Love Life [YuiMayu, MariHaru, RenaYuki n etc] [P-15]

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Chapter 15


At Kashiwagi residence~

A silent room that cope with Yuki confusion suddenly being disturbed by a sound of fast step towards that one room. After a while, Mayuyu appeared with face that full of sadness n disappointment.  Her step become weak as she come towards Yuki that still shock with the scene that she currently see.

“Nee-chan…” Mayuyu weak n trembling voice calling for her older sister.

“Mayuyu…what happened??” Yuki come forward n hug her lovely little sister anxiously.

“Nee-chan…” Mayuyu call her sis in between her sob and hug her tightly.

“Hmm…cry mayuyu…it’s been a while..” Yuki caress Mayuyu hair n pat her head while hug her. Once in a while she rub Mayuyu back n whisper a few words that let Mayuyu calm.

“Un..” Mayuyu nod weakly n kept crying .


“Are u feeling a bit better now?..” Yuki ask Mayuyu that seems a bit calm than before BUT Mayuyu avoiding her question by asking another question to her.

“Un…hmm..what are u doing before??” Mayuyu ask while looking at the stuff that her sis put on the table.

“Just something…” Yuki seems nervous as she can’t really explain what she thought about it. Her mind become blank n back to nothing. She’s can’t find the answer for all her uncertainty.

“U sound more troubled than myself..” Mayuyu say while let out a small laugh.

“Hmm..” Yuki just nod weakly. She can’t denied it. It written all over her face.

~door ringing~

“Ah..someone coming..” Mayuyu say while looking at her sis with a surprise expression.

“Who?? this time..” Yuki also doesn’t have any idea about it.

“Wash ur face Mayuyu..u dun want our guest to see ur face like that..” Yuki say with her clueless face n walk as fast she can to the downstairs cause she’s very curious.

“Who’s there??”  Yuki asking at the answering machine near the door n look at the screen to see the face of their guest.

“Ah..gomenasai..I just wanna know if mayuyu is there..” there is a girl voice that answering Yuki question. It seems that person absolutely cold as her voice shaking.

“Yeah..she is..” Yuki answer shortly n still waiting that person to show her face.

“Owh..really..” that person seems relieved after knowing that Mayuyu already arrived at her home. Yuki can hear that her voice more calm after knowing the truth.

“Un..come in..” Yuki inviting her in BUT..

“It’s alright..I just want to check on her..” that person cut Yuki’s words n it seems that she’s in hurried as she realize that time sure goes fast as she waiting outside before she have courage to ring the bell.

“Ano..thanks for everything..i need to go..” that person say nervously while rub both her hand against each other. The cold night wind sure make her shivering.

“Owh..may I know ur name?” Yuki ask before that person leaving.

“Yui..yokoyama yui..” that person say shortly n bow a bit before go. Yuki can’t see clearly the face of the owner of that voice as she’s too fast n half of her face being wrapped by a red scarf.


After a few minute pass~

“Nee-chan..where’s the guest?” Mayuyu ask as soon as she come down to the living room.

“There is no guest..” Yuki say bluntly while reading some books to calm herself that still confuse about Rena n the special day. There is a few pic  that she look once in a while after she read a few page of the book.

“BUT there is someone before right?” Mayuyu curiosity increase by time as she heard her sister talk with someone before. She stand still while staring at her older sister that seems too immersed with the pic that she hide in between the pages of the book that she read.

“Owh..Yui..” Yuki answered shortly after she felt the strong gaze from Mayuyu n continue staring at her book n the picture of Rena.

“Yui??” Mayuyu reaction absolutely make Yuki surprise. Mayuyu surely more than surprised after hear about that one fact.

Seriously..she’s come here?? Is she really a stalker o what..hmm..she..y she do this?? Mayuyu’s mind started to be full with all kind of question related with Yui.

We..kiss… Mayuyu caress her lips n start to walk slowly back to her own rooms. There are lot of things that she need to figure out before the weekend end.

“Mayuyu..are u alright??” Yuki felt uneasy as Mayuyu look frustrated. She never see Mayuyu like that. It just very rare.

“Un..sure..i am..” Mayuyu nod weakly n reluctantly answer it.

“…ah..that..Rena pic..” Mayuyu suddenly pointed out the pic that her sis hold for a while now. It already got her attention from the time she return.

