HELP ME!! 썸남썸녀 aka Flirty Boy and Girl ~~ 2014

Damn!! I felt frustrated cause I can’t find the full series of this web dramas.. sigh

ah..also known as Wedding fever~ @,@


Somebody~~~ HELP ME!!! Currently there is  4 episode with eng sub there in youtube BUT others!!??? WHERE IS IT??? err


Aaaa…wanna know why??? WHY AM I searching this!!


Ano..this familiar yeoja…actress name 박희본 / Park Hee Bon …of course, that’s not her real we shouldn’t focus on this..

Remember this??

shy pointing


currently i found her old web series..hmmm..i’m not sure if it have the kind of relationship that i love in it…BUT..



Make me want to watch more of it!! is it really happening or what??

Ah..the series, i just wish I can found the full episode of it..hmmm..from 1-4, it’s quite ok..


Naahhh..ignore me if u dunno..BUT hey, HELP ME PlZ~~~ ONEGAI!!! crytouchpleeeasetantrum


AH..I dun have any right on any video that i share in this post..all right goes to their own owner…I just sharing is caring..hehehe…


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a girl that love freedom n have more interest to girls...
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