Tenny(테니) – 159cm MV [Y-MV]

I wanna share this before…lol..it is brand new song for sure..it shown in my recommended list when it first out..yeah..that early I found out..

BUT I jsut have time to share it now.. sweat

The song is good~~

The music video is NO JOKE!! extremely cute~~ n I LOVE IT!! happy2

About how her parents react~ yeah, pretty normal..but her mom…naaah…

OK, don’t wanna drag this you reading this nonsense more~

WHY don’t u watch it??

wait I guess i’m gonna share a few pic as usual..

Main character~~


be silly together~~


Being caught!!! wait..do you see what I see??

I thought the glasses is not there before…lol..already been move…while they.. *chu* *chu*



After run away..

n then what happened??..






Naahh…just joking..seriously…u should think positive~~ hehehe..it is a good ending..

Don’t worry ok??



shy pointing




As usual, I wanna say, I don’t have any right on the video, picture and etc.. 

Every right goes to their rightful owner.. 

Sharing is caring..



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a girl that love freedom n have more interest to girls...
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