“Yeah..” Yuki staring blankly at it n nod weakly. There is emptiness inside her eyes.

“Ano..nee-chan..” Mayuyu put her problem aside for a while n look intently at her sister.

“What…” Yuki look clueless as she doesn’t know what her little sister will tell her.

“It’s fake..” Mayuyu say it as if she’s whispering to no one.

“What??” Yuki ask again as she doesn’t catch Mayuyu words well.

“I said it’s fake..” Mayuyu said firmly n her expression show that she’s serious about it.

“…”’ Yuki speechless n just stared blankly at her sis n look back at the photo that she hold. Her expression seems empty than ever. She can’t believe about it BUT mayuyu words never wrong. It always right n that the reason she can’t denied it. explain y it felt so odd..hmm..Rena..

She’s lie.. Yuki eyes become the pool of tears n start to let the tears down to her cheek in a second. She’s crying as she felt her heart in pain cause of that one lie.

Mayuyu want to hug her sis BUT she also have her own confusion n problem that keep bothering her minds. She know that her older sister want to be alone at this time. She want to believe it. Thus, she just leave Yuki alone n going to her own room..upstairs…

She..she need to be alone… too…


-Outside of Kashiwagi house-

Yui walking alone towards the nearest station bus. While walking she kept thinking about all the coincidence n things that related with Mayuyu.

Glad..glad she is fine..

Safely at her home.. Yui let out a small sigh of relieved.

Hope she’s not mad when we met.. Yui start to worried as she suddenly remembered how Mayuyu react before.

I doubt that we will meet again..

BUT all this coincidence..

It’s not just that..

Everything.. Yui scratching her head that not itchy n let out a long sigh while quietly waiting the bus. Her hands busy rub each other n cup her face n sometimes she just start running at one place to make herself warm.



-At hospital-

-Shinoda room-

~ringing tone~

A sudden calling tone out of nowhere make Mariko surprised as she currently busy with Haruna. Their precious time have been cut with that one call.

“RENA!!” Haruna become panic after Mariko show her phone that showing the name of the caller as she doesn’t know the exact plan that Mariko want to do later. Mariko just kept calm n touch the answer button to answer the call.

“Ah..hello..who is this??” a stranger voice asking from the other side of the phone.

“Hmm..i’m Mariko..wait..this is Rena’s phone..who’s talking there??” Mariko ask as it strange to have a stranger talk instead of Rena. Rena never allowed the other people to touch her phone.

“I’m the paramedic staff..we currently sending the patient to the nearest hospital..XXX hospital..” that stranger tell generally why he is the one that calling.

“Wait..patient..who??” Mariko still doubting the thought that coming to her minds at that time.

“The owner of this phone..ah..u’re her family?? U’re no 1 in her phone..” that paramedic say in detail how he got Mariko number.

Ah..yeah..i’m her no I’m her doctor.. Mariko didn’t expect that she’s been save as no.1 in Rena phone BUT she realize the fact that Rena need her more than anyone else as she the only person that know about Rena condition.

“Nope..i’m her friend.. n also her doctor..”

“Owh..ok..please inform her there is only ur number for emergency calls…” the paramedic say shortly.

“Un..alright..” Mariko nod weakly.

Of course..she’s locked her phone.. Mariko hang up the calls n turn to look at Haruna with a bitter smile.


-Outside of ER operating room-

Both Mariko n Haruna sit side by side with the heart full of uneasiness BUT Mariko try remain calm as she believe her sis that operating Rena at that time.

“Is she..” Haruna look nervously at Mariko.

“Dun worry..she’s fine..” Mariko give a reassuring smile n expression towards her love one.

“BUT..” Haruna seems reluctant when she remember Rena state when she arrived before.

“My sis gonna do her best..” Mariko hug Haruna and rub her back a few times.

“Un..hmm..” Haruna nod weakly.

“U should inform her..” Mariko suddenly thought about that one person.

“Who??” Haruna look clueless. Her mind currently too busy thinking about Rena situation.

“Yuki..” Mariko say while caress Haruna cheek.

“Yeah..her..” Haruna stared blankly at the floor. She don’t have any confidence n courage to call her best friend at this time.

“..I already tell her parents..they gonna arrived anytime from now..” Mariko tell purposely as she want Haruna have a bit of courage to make that one important call.

“Hmm..ok..BUT can we tell her tomorrow??” Haruna reluctantly ask.

