Another update, this web series kinda the latest one cause it out on august this year..

I subscribe to this channel for a long time..cause of lot of interesting content where we can relate directly and indirectly..

I wish lot of people supporting this series..hehehe, cause it is interesting in many ways..

PLUS I do believe that I see the main actress somewhere before..BUT I forgot where..lol..

Maybe another dramas or movie..

Aaaa…ep 1 n 2 are out..

Gonna wait for more n watch it till the end..

So, let’s watch together shall we..

Ah, again, I don’t have any right on this web series..

Just sharing is caring..

I wish someone out there will supporting them n donate more..so that lot of good web series will be out there..

I only can support by sharing it here..sweat

Have lot of bills to pay..err


Ep1- Being honest or not


Ep 2 -Out of closet 


My readers, do support this channel!!! by subscribe..n donate..





About YuRiAnDo

a girl that love freedom n have more interest to girls...
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