Faith [MariHaru] [P-8]

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shy pointing

Chapter 8

At Minami’s house…

“Acchan~” a midget girl looks uneasy as her hand keep calling the one number that quite important for her.

“What is it??” Acchan come closer while wearing a worried face.

“I…I can’t contact Mariko..” Minami answered as if she’s whispering. She let out a long sigh after try to call that one number again.

“Hmm…minami…she’s an adult..she know how to take care herself..”

“BUT..” Minami look at her phone screen n typing something instead of calling.

“U’re on date with me..” Acchan seems bothered by it. She take Minami’s phone away n put it on the nearest table. She did knew how important Mariko is BUT still..she’s much more important than her.

“Un..that’s true…” Minami nod weakly n look intently at Acchan’s eyes searching for something. Maybe a med for her heart that currently in panic state.

“Now..let’s..” Acchan just smile n reassuring Minami that everything is fine with a kiss.

“Mou~ Acchan~” Minami blushing hard after that one sudden move. A smirk can be seen clearly on Acchan’s face. She’s bluntly take another action that gonna make Minami regret of caring someone else more than her n make Minami’s love her more.


At Haruna’s house..


“U..” Mariko quite shock to see that familiar girl.

“Owh…dun move!!!stay still..dun push urself..” Haruna become panic n try her best to help Mariko sit comfortably.

She..she’s absolutely..beautiful.. Mariko quietly thought as she admired that one person from the first time she met her.

“Why u staring at me??” Haruna look uncomfortable.

“Why?? reason..” Mariko awkwardly rub the back of her neck. She find it funny cause that one girl seems much more innocent than she thought.

Haruna ignoring her n go straight to the bathroom to take some long shower. She need a time to processing all this event.


After a half n hour..


Mariko fell asleep but a loud sound of something falling make her wide awake.

*sigh*.. Mariko rub her sleepy eyes while watching Haruna search something inside her closet.

Lol..I can’t believe my eyes..Mariko wearing a grin n a smirk slowly grow on her face. But her expression have been caught by Haruna.

Haruna absolutely aware by Mariko way of looking at her. She can’t understand it. Why that one girl always looking at her like that.

Is she.. huh..naaahhh..she’s not.. Haruna dry her hair while wearing only a towel to wrap her body that still a bit wet.

“Do u have some spare..I means..shirt..” a sudden question suddenly came from Mariko’s mouth.

“Yeah..sure…” Haruna seems hesitate as she know well that Mariko want to take some long shower to clean up her body.

“Can I borrow it??” Mariko said shortly without really taken seriously Haruna expression.

“Un..sure..” Haruna nod weakly n get her backpack. She search thoroughly  n found what suit Mariko the most as she imagine it in her mind.

“….u want it?? hmm, but u need to take a bath first..but ur wound..” Haruna look worried as thought about it.

“Dun worry..I knew how to handle it properly..” Mariko wink n smiling widely as if nothing serious happened.

“Ah…ok..if u said so..” Haruna give out some clothes n awkwardly move back to retrieve some night pajamas for herself.

“…” Mariko staring at her with a frown on her face.

“What are u waiting for??” Haruna ask with a blank expression.

“I need a towel at least..” Mariko keep a poker face.

“BUT…I only brought one towel..hmm..for myself..” Haruna reluctantly answer n blushing by herself.

“…I..I give it later…u can go to the bathroom first..”

“Alright..” Mariko just nod n smile a bit understanding what kind of thought that might be thing by Haruna. She slowly walk towards the bathroom n glancing at Haruna once in a while as her eyes seems unstoppable from scanning Haruna up n down.

Damn..why am I turning to pervert all of sudden.. Mariko knock her head lightly n close the bathroom door.


Haruna’s POV

I felt hot even after showering…

Is this real.. Haruna wipe some sweat on her forehead. She can’t seem to relax under that one gaze.

