i STORIES ตอน ” L ” [Y-movie]

First for all, this is the short movie that officially in the channel of ‘HondaMotorcycleTHA’..n every episode have it special story n meaning…

this is part of the full story taken from word ‘L-G-B-T’.

I  am really greatful when I found this story…lol, it’s been a while I found movie related to my fav theme..

The excitement start when I recognize the main actress…

IF u see the series called ‘HORMONES’..YOU KNEW WHAT i MEAN!!! hehehe



 – the actress – 



The main character called ‘i’ and the actress~~

alright, i’m gonna share a few picture, cause it a short movie..not that short though..lol..


hehehe, pay attention to this hands and…

flower~~ symbolic~ beautiful isn’t it??


i work as 2nd assistant and in charge of assist the actress with the dialogue n etc..

The actress is kinda bored with the original dialogue that she keep practicing with i…the truth is she already remember everything..huhuhu, thus, the feeling between them that start in the first session of practice grow in this scene..

what scene??

i suggest that they practicing other episode that are part of episode G, B and T where everything is totally new to the actress..

hehehe, BUT at the episode of B, there is this certain part where…the character need to kiss..


the feeling is MUTUAL for sure~~~


THEY’RE KISSING!!! at last~~ hide shy

k, let just end it with this scene..



no reason~ lol..don’t ever thought that bad things happened at the end ok?? NOTHING LIKE THAT!!! it just i wanna save this beautiful moment…

nothing special..

the ending is not bad…IT IS INDEED GOOD!!! no bad things..I ensure you..

so, don’t make a conclusion because I end the picture spree just like this..

WHAT ARE you waiting for???



Don’t forget to watch the other other episode too~~ ok??

shy pointing




I don’t have any right on this video and picture..

ALL right goes to their own owner n creator..

I just share to spread the love and message to others~~ 

Thanks a lot for reading it!!!



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