Am I the only one with butterflies? [Y]

I forgot to share this even pay for their s2ep2 n above..that proved something right??

Knock!! Knock!!

Forget my bills, I just can’t stand still n hoping it is free forever…they need source of income n budget for producing this series..

PLUS the actress..quite popular n known..I do watch her dramas before..hmm, it’s been a while I see her in major dramas..same as the one in another series that I update before..

YUP!! that justify my short term memory n lost memory..I always forget names n not face..I just don’t..

Thus everyone should glad IF I remember their am I ranting here..

Anyway..this web should I explain it..

When you have one sided love with someone..BUT not sure how to act on it..cause you just not sure what the other person thought about you..n you act weird around them BUT at the same time taking care of them..

DAMN!! I LOVE IT!! sharing your story online..hoping someone give a good advise n so on..

Quite real..people nowadays always sharing their stuff I?? I do..BUT I share the bored love life..boring life..

Back to the story..

Season 1 are FREE to watch at, I will share the link n video to everyone..

Ep 1

Ep 2

ep 3


Season 2 ONLY ep 1 is FREE on youtube..

Ep 1


About ep 2 n can purchase or rent it on VIMEO!!


I recommend it!!

shy pointing


Thanks a LOT!!

Do support n love this series!! WORTH IT!!

I don’t have any right on it..

Just..sharing is caring..

thumbs up

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