ara new song.

“Sry…but I love u so much..” Jiyeon said as she felt guilty.

“It’s alright..I glad that last confessing my love..” Eunjung blushing hard as she felt very happy and excited.

“..I LOVE U..” Eunjung added while her cheek turn to the colour of tomato.

“Let’s..” Eunjung give out her hand.

“Yeah..” Jiyeon take eunjung hand and hold it tightly.

They walk together to the place where the member are.. side by side with a new refreshing feeling that at last they both achieved with the help of Hyomin.

The feeling of LOVE…not a secret love or one sided anymore…it’s PURELY a LOVE…



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