Club Friday the Series 3 – Your love, his love and our love

It’s the 1st post officially for 2014!!!!


LOL..continue..ah..cause the post before is a doesn’t count as officially..haha…alright back to the main point!!!

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Club Friday the Series 3

Your love, his love and our love

U’re already watch it?? I’m not surprise if u did…haha..I…I admit that i quite slow in searching a new dramas o movies related to yuri theme..haha…BUT then.. I unexpectedly found this!!! on the 1st JANUARY!!! of 2014!!! god bless sure know when to show me this kind of thing…cause I absolutely can relate to this story in many ways..

It’s scary to watch our own self inside one story…like..when i’m writing my fanfic based on my feeling…n self…but relate it to my fav’s similar…this story…huh…reflect my self a

Should I be a spoiler or not…I guess…I should..this story…hmmm….it’s a SAD LOVE STORY!!! aaa….n have a SAD ENDING too…

LOL..that enough to ruin the mood of the people that want to watch it…haha…I doesn’t mean it…u MUST watch this story..

IT A MUST WATCH!!! U learn a lot…LOT is LOT from this short dramas.. have 4 part…some part more than 1 hour n some part I *laughing out loud* I salute the people that making this..haha..they surely promoting their sponsor VERY WELL!!! it doesn’t disturbing at all..haha..seems natural for me..but a bit awkward as I laugh everytime I realize about it..LOL..

From what I know…this story…it based on TRUE STORY!!! yeah..true…so…it very meaningful…n JAY…I learn a lot from u..our character is SAME..yeah..same in some aspect…love is hurts..yeah..ur pain is more big that strong!! n I hope u can find someone that can be with u forever n love u forever too…u deserved it..

AH..*knock my head* lol….should make a review about it..haha..k..continue n back to the main point..

~this story…like the title say… Your love HIS love Our love..may I explain each of it..

1-Your’s refer to a character name DREAM…in this story..Jay write it right?? hmmm..yeah… so…about DREAM…she…is…a..NIGHTMARE…that is a shortcut aka sum for every little things that she done towards Jay..SUM it up it equal to nightmare for me…

I wonder how people view this character…but for me..she’s a lonely person that just want a LOT of attention from someone…a happiness that she seek when she’s in pain n hurt…a very selfish wish n hope…n a fake love for her own happiness…how she actually cut off all her relationship like it nothing at the end…make me..felt very sorry towards Jay..sincerely felt very sorry..

BUT Jay..she’s very loyal towards love n stick to her promise…she still love Dream..n wish for her happiness..n try to calm herself that it’s’s fine…even though…Dream betrayed her love..make her go depth into the unknown feeling called SADNESS n PAIN..that she only felt because of what we called LOVE..

It’s a true story…I also wish Dream a happiness too..yeah..same as what Jay wish…I can’t curse her…lol…love make us ‘forgive’ everything..even it hurts…n I understand Jay a I only have a very little experience of this LOVE..*sigh* ..Hope u happy with ur life Dream…sincerely from me..a stranger..


2- HIS love…if u watch this story I guess u will know..who is ‘HIS’ that Jay mean…it’s her EX-husband…hmm..yeah…I felt very sorry towards him too…cause…he’s one of the victim in this cruel things called LOVE…n his character…ABSOLUTELY SAME with JAY..n I respect him for that…he still love Jay…that for sure…he remember everything about Jay…birthday n all even when they already divorce..yeah..awkward…it’s awkward to approach the person that we love after we going to live in our own way…that’s him…i’m very hard..his courage..i really respect…


3-OUR love…I guess..this is about Jay n Dream…yeah..their love story…if u realize…Jay already love Dream from the times that they’re still in high school…so…yeah..I understand why she divorce with her husband…she doesn’t want to lie to herself…hmm..that she only love one person..that is Dream…

Anyway…their love story start again after they meet again…lol..10 years..still love..*salute* to Jay…hmm..Dream..always…make Jay confuse with her act n promise about their love..u know what a common line that Dream seek from Jay… everytime…huh…n Jay…yeah..she’s already fall for it..from the start cause of her pure love feeling towards dream..

U knew it..who initiate it first n make Jay fall in love deeply towards that one person..even when she’s already married..the one that make her realize her true…but then betrayed at the end…it’s Dream…

Dream start n END it dramatically n cruelly..


Nice there Dream….u hurt Jay…with a lie that u make…n with all lovey dovey moments between u n Jay..huh..I dun have any right words for u…cause u make me hurt u’re quite same with the one that I love…haha…n I act like Jay in many…1st love..huh..

