Faith [MariHaru] [P-8]

O.M.G!! lol..let’s celebrate the comeback of this fanfic..shall we?? hahaha..I felt dizzy when i read it over again..lot of error here n there…BUT yeah, you know i’m lazy right??kekeke

I just found the file again after a long time..PLUS with my laptop with me..fighting!!

Aaaaa..I wish I can finish this properly..n soon…’s been 4 years.. sweat

I become OLD!!! err

DAMN..forget about this nonsense..




shy pointing

Chapter 8

At Minami’s house…

“Acchan~” a midget girl looks uneasy as her hand keep calling the one number that quite important for her.

“What is it??” Acchan come closer while wearing a worried face.

“I…I can’t contact Mariko..” Minami answered as if she’s whispering. She let out a long sigh after try to call that one number again.

“Hmm…minami…she’s an adult..she know how to take care herself..”

“BUT..” Minami look at her phone screen n typing something instead of calling.

“U’re on date with me..” Acchan seems bothered by it. She take Minami’s phone away n put it on the nearest table. She did knew how important Mariko is BUT still..she’s much more important than her.

“Un..that’s true…” Minami nod weakly n look intently at Acchan’s eyes searching for something. Maybe a med for her heart that currently in panic state.

“Now..let’s..” Acchan just smile n reassuring Minami that everything is fine with a kiss.

“Mou~ Acchan~” Minami blushing hard after that one sudden move. A smirk can be seen clearly on Acchan’s face. She’s bluntly take another action that gonna make Minami regret of caring someone else more than her n make Minami’s love her more.


At Haruna’s house..


“U..” Mariko quite shock to see that familiar girl.

“Owh…dun move!!!stay still..dun push urself..” Haruna become panic n try her best to help Mariko sit comfortably.

She..she’s absolutely..beautiful.. Mariko quietly thought as she admired that one person from the first time she met her.

“Why u staring at me??” Haruna look uncomfortable.

“Why?? reason..” Mariko awkwardly rub the back of her neck. She find it funny cause that one girl seems much more innocent than she thought.

Haruna ignoring her n go straight to the bathroom to take some long shower. She need a time to processing all this event.


After a half n hour..


Mariko fell asleep but a loud sound of something falling make her wide awake.

*sigh*.. Mariko rub her sleepy eyes while watching Haruna search something inside her closet.

Lol..I can’t believe my eyes..Mariko wearing a grin n a smirk slowly grow on her face. But her expression have been caught by Haruna.

Haruna absolutely aware by Mariko way of looking at her. She can’t understand it. Why that one girl always looking at her like that.

Is she.. huh..naaahhh..she’s not.. Haruna dry her hair while wearing only a towel to wrap her body that still a bit wet.

“Do u have some spare..I means..shirt..” a sudden question suddenly came from Mariko’s mouth.

“Yeah..sure…” Haruna seems hesitate as she know well that Mariko want to take some long shower to clean up her body.

“Can I borrow it??” Mariko said shortly without really taken seriously Haruna expression.

“Un..sure..” Haruna nod weakly n get her backpack. She search thoroughly  n found what suit Mariko the most as she imagine it in her mind.

“….u want it?? hmm, but u need to take a bath first..but ur wound..” Haruna look worried as thought about it.

“Dun worry..I knew how to handle it properly..” Mariko wink n smiling widely as if nothing serious happened.

“Ah…ok..if u said so..” Haruna give out some clothes n awkwardly move back to retrieve some night pajamas for herself.

“…” Mariko staring at her with a frown on her face.

“What are u waiting for??” Haruna ask with a blank expression.

“I need a towel at least..” Mariko keep a poker face.

“BUT…I only brought one towel..hmm..for myself..” Haruna reluctantly answer n blushing by herself.

“…I..I give it later…u can go to the bathroom first..”

“Alright..” Mariko just nod n smile a bit understanding what kind of thought that might be thing by Haruna. She slowly walk towards the bathroom n glancing at Haruna once in a while as her eyes seems unstoppable from scanning Haruna up n down.

