(Y-movie) We are Gamily aka 偽婚男女

Alright, this is the 2nd movie that I recommended to all of u..OF course..I’m not gonna compare both of it..cause each of the movie have it own strength n weakness..

Let’s start it..


This movie..the center of this movie..as I said..a mother..as u all know..LOT of people don’t understand this love..while i’m here thought that LOVE is for everyone..LOVE is a beautiful things..hmm…

anyway..the story started with 2 guys waiting for a girl..u can guess who’s the couple here based on the start only..yup, the bro have his own lover..BUT he need to get married with her old friend..yesssuu, a girl..which is also have her own lover..at that time..both agree to lead their own life after marriage..

As we all know..marriage is not about us only..our family will also have a big part of our marriage life right..hmmm, so, trying to hide their relationship…which is a BIG SECRET not easy at all..

BOth trying their best..BUT hey, it is not easy to stay calm n accepting in this situation..thus, one of the couple break up..

n the miracle things happened..hehehe, the little sister of that guy is back n guess what??!!! she’s like girls too!! LOL..it is funny when she knock on her bro’s car window..n there is a confession time…

wait..dun wanna tell more..U MUST watch it!! it is funny most of the time..n sad at some part especially when their mother realize about their complicated relationship just because they wanna hang out together with their own lover..

At the middle..yessu..their mother lie about her disease..BUT after that, when each of them keep asking for forgiveness n etc…there is progress here n there where the mother actually learn a bit of everything…

their character..their situation…their feeling…their heart..it is quite beautiful to see the progress…eventhough it hurts when I see they fought each other..blaming here n there..


U can guess the ending based on this picture..


Sorry, cause i’m not putting the character name..huh..I have a headache nowadays.. my emotion also not stable..lol..up n down..work surely make me felt down most of the time..

Ah..i shouldn’t write my nonsense here..lol..later, I tell it in my nonsense..

I’m sure people gonna love this story..

I just wish I can see it fully with eng sub..I only watch the first 20 min with eng sub..hmm..


Tired..lol..forget it..


i dun have any right on this movie or pic or etc..

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A bit of the movie~


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2 Responses to (Y-movie) We are Gamily aka 偽婚男女

  1. Moonstar says:

    Where can I watch it?

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