I can’t.. [SoRi, EunMin][P-3]

LOL..I forgot to update it on my tumblr..ma part 2…hahaha~ anyway…poor Q-ri…LOL…it become more sad…what should I do..


Naahhh..maybe only this chapter…I’m not sure…BUT still…SoRi couple can have such a sad n beautiful story too…waaa~ it my first time…I write them as a couple aka pair..hehehe~

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Part 3



-Q-ri house-

It’s a quiet n calm morning for q-ri. There is some traces of her tears all along BUT she doesn’t really care cause it can be cover by a simple make up o cream.


Suddenly, the bell of her house ring a few times. Thus, q-ri just wash her face n brush her teeth before greet whoever that coming.


“Who’s..” Q-ri look at the small hole on her door.

Hyomin.. q-ri whisper to no one.

“Hyomin-ah…wait..” q-ri clean up the things that showing that she’s still have some after effect of breaking up. She really doesn’t want to show it to anyone especially Hyomin.

“O.K..” hyomin just answer shortly n waiting quietly at the outside of the house.

She sound..not well..like usual.. hyomin thought quietly inside her mind. She recognize there is the difference in her tone compared to her well self.

“AH..come in..” Q-ri open the door n invite Hyomin in BUT..

“…OWH!! Eunjung..u’re here??” q-ri wearing a disbelief face as she see Eunjung coming along with Hyomin.

“Why??..why so surprise unni??” Eunjung that following behind Hyomin absolutely surprise with a sudden change of expression that q-ri put on her face.

“I thought Hyomin alone…” q-ri said weakly n close the door.

“LOL…we’re here to delivering things…” Eunjung excitedly telling their purpose of coming there.

“Yeah…just some gifts n letter…” Hyomin just nod weakly as the sign that Eunjung words is true.

“Unni!! She used me!!!” Eunjung suddenly complained to q-ri about Hyomin that drag her along n ask her to help bring the things to q-ri house.

“Eunjung-ah…thanks…u’re done LOT of work today..” q-ri pat Eunung head n giving a sign to sit.

“Hehehe…my pleasure…” Eunjung grin n giggle by herself.

“Waaa…eunjung unni..that aegyo…so..” Hyomin can’t cover her expression that seems can’t stand Eunjung excessive reaction aka cuteness towards q-ri.

“WHAT?? I’m not doing anything..” Eunjung make an innocent face n kept grin by herself.

“Both of u…sit first…I serve u some juice..” Q-ri disappeared to her kitchen to take some juices n glass for her guest.

“Alright..” both Eunjung n Hyomin replied at the same time. They look at each other n smile awkwardly before sitting comfortable on the sofa.


~while waiting~

“Hyomin-ah…did I look like a ghost or what??” Eunjung suddenly ask out of curiosity.

“What?? Ghost??” Hyomin absolutely ask again to confirm what she heard. She thought that she heard it wrong.

“Yeah…am I?? Q-ri unni..look very surprise when she see me before…” Eunjung bluntly say while check her attire.

“Naah….unni…dun think too much…it just ur imagination…” Hyomin shook her head n thought it just coincidence.

It’s true…hmm…I wonder y… Hyomin still remember clearly q-ri expression when seeing Eunjung before.

“That look again!!” Eunjung shout while wearing a face full of curiosity.

“What??” Hyomin give a blank look on her face.

“Blank face!!” Eunjung shout while pointing Hyomin face and at the same time laughing out loud.

“I always like this!!” Hyomin defending herself as she look same as usual.

“U always do that when u think…so…tell me!! Tell me what did u thought..” Eunjung begging while wear a cute pair of eyes on her face.

“None of ur business unni…” Hyomin ignore Eunjung n watching q-ri that busy preparing something for them. She can’t look straight to Eunjung eyes as she might fall for it.

“Q-ri unni!!! Look at Hyomin!! She…” Eunjung say with a very sad tone.

“LOL..eunjung-ah!! U’re not Jiyeon…dun act like u’re a maknae..” q-ri say while let out a small laugh. She bring some snack to eat too together with the juices.

“I’m NOT!!” Eunjung snap n felt down.

“…me is ME..” Eunjung mumble by herself.

Hyomin pat Eunjung head n caress her hair.

“Here..eunjung-ah…drink this sweet juice..” Hyomin take a cup of juices that Q-ri put on the table n give it to Eunjung as if eunjung a little kid.

“Hyomin-ah…I’m ur unni!!” Eunjung blushing hard after being tease by Hyomin in front of Q-ri that just laughing quietly as she she felt entertain by the 2 girls.

She..she..huh…my heart… Eunjung can felt that her heart beat fast than usual and her face felt hot. Same goes to her body too.

“Cause u n ur aegyo doesn’t match ur age..” Hyomin calmly say the truth n fact so that Eunjung can’t denied it.

“Huh…” eunjung sigh.

“So..what gifts n letter?? Wait from who??” q-ri ask after eunjung at last lost to Hyomin on her childish fight.

“Hmm..I’m not sure…I dunno the content of it..BUT here…” Hyomin give a box that full of things for sure as it quite heavy n a letter.

“…it’s from…Soyeon-unni..” Hyomin added with a low voice.

“Soyeon…” q-ri seems bothered after hearing that one name.

“Yeah…” Hyomin nod weakly.

“Everyone get it!! LOL…I love my gifts..” Eunjung said excitedly.

“Owh…so everyone get it…” q-ri smile awkwardly as she look at Hyomin seeking for a certain answer.

Did..she thought it’s only for her.. Hyomin felt sad all of sudden as she look at q-ri reaction.


It’s true…that..that present is for only her..n that letter too.. Hyomin try to avoiding her so called guilty n sad feeling. She try to calm herself n kept believing Soyeon.