Damn..why am I turning to pervert all of sudden.. Mariko knock her head lightly n close the bathroom door.


Haruna’s POV

I felt hot even after showering…

Is this real.. Haruna wipe some sweat on her forehead. She can’t seem to relax under that one gaze.

She’s from that restaurant.. is it a coincidence meeting or she’s after me…

She seems to know me well with that smirk on her face…

Is this some kind of plan..

Is she hiding something??

In the first place…why she’s being she a criminal??..

Wait..with that’s impossible..

Why am I being bias over pretty n handsome face..

She’s surely an ikemen that can make girls melt under her gaze..

Wait..why am I judging her..

Hmm..I’m sure she’s a player..


Mariko POV

LOL..this is interesting..what’s with that expression..

I wonder what she thought..

Her scent remind me of someone..

Ah..she’s that girl..



After a while..

“What a sight..” Mariko said with a teasing tone. She just open a bit of the bathroom n watch Haruna mumbling by herself while sit near her bed.

“Ah..gomen..i forgot to give u the towel..” Haruna clumsily finish off drying her hair n pass the towel.

“Naah.arigatou ne..” Mariko just laugh a bit n close the door.

“Is the wound open?” Haruna sound worried when she ask that one question.

“Nope, don’t worry..I used to it..” Mariko open the door n reveal herself that fully dress with a still wet hair n a towel carelessly wrap on her neck.

She used to it??? Is she really a criminal on run or what??

“ assure miss..i’m not a criminal..nor a bad person..I’m just a jobless person now that suddenly involve in some robbery case at some bank..somewhere…” Mariko calmly answer n sit on the bed. She take her time to dry her hair.

“BUT how u end up being shot..” Haruna look lost.

“I’m just a stupid person that provoke, this the result of it..” Mariko make a peace sign n smiling as if it nothing unusual.

“Un..I wish it’s true..” Haruna found it suspicious but she want herself to believe this girl.

“It is..hmm..are u ok now??” Mariko suddenly ask out of the blue. A very unexpected question.

“I’m fine..wait..why you’re asking’s u the one that we should be worried about..” Haruna look confused.

“Ah..I’m sorry.. I should introduce myself..I am Shinoda Mariko..a patient that help u when you’re in…5 month ago..I it 5 month already??..I forgot..” Mariko said with an innocent face.

“U!!! that IKEMEN??!!” Haruna suddenly remember about that day. An image of that ikemen back cross her mind.

“Am I? An Ikemen?” Mariko point out herself.

“GOMENASAI!!” Haruna bow 90 degree n apologize a few times.

“Iie..why a sudden apologize n all..” Mariko awkwardly stand n want to stop Haruna from bow towards her.

“U’re absolutely someone that in much more worse condition than me..but u still help me..” there is a guilty tone in that statement.

“Am I?” Mariko found it ridiculous BUT it kind of true when she thought about it again.

“A nurse tell me..”

“So, I’m an ikemen with much more worse condition than u..a patient..n so are u..thus, are u changing your career or what??” Mariko jokingly said.

“Hmm..what..” Haruna look clueless.

“U’re a doctor..BUT I can guess that you’re not..based on your appearance n etc..” Mariko tell what she thought from what she observed.

“I’m once a doctor..” Haruna answered shortly. There is some kind of sadness hidden behind that statement.

“I’m I crossing the line..” Mariko felt guilty.

“Iie..” Haruna shook her head n look blankly at the wall.


A silent engulfing them for a long time..until..

“Is that why u bluntly stare at me? U thought I’m a liar n etc..” Haruna ask out of curiosity.

“Nope…” Mariko just smile as she found out what her feeling towards is about.


“It’s simple..” Mariko snap her finger.


“You’re make my heart felt at ease..u make my heart flutter..u make my heart felt different..” Mariko bluntly said while count what her feel using her finger.


“You’re so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes away from u..” Mariko look intently at Haruna.

“Stop it..u make things complicated..” Haruna felt her heart beat fast at a sudden confession.

“Naaah..not at all..maybe I like u..” Mariko added with a wink.