“Y??” Mariko stared intently at Haruna pair of eyes.

“Can’t??” Haruna ask again with a pleading pair of eyes.

“Sure…can…I’m sure that what Rena want too..” Mariko nod a bit as she’s know Rena well.

“Un..” Haruna nod n a small smile clearly seen on her face.

She dun want to make her love one worried..

I’m sure…Mariko thought quietly. She very confident about it as Rena kept lying n hide her treatment n her secret that bothered her minds from Yuki…her love one.


Haruna that sitting alone after Mariko left for a glance at the operating room to look at Rena condition have been awake by a vibration of her phone in her pocket.  There is a call from someone that she want to avoid at that time. It’s Yuki.

“Moshi moshi..” Yuki talk as soon as the line is open aka someone pick up the phone.

“Ah..Yuki..u’re still awake??” Haruna absolutely surprised by a sudden call from Yuki especially at this time.

“Un..Haruna..did I disturb u??  ah..i have lot  question that I..” Yuki sounds so weak n desperate.

“About Rena?..” Haruna cut her words as she can figure out the answer from today incident.

“ did u know??..I just..” Yuki stuttered as she can’t believe Haruna that quite slow in this kind of things can thought that.

“Hmm….” Haruna quietly take a deep breath n have a deep thought alone.

“Haruna.. u’re still there??” Yuki felt uneasy as there is no reply from Haruna. She’s afraid that she really bothered Haruna cause it’s already late n it’s time for sleeping for everyone.

“Un..yeah..i still here..” Haruna answered carefully.

“What day is today??” Yuki ask shortly as she curious about how Haruna know about today event n day.

“Special day??” Haruna ask back pretending that she doesn’t have any idea about the things that Yuki want to know as she doesn’t want Yuki catch her lying.

“How did u know about it??” Yuki ask again with a firm voice. She really want to know the answer now or she can’t sleep well tonight like her current situation. Her minds seems too busy thought about it.

“Ano..” Haruna try to think of any possible excuse that she can give.

“yeah..” Yuki waiting with a heart full of hope.

“Can we talk tomorrow?? I gonna meet u at ur home..” Haruna pretend that she’s currently half asleep n yawning loudly so that Yuki can heard her.

“Owh..sure..gomenasai!! it’s already late..” Yuki felt guilty to disturb her good friends sleep.

“It’s alright..” Haruna say weakly as if she’s very tired.

“So..ja ne..matta ne..” Yuki voice truly show that she’s disappointed n sad as she can’t get the answer that she seek for the whole day.

“Hai..” Haruna felt there is a burden in her heart. She’s felt guilty as she’s hiding that one thing and about Rena.

I wonder how Rena can stand this feeling…she lie to Yuki this whole time when they’re together..



She love Yuki..

It’s true… Haruna ty to calm herself n walk back n forth. Then, she sit again n waiting Mariko to giveher a latest update about Rena condition.



“It’s gonna be fine Haruna..” Mariko wrap her arms around Haruna n hug her tightly to reassure her everything will be fine soon and there is no need to worry about it.


-Kuumin house-

Kuumin still felt uneasy n bothered by what Yuria say before. It’s related to Kanon..her one n only person…that…fond in her heart. Her first love.

Is she’s sleeping.. Kuumin seems flustered by the fact that Kanon doesn’t pick up her phone. She repeatedly dialing Kanon number after she come back from school BUT there is NO ANSWER at all.

Why she doesn’t pick up.. Kuumin quietly thought inside her mind. She try to think a lot of possible reason and it impossible for Kanon to not answering her phone. Even if she’s busy, she will call back after realize that she called her.

“’s late..” Kuumin felt reluctant to call Jurina as it already past midnight.

“Hmm..” Kuumin let out a long n heavy sigh. A sudden incoming call absolutely make her felt happy BUT…

~ringing tone~

Ah..Yuria..why… Kuumin just stare at her phone and do nothing.

I..dun hv mood to talk now..Kuumin try to pleased herself by giving a proper excuse to her mind to neglecting a new meaningful  person in her life.

Yuria..i’m sorry..

Sorry for ignoring ur call.. Kuumin grab her phone n put it under her pillow. She doesn’t want to see Yuria name appearing again n again on her phone as she felt guilty creep into her heart as time goes by. Yuria is important for her BUT Kanon..she far more important for now.



To be continue….




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