My only fault.. [EunMin, JiReum][P-6]

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shy pointing


Chapter 6


-At radio station-

The topic that been discuss in the radio show end with the comment made by eunjung towards the listener especially to ‘beautiful love’ n her love one.

To our listener..i’m gonna wrap up this discussion…cause…we already at the END!!! First for all, I would like to say thank you to our listener that give a LOT of LOVE to me. I dun have enough time to replying all the mail n comment BUT sure…I end up reply it all before the next chapter of this session started o we might expand this same topic to next session too..

YOSH!!! For the END…I must say this one statement…

I also regret something n wish to turn back time…BUT it just IMPOSSIBLE…n what we have is ONLY wish n HOPE for a NEW DAY n chapter for our life to be better n we can improve it by time.

Take a few step to change more better or to the worse one…as I also not sure where it gonna END UP…BUT I just wish ALL of our step gonna turn to be a VERY GOOD step…n we will not regret it later on..

Even we might end might afraid to take a step’s alright…take ur time…cause sometimes…it just doesn’t work as u wish…

Hope u understand n got my words our lovely listener..n wish our listener full with LOVE spark in heart…


BYE…n let’s meet again next week!!!


“U gonna replied all..” one of eunjung co-worker ask while she tidying the paper on the Dj’s table.

“Yeah…I say it…LOL..” Eunjung stretch her body a bit before yawning n laughing awkwardly.

“Good luck..that’s a LOT of work for u..” the o-worker give a ‘Hwaiting’ sign before leaving eunjung alone.

“Haha…it’s ok…I do nothing this weekend..” eunjung mumble by herself. She look at the small mirror there just to see her red eyes that proved she super duper sleepy.

“LOL…have some rest…u look tired..” another co-worker say while she came in to say good bye before going home.

“I will…” Eunjung stand n going out to tidy things n packing something to bring back home. All the letter n some note for next session.


-Hyomin house-

“She regret it…impossible..yeah…maybe..this feeling..can’t change it back to normal even if I wish for it…” Hyomin just nod weakly as she admitting that one fact.

“Hmm…it already broke n into pieces n some of it..lost..somewhere..” Hyomin let out a long sigh.

~message tone~

Hyomin open  it without looking who the sender is.

Can we have a lunch together I wait for u at our fav restaurant..

Sender : My love..

I should change this… Hyomin felt her heart beating fast while she read that one message. With a heavy heart, she change that one name to Eunjung Unnie.

“Eunjung-unnie…sounds more..good…” Hyomin say it with a trembling voice. She try to hold her tears from falling down.

hyomin sad


-Eunjung house-

No reply…hmm…

I guess I just waiting there…

I hate to admit this…

BUT… Eunjung let out a long sigh. She already arrived at her home.

As soon as she arrived, she turn on her laptop to reply a few comment from the listener of the radio n revise some comment that been sent to her about the topic that she discuss before.



Huh… another long sigh came out from Eunjung mouth. It’s a night that full of sigh for Eunjung. Sleepless night too for her as she doesn’t want to thought about the meeting that she plan today, thus, she really busy herself with all the workload that she bring from her workplace.


-JiReum Room-

AH..she fall asleep..

LOL…it’s already late.. Areum thought quietly after look at Jiyeon n the wall clock near her. She pull the blanket on Jiyeon’s bed n put it properly on Jiyeon.


Hmm..a step huh..


“Love u Jiyeon…” Areum give a quick kiss on Jiyeon forehead. She caress Jiyeon’s hair before switch off the light n go to sleep.

Hmm…u take that step.. Jiyeon bite her lips as she try to think about it.

I’m sorry..  Jiyeon thought quietly while still pretending that she’s sleeping. She’s awake when Areum put the blanket on her. She never expect that Areum gonna kiss her. It’s the first time.

To be continue…

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