Haruna become speechless as her poker face betrayed her by turning red by times. She’s blushing hard under that one gaze.

“Maybe I’m falling in love with u..”


To be continue..







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Club Friday The Series 7-The Birth of Love Online [Y] [2016]

WELCOME~ Ladies n Gentleman…let me introduce you to the latest short-dramas from the well known series- Club Friday the series…Club Friday The Series 7 เหตุเกิดจากความรัก ตอน รักออนไลน์

YESSUUU~ you’re right!!! it’s already season 7!!! Am I watching each of their season??!! Nope not really, just watch a glimpse of the series here n there…PLUS only attracted to the theme that ALL of you know…hehehe, girlxgirl aka girls love!!!

Of course…the teases n etc!! I LOVE IT!!! naaahhh, am I late? not too late right??

Cause the newest season is season 8 WHICH also hv aaa…this kind of theme too..BUT it still in progress aka coming soon~~~

Gonna wait for it tho..

First for all..I would love to say,

GMM25…I really appreciate your initiative to spread the awareness n REAL life story to the public so that everyone can probably relate with it n trying to solve or avoid things…n etc…

There are lot of things that we can learn from all of the stories…the ability to create those dramas make the production n company that produce this SPECIAL in my haaattooo…lol..

Enough with my nonsense n grateful heart towards the one that made this series exist..

Ah..I don’t have any right on this story aka dramas…ALL right goes to their rightful OWNER!!! I just sharing n spread the love…I wish there is eng sub..PLUS i wanna know the end of this story  in REAL life..


Shall we start the fun~~

This short dramas…4 episode only..

shy pointing

AH!! the game make me felt in love with the love those kind of game too…’s not relate…LOL..

Aaa…I gonna take n share out the moment of girlxgirl ONLY ok…

Expectation vs REALITY is the introduction of this review n dramas…lol..


Expectation~ it is a disease…DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH!!! alright, above is one of the main cast..she, make friend with another gamer…ok, let say they are ‘click’ after they greet each other..

From above..we can see that she’s DAMN HAPPY isn’t she?? hehehe, yeah~ yeah~ her imagination of the other person is kind of ‘NORMAL’ for a person that never ever thought of falling in love with someone..


Reality~~ make things become complicated…yeah~ yeah~ above is another main, u can conclude they’re a couple in this story..she’s become a gamer after came across a flyers..AND, she change her profile to a ‘guy’ cause guys keep bother her while she’s playing her games..

Ah..u know there is chatting stuff while we’re playing multi-player games right?? ONLINE~ lol..yup, it’s bothering her…OK~ when everything become so calm that she at last can concentrate on the game…there is a GIRL..yeah…that all cheerful girl on the 1st pic~

U can imagine it right away right??? how it turns out..gonna call the short hair one as a gamer..cause i dunno their character name n detail..wait, i do know her nickname..the one for that game…BUT naaahh..i’m too lazy…PLUS… is urgent..I need someone to sub this..hahaha..I wanna know what they call each other..I did random search here n I wanna know the content of their chatting~ seems so


Yup, sweet conversation n chat…here n there, quite lively isn’t it??…hehehe..sending a short vid with the kiss is always sweet..sweet like honey, make our heart flutter…n butterfly~~~ everywhere…

The moment of truth, yeah, a meeting…

Guess what?? the girl NEVER EVER expect the other girl to meet her…OF COURSE!! she’s expect a MAN not a WOMAN…lol, u can watch who the ‘GUY’ in her dreamlike imagination…hehehe…he is a handsome guy…BUT I don’t capture his ‘moment’ with the cheerful girl as it’s NOT real..hehehehe..why bother..LOL..

Hmm, the newbie gamer..reluctantly meeting…n try to sit next to her…BUT you know what hurt the MOST?? the other girls rejecting her..telling her that she have company..she reserve those chair next to her for a guy..a guy of her dream…n u can tell the result of the 1st meeting isn’t it? the gamer retreat n crying by herself..wait…this is the 2nd meeting…the official one aka 1st….LOL..the 1st unofficial one..u can see the pic below…

7Waa…this girl waiting for a long time.. >,< ..a loyal person…isn’t she? she’s waiting for a long time cause the gamer didn’t there to initiate any conversation with her…she just watching her for a far..

