KHAN – [fav duo]

My random nonsense…

So, I’ve got hooked by them…n now~ I admit that i’m so into them..before I knew them with the another song aka Goodbye rain~ that I kinda have a short term memory.. it is common..for me..err

SERIOUSLY!!! I dig it!!! n FOUND IT!!! I totally blank when I see their new video with an official group name KHAN..I thought..where I see this two girl before..WHERE??!! n WHERE??!!!tantrum

I recognize jeon minju in some mv before..she dance a lot in that video..where…thus, I search her name n found it!! LOL..Euna only have a short appearance time there plus inside the tv..that make me not fully recognize it..BUT still MinJu..she dance a lot in this mv..

N it is one of my MOST FAV can I forget them.. sigh


Yeah~ i like sad song~~ plus it have rap in it..hahaha..I’m so in love with Goodbye Rain before ..I AM SERIOUS!!! super duper happyexcitedexcited

So, here I am sharing my fav song~~


hehehe~ DAMN~ I LOVE IT!!  hide shy

K, now that I share about my love for their old song..let’s get into their cover their channel.. hehehe, my fav~~


Battle scars~~ my type of song..hehehe, the end is DAMN CUTE!! blush






~~about the ark..i dunno them, I gonna check it out..anyway~

~~~back after a few minute searching for ‘the ark’..

hehehe, as I thought they’re cool~~ the cover~~


ALL right goes to their rightful owner!!! thx to drighk for the fancam~~ !!!

their song~~

hehehe, I love how they wear a very comfortable shirt..their fashion for the performance..I LOVE IT!! their dance n voice..all perfect..

I guess KHAN gonna keep it up!! full of SWAG!!


They’re COOL~ full of SWAG~~ n CUTE!! lol..

fighting!!~ KHAN~~!!!




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