*awkward smile* ..hmm…’forgive’ n move on n keep hoping for her happiness is my wish too…same as Jay wish…


YOSH!!! let’s just move on is my motto now..LOL..

Be strong !!!  hwaiting!!! to the real person n owner of this story…thanks for sharing it…


Let’s watch the trailer… to Natsuki P for the sub in this trailer..

HOPE U ENJOY IT!!! to Zzz that make an eng sub n upload this full dramas for us…the viewer that love this kind of story..especially yuri one..haha..

I gonna provide the link to the 1st part..the other part will be there..haha..automatically… there is 4 part!!


shy pointing

Not available anymore

watch it n spread the love..

I dun have any right on this movie..character…story n etc..all right goes to their right owner..hihi…sharing is caring..


ah…full of behind the scene of this club friday the series 3…LOL..i love it..hihi..

Again…I dun have any right on this movie..character…story n etc..all right goes to their right owner..hihi…sharing is caring..



Thanks a lot to the latest comment from xofie..I really appreciate it..

LOL..I just knew from ur comment that it’s gone..

Gonna update the link if I found it..

For now~ I try to search it…u it too… sweat

If u found it~ n felt like want to share it..feel free to share it here~ :3


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23 Responses to Club Friday the Series 3 – Your love, his love and our love

  1. BbSis says:

    finished watching and needed a time to digest what I watched.
    This is a very beautiful drama. A life happening of events. Jay is an extraordinary woman. She could forgive whatever Dream did to her.
    Okay, so Jay had this unresolved crush since high school, which happened to be a girl. They were really close friends, but when they ended up in different classes, Dream, the friend, drifted apart. But when she had to move out the city, Dream seemed to care. Despite Dream being a cutie, from the moment she stopped mailing Jay I wondered why and started to doubt her. This is chronologically speaking, In order of appearance, I thought she was really stupid to forgive her boyfriend who was twotiming her. He could be hot, but was obviously an asshole.
    When Dream came back to town, she was already with that boyfriend and when Jay warned her he was a jerk, she just ignored her and they drifted apart once more. But Jay’s love for her was pure and innocent and she obviously forgave her. Jay continued living her life, but never forget Dream, I understand. There are people in our lives that are really hard to forget. But Jay keeps searching her on the streets, though it didn’t seemed a problem for her to find another person to love, a love not as strong as she felt/feel for Dream. After ten years (seriously, it took ten years to Jay to gather courage to look for and talk to Dream again) when Jay sees Drem on the street she had the brilliant idea to look for Dream on google. Man, why didn’t she do it earlier?!!!
    .And the husband, this man is what a person would die to have as a husband. He was sweet and caring, cooked, helped clean the house and had an additional to have the looks. Jay loved him, it was obvious, but it was also obvious that she loved Dream more. I dare to say that if Jay could choose, she would stay with both. Instead, she chose the spoiled brat she still had pure (not so) innocent love. For me, Dream was a spoiled girl. This is because of the way she reacted every time something to test her happened and because of the way she broke up with Jay. I won’t question her feelings, because I think she really loved Jay.
    The crucial fact for the ‘fated’ end was when Dream started to work. The situation with her mother was ‘solved’ when she moved in with Jay. Probably Dream couldn’t handle the pressure on her because of living with anther woman, and probably her mother was pressuring her as well. Dream saw herself without a future if she kept being with Jay, and together with the fact that she was probably working with some handsome guys who certainly hit on her, she gave in to one of them and she got pregnant. Even so, nothing justify the coward way she treated Jay during the braking apart time. Still Jay was super awesome and forgave her.
    My theory is that Dream refused to keep being friends with Jay because she still loved her, and if they kept in touch, she wouldn’t be able to control her feelings. She took that decision , again an assumption, because of the pressure of her mother and her work.

    Overall, I really enjoyed all the cute scenes. They were so lovely!!! The two actresses had and incredible chemistry.

    And I want to be like Jay when I grow up *.*

    Ps: officially my longest comment ever until now XD

    • YuRiAnDo says:

      very detail~

      *thumbs up*

    • im agree with your thought towards Dream. Im sure Dream really loved jay before.
      In my personal opinion, I feel that during high school maybe Dream herself had a tiny crush on Jay before, but they both conceal it. As you can see, if you r just a friends, or even BFF, when ur best friend told u she saw ur bf is dating someone else, u wont really get that mad on her, u’ll just listen, and find out urself, and another point is when Jay saw Pek come fetch Dream, and Dream also saw Jay, why Dream doesnt approach her either but approaching the other two friends, from this point, i can see something weird feeling already gone through both of them.

