Love : Yêu – [Y-Movie]

It’s been a while~ and I don’t feel like searching things around nowadays…hmmm, maybe cause I felt bad n no good~

PLUS why the hell my action always different than what I thought..huh..I thought that I wanna buy one song…BUT end up buying LOT of song from I felt miserable this day to buy all those sad song..

AH..back to the

I did found it late right?? hehehe~ BUT still I manage to watch it with eng sub~ I am very thankful n grateful to the one that sharing this movie around..huhuhu..

Anyway..the main character~ one of them I knew from some movie that I make a review’s Chi Pu..n the other one..I’m quite new with her.. it’s Gil le..

You’re better search them thoroughly..huhuhu..


Lets start shall we..


What I’ve learn from this movie~

1- A lot of things happened for a reason..

2- Don’t blame other people~

3- Don’t take things for granted..

4- Someone do sacrifice things for their love one..

5- Someone rather felt miserable by themselves..

6- Your life is yours.. live your own life.. hmm, how should i say this.. don’t ever think that your thought fit someone life..their life is their life.. their future is their future…not yours.. you don’t have a right to decide what is better for them… you can only support and cheer them, give some advise n so on..



the movie start with their childhood~ yeah, from friendship~ n then, there is separation…the part is quite short..enough to explain..why n how they’re fond to each other..

After 10 years..yup, 10 fucking years..i’m not sure how Tu know how Nhi look like..hehehe, I do know Nhi know it is Tu when she see her hand…and when Tu call her by her nickname..

AH..fate isn’t it..

I don’t feel like sharing the whole story I said before, I don’t have mood..n currently listening to LOT of sad song…

Gonna keep it do felt relieve that I can cry at some part of this movie..

I tend to cry..even when i’m listening to sad song..hehehe, cause I felt a need to cry..err

Wait..gonna tell more, alright~ Nhi have boyfriend..yup, a boy~ society call it normal right..BUT when things turn the other way round.. people felt disgusting n talk bad about her..

Hmm..I wonder when things gonna change..sigh

Anyway, I found it funny when the one that record those vid of~ Nhi admit that she n Tu is in love with each other when she fought with her so called ‘boyfriend’ FAR!! DAMN FAR!! BUT when the vid is being upload to facebook~ the sound is quite clear..wait..SUPER CLEAR..

hehehe~ kekeke

K, Nhi’s grandma knew it all..I knew it..hmm, I felt sad when she die in this story…she hide it well..well enough that Nhi know nothing about it..Both Tu n Nhi aware that she’s not well tho..hmm..

Somehow, when Tu’s mother thought that Tu’s n Nhi’s feeling is a mistake make me felt complicated..n how Nhi keep avoiding Tu..


Naah…forget about’s a happy ending~ maybe~




hehehe.. I like the song at the end of the movie~ can’t find it.. hmmm..

Still~ ENJOY IT!!


p.s – I dun have any right on anything n everything related to this movie..all right goes to their rightful owner..huhuhu..



thumbs upfighting!!thx





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