MACO [Sweet Memory] [Y-MV]

Should we start 2018 with the courage to love someone..bravely..

I wonder..

This is like the MV that I gonna review..huh, it is hard to confess…YUP!! especially if it your BEST FRIEND!! you’re afraid that there will be the END after the confession..hmm, BUT without confessing our love, we still gonna lost it..the chance..n there will be misunderstanding IF something like in this MV happened.. is sad enough..BUT yeah, I love SAD song..wait..I love BALLAD genre..thus, this FIT me perfectly..

‘Answer me!! Answer me!! ‘ lol, that dialogue really make me DAMN desperate n frustrated!! err

LOL, when I read the comment..everyone thought the same..I guess, i’m not the only one..sweat..


Happy ENDING?? !! The start of the MV~ sigh

The story start~ aaa, with some conversation~ related to how to confess…yup, consult with your friend…how?? how?? ok?? lol..

Nervous~ isn’t it?? especially when your love one stare at u like..


Alright..that is enough…that stare..kill her courage…

relaxthat happened girls…confession is not an easy things to do..huhuhu..


YUP!! her crush success in confessing her love to a guy there..


OMG~~ my haatttooooo~~ tantrum


felt lonely~~ missing her badly~~ 


yea~ yeah~ she’s innocent enough to thought this guy is a jerk..YUP, she kindly explain about those painting~ with a smile on her face…BUT..then..


I HATE THIS GUY!!! mad..

A confrontation~ this scene…THiS IS IT!!! THE PART that I felt FRUSTRATED n NUMB~~ ANSWER IT!!! err

The heartbreaking scene…


Why did she do this?? huh…her crush…aaaaa..her crush should wait patiently…listen..LISTEN!! n don’t destroy that beautiful memory of her..



YUP, she recover it!! recover that painting with her SWEET MEMORY!!!


Hmm, be strong!!! YUP, to anyone who face this kind of situation~ fighting!!..

No words can comfort u…BUT hey, there might be another sweet memory that we can create in the future…so, live with those sweet memory n never too late to remind good n bright are u when u love one is with u..huhuhu…


P.S – I don’t have any right on any of the picture n the mv…all right goes to their own owner..the rightful one.. I just sharing..cause, SHARING IS CARING~~



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