She’s from that restaurant.. is it a coincidence meeting or she’s after me…

She seems to know me well with that smirk on her face…

Is this some kind of plan..

Is she hiding something??

In the first place…why she’s being she a criminal??..

Wait..with that’s impossible..

Why am I being bias over pretty n handsome face..

She’s surely an ikemen that can make girls melt under her gaze..

Wait..why am I judging her..

Hmm..I’m sure she’s a player..


Mariko POV

LOL..this is interesting..what’s with that expression..

I wonder what she thought..

Her scent remind me of someone..

Ah..she’s that girl..



After a while..

“What a sight..” Mariko said with a teasing tone. She just open a bit of the bathroom n watch Haruna mumbling by herself while sit near her bed.

“Ah..gomen..i forgot to give u the towel..” Haruna clumsily finish off drying her hair n pass the towel.

“Naah.arigatou ne..” Mariko just laugh a bit n close the door.

“Is the wound open?” Haruna sound worried when she ask that one question.

“Nope, don’t worry..I used to it..” Mariko open the door n reveal herself that fully dress with a still wet hair n a towel carelessly wrap on her neck.

She used to it??? Is she really a criminal on run or what??

“ assure miss..i’m not a criminal..nor a bad person..I’m just a jobless person now that suddenly involve in some robbery case at some bank..somewhere…” Mariko calmly answer n sit on the bed. She take her time to dry her hair.

“BUT how u end up being shot..” Haruna look lost.

“I’m just a stupid person that provoke, this the result of it..” Mariko make a peace sign n smiling as if it nothing unusual.

“Un..I wish it’s true..” Haruna found it suspicious but she want herself to believe this girl.

“It is..hmm..are u ok now??” Mariko suddenly ask out of the blue. A very unexpected question.

“I’m fine..wait..why you’re asking’s u the one that we should be worried about..” Haruna look confused.

“Ah..I’m sorry.. I should introduce myself..I am Shinoda Mariko..a patient that help u when you’re in…5 month ago..I it 5 month already??..I forgot..” Mariko said with an innocent face.

“U!!! that IKEMEN??!!” Haruna suddenly remember about that day. An image of that ikemen back cross her mind.

“Am I? An Ikemen?” Mariko point out herself.

“GOMENASAI!!” Haruna bow 90 degree n apologize a few times.

“Iie..why a sudden apologize n all..” Mariko awkwardly stand n want to stop Haruna from bow towards her.

“U’re absolutely someone that in much more worse condition than me..but u still help me..” there is a guilty tone in that statement.

“Am I?” Mariko found it ridiculous BUT it kind of true when she thought about it again.

“A nurse tell me..”

“So, I’m an ikemen with much more worse condition than u..a patient..n so are u..thus, are u changing your career or what??” Mariko jokingly said.

“Hmm..what..” Haruna look clueless.

“U’re a doctor..BUT I can guess that you’re not..based on your appearance n etc..” Mariko tell what she thought from what she observed.

“I’m once a doctor..” Haruna answered shortly. There is some kind of sadness hidden behind that statement.

“I’m I crossing the line..” Mariko felt guilty.

“Iie..” Haruna shook her head n look blankly at the wall.


A silent engulfing them for a long time..until..

“Is that why u bluntly stare at me? U thought I’m a liar n etc..” Haruna ask out of curiosity.

“Nope…” Mariko just smile as she found out what her feeling towards is about.


“It’s simple..” Mariko snap her finger.


“You’re make my heart felt at ease..u make my heart flutter..u make my heart felt different..” Mariko bluntly said while count what her feel using her finger.


“You’re so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes away from u..” Mariko look intently at Haruna.

“Stop it..u make things complicated..” Haruna felt her heart beat fast at a sudden confession.

“Naaah..not at all..maybe I like u..” Mariko added with a wink.

Haruna become speechless as her poker face betrayed her by turning red by times. She’s blushing hard under that one gaze.

“Maybe I’m falling in love with u..”


To be continue..








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