      And after that Dream gone through worst situation with Pek, and like in real life, you have tons of friends you can turn to when going some worst situation,but everytime she find Jay, or maybe she can feel that Jay likes her? and know Jay will care for her, that y she only find her & took advantage on? i dont know, couldnt judge that about, only Dream knows what she thinking that time. Or maybe she can only think is her long lost best friend to accompany her since they recently keep in touch. And that the moment everything started. LOL and If Dream doesnt really loved Jay, I dont think their relation can last for 6yrs (if im not rememeber wrong, hahaha) that long.

      I saw alot of people keep scolding Dream that she’s selfish. Although she’s really selfish
      but this world is very reality, and like what you’ve said, maybe Dream went through lot of pressure from her mom, work & future stuff, and she already step in a real society and mix around with more cute guys, all these circumstances will changed a person heart. that is for sure. Unless we are watching a fake drama, then ofcoz happy ending right? hahaha.

      best regards, ;))

    • Liez says:

      I really want to watch the last episode of this series.. But there’s no translation I don’t understand though😢

    • Liez says:

      I really want to watch the last episode of this series.. But there’s no translation I don’t understand though😢

  2. i just done watching EP1 and i have to thank you for the english sub link, though is not fully sub but still i appreciate it a lot! T___T
    already watched the MV and guess that the ending is a sad one…

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  4. Shiennagrace Importante says:

    what the real name of jay and dream?

  5. Eni says:

    sungguh sangat membuat hati terluka saat Dream jujur kpda Jay,yahh..saya akui kalo Jay itu sangat terpukul dan kecewa atas perlakuan Dream, tapi nilai positifnya Jay bisa menerima dan bersikap tegar.Seri drama yg ada unsur L nya ini menurut saya adalah seri yang paling bagus ceritanya,sebelumnya kebnyakan happy ending tapi yang satu ini bikin hati menangis apalgi waktu Dream beberapa kali membuat Jay hrus selalu memilih dia. Terlihat Dream mnyukai Jay saat reunian bersama ketiga temannya di restaurant,dan salah satu temannya yang namanya Ped mengatakan bahwa wajah cantik Jay mungkin salah satu efek honey moonnya dengan Tim. hmmm…mendengar pernyataan itu ekspresi wajah Dream lgsung berubah ada rasa kesal dan rasa marah terhadap Jay..hahaha romantis,lucu,setia,penghianatan adalah karakter yg terdapat dalam seri ini. And btw liat Jay dengan Dream hampir mirip ya sama Tiaom pemeran Friendship Yes Or No.hehehe

    • YuRiAnDo says:

      Yessuu..huhuhu…waktu zaman persekolahannya seakan mirip YON.. :nice~
      A Sad ending that can relate to lot of people out there~ :3
      Thanks for making a short review.. 🙂

  6. nymph says:

    hi Eni, aku sich setuju dengan pernyataan kamu dengan karakter-nya Jay. dari POV-nya aku sich, Dream itu orangnya penakut: takut untuk mengakui isi hatinya terhadap dunia dan memilih jalan yang dia kira bagi dia lebih “aman”. sejak cerita ini adalah kenyataan hidup seseorang yang diperfilimkan, aku berharap kalau dia (Dream) akan bahagia dengan keputusan-nya. dan bagi Jay untuk selalu berpikir positif dan akan menemukan seseorang yang berhak dengan cintanya 🙂

    to YuRiAnDo, thanks for all the hard work, really appreciated it 🙂

    if Jay and Dream ever to visit this page 🙂

    Jay: life is too short … don’t dwell on sadness. you’re one brave woman and i salute you 🙂

    Dream: wherever you’re, be happy with your choice 🙂

    • YuRiAnDo says:

      Huhuhu..thanks for reading this review~ 🙂
      Yeah..aku juga setuju tentang dream…aman itu mungkin terbaik untuk dia…
      About Jay..she surely deserve the person that love n appreciate her.. :3

  7. nez says:

    subtitle please…. huhuhu… 😦

  8. xofie says:

    Can you please send to my email the series with english sub.
    It was deleted in youtube.
    It would mean so much to me.

    My email:
    Thank you.

  9. Rahayu Aditya says:

    Hi, can you please send me the subtitle? I already download the movie from youtube but there’s no subtitle at all, and I already google It but still didnt get as well huhu..
    can u please send to my email ???
    really appreciated and thanks a lot..

  10. I am too late read this blog, I am too late to watch it. but I really want to watch it.
    I was search from many link, but can’t found anymore with sub. Can you please share with me the video?
    To my dropbox,

  11. Winda Dluffy says:

    I am desperate looking for the Y series, can’t found the link 😥

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