“Unni..u will come right?? To our reunion..” Hyomin suddenly ask as q-ri kept quiet all of sudden.

“Un..of course..yeah..i will..” q-ri nod a few times before cupping her face. She really want to hide her current feeling that clearly show on her face.

“GREAT!!!” Eunjung smile happily still unaware a tension that built between q-ri n hyomin plus an awkward atmosphere in that room.

“What so great about it??” q-ri ask weakly.

“The oldest will pay!!” Eunjung say while wearing a wide smile on her face.

“Eunjung-ah..” q-ri pretend that she mad.

“Huh..yeah…yeah..” Eunjung just rub her neck awkwardly. Hyomin laughing out loud as she see Eunjung can’t win over q-ri that older than her.

She laugh…laugh because of me.. Eunjung once again felt the same sensation as before. Her heart really love Hyomin smile n laugh.

“Waaa…why suddenly felt hot..” Eunjung mumble by herself n avoiding Hyomin gaze.

“Unni..make sure u come early..” Hyomin say after calm herself down.

“hmm..yeah..if I can..” q-ri reluctantly say it.


Hyomin POV

Glad that Eunjung unnie here…at least she smiling n laughing like her usual self..hmm..more likely far from her cold self..


Something don’t felt right..

I hope she’s still not angry about me n soyeon unnie..

I really..felt uneasy about that matter…

From the start…


“Hyomin-ah!!!” eunjung shout while waving her hand furiously in front of Hyomin face.

“AH!! YUP!!” Hyomin startled at a sudden loud voice. She glared at eunjung that seems excited when she look at her reaction before.

“Lol…q-ri unnie!!! Look she dreaming again!! In her own world..” Eunjung laughing out loud while pointing at Hyomin. She absolutely ignore the strong gaze from Hyomin as she doesn’t afraid even a little to Hyomin.

Q-ri just watch while wearing a smile on her face. One thought suddenly appear in her mind…

Is she realize something??.. Q-ri kept glancing at Hyomin that busy playing with Eunjung.

I shouldn’t look too surprised n shock before.. q-ri let out a small sigh n smile back at Hyomin that seems tired because Eunjung kept teasing her.


After spending quite a time at Q-ri house..both Eunjung n Hyomin return back to their own home. They doesn’t forget to tell that Soyeon will not coming to that one event and that the reason why she prepare some gift to everyone.


Q-ri doesn’t know what to do with a box that she just received. She take a letter that Hyomin give her before n open it slowly. Before reading the content of the letter, she put her right hand on her chest n caress it. her heartbeat too fast for this simple thing.

Hey..it’s so sudden right?? BUT I hope u’re not surprise by it…


I return back the things that u give me..BUT our couple t-shirt..hehehe~ I can take it right???

AH!! BUT as replacement for that…I give u another shirt..

I hope u’re not disappointed by it..

I search it thoroughly…


What?? What’s this all about??? Is she really want to break our relationship..completely.. q-ri become completely lost in her thought. She absolutely sure they end their relationship BUT to completely END it is just too cruel.

What she thought about me?? Why in the first place she want to return back all those things..it’s our memories..precious memory..hmmm.. q-ri check all the things n item inside the box. All..ALL the gift that she give to Soyeon before..in that box…except the couple shirt that she tell in her letter.

Hate u..Soyeon-ah… q-ri bit her lower lips.

Q-ri rub her eyes that start wet at the thought of Soyeon BUT it’s not always working especially when she’s alone. Tears start to running down to her cheek.

This… Q-ri stop n stare at the small box under the shirt that Soyeon mention in her letter. She take it n put it on the table. Lot of thought kept running through her empty mind. After a while, she take a deep breath n open it slowly. There is a small piece of paper it.

It’s our anniversary…happy anniversary my love..q-ri..



*there is a ring that u like..inside this small box…hope u love it..


Q-ri search the box carefully n find out there is another layer inside the box. As she move the upper layer, she find a very beautiful ring.

This…the ring..that.. q-ri suddenly remember about a certain time she spent with Soyeon before.

Is..is she serious??? What…what all this?? Why?? WE..we…we..

We’re already break up..right?? q-ri can’t stop crying. Her heart felt very pain n hurt.


“Why..why u do this????” Q-ri absolutely clueless about it n it make herself mad at that one fact. The fact that she know nothing about a current Soyeon. Her own feeling that confuse about it n etc.

“WHY!!!”  Q-ri shout with all her heart…out loud n throw the ring that she got.. away.. far from her and at the place that out of her sight.

To be continue~




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  1. duckie1811 says:

    No JiRam this part 😦 T^T

    • YuRiAnDo says:

      Waaa~ dun be sad..I make the next chapter full of JiRam for u…lol..after all..u’re the one that ignite that idea of mine..hahaha~ special chapter of JiRam~

      HOPE U ENJOY IT!!! gonna update it soon…not too soon..but in nearer time..as I already done it..just need to edit it.. :3


      Thanks for reading it~

      • duckie1811 says:

        No rush ah ~ just take your time. I was just a little crazy over JiRam for they’re both my bias and their moments are just too cute 😛
        And you know people usually ship Rambo with Hwayoung (I don’t even get the idea…) left and right. So I was kind of glad to see both my favorite together 😛

        • YuRiAnDo says:

          waaa~ boram with hwayoung…hmm..really~ lol..i guess..i’m not reading it yet..n only read what i want..hahaha~ yeah..sure…i take my time…gonna edit it tomorrow..maybe..huhu..

          LOL..boram..i always pair it with q-ri o soyeon… :3 n this is ma first making JiRam..lol..n that’s a fast reply..*grin*

          • duckie1811 says:

            Since most people like to ship SoRi already in their fanfics they seem to throw Hwayoung and Boram together for the fact that they’re not focused much anyway.

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