OK~ move on…

8Alright, u can guess what happened right?? the cheerful girl become confuse n in a shock state…she did disappeared in the middle of their meeting..OK~ gonna show her imagination with the ‘guy’ one…BUT now everything change..every moment…aka imagination is with the other girl…the newbie gamer..huhuhu..

YOSH!!! I don’t put all of it tho..huhuhu..



Ok…they try…YUP!! with a clear mind they talk with each other…YESSUUU!!! n everything START!!! our lovely moment…


Yup…I guess someone gonna get excited over this…’finger’..hehehe..I’m not gonna denied things..I do felt excited too cause their love story will officially start..huhuhu…thumbs up

YOU GO GIRL!!! grab it~ awkwardly n confidently…wait..can we sum up those two

yes2yes1st date~~ OFFICIALLY~~~ it’s going very well…yeah, he cheerful girl taking a lead..I respect her..

datesweetWhere is this place?? the gamer’s home!!! YEAH~ everything is DAMN WELL this time..

STAR n the MOON~ LOVE IN THE AIR!! YOU’RE THE WITNESS!!!  those moment with wonder why it’s very familiar…hehehe, apron always…remember SHE:Their love story..u know what happened next right??

WAIT!!! don’t make your imagination gone wild!!! LOL..hehehekekeke


LOL..I already tell it…DON’T EVER make your imagination gone wild…LOL..i shouldn’t do this..hahaha.hide shy.




See, I already tell you..i’m not joking…REALITY DAMN HURT!!

Ok, who is this kid..IF u watch it~ u know who she is..she is the newbie gamer’s daughter…long story short…the gamer…a divorcee..on the way..or already divorce..i’m not sure..cause I can’t understand the story..hmm..what i can say is she already living separately away from her husband that cheating on her..hmm..before she have long guess u can guess it right? what happened before she start things over again..her ‘new’ life..

She’s quite a lonely girl…trying to search the meaning of her life back..

Back to the story..

What did u miss?? aaa…I gonna sum up all the things…u know it awkward n difficult right?? trying to act naturally n at the same time be careful with your action..

I kinda give a big hand to miss cheerful girl cause she’s trying her best to fit in the situation n still caring about her love one…ok, maybe someone not agree with me..BUT hey, they are newly couple ok, she still have this honeymoon phase on her relationship..what u expect from her..act ‘normal’? like a friend…damn no~ there is no way she gonna do that..

U can see that the kid can sense it right?? PLUS they have been caught by her..

geThe worse have come…this is the main conflict…this is the moment where everything goes bad for the couple..I didn’t say that the kid is at fault..hmm, she just a kid..I’m not gonna blame her..THIS IS REALITY!!! it’s RARE to find someone who understand this..relationship..

She lost it..her ONLY daughter rejecting her…YESSUU~~ that’s what I can conclude from the flow of this story..maybe..her husband become the rightful person to take care her daughter..her own daughter..hmm..I am hear about it..really..hmm..u know this is from the REAL story right? I just wish it gone well sooner o’s heart is very hurts..LIKE HELL..the pain..DAMN IT!!

K, back to the story..


At the end, the med for her pain is HER..BUT…then, she decide to..

End their relationship…after talking..a bit at the veranda…DAMN that scene…hmm..the cheerful girl…trying her best to not cry while wearing an ‘OK’ expression…as if everything is fine..the scene above…the gamer..BLOCK her!!! DAMN IT!! WHY??? there is no need to BLOCK n delete her contact…’s just my opinion..why..

A GOODBYE~ when there is no need for that..err

The tears…


Hurting your own self is NO GOOD~ this is what I called SELF-HARM~ it can’t be reversed anymore..

b3Bb4Both are in PAIN~ NO JOKE~

I’m in pain too~

I’m screaming out ALL of my thought…while watching this scene~


The end is..


Fate~ is cruel~ isn’t it?? gekkeum…isn’t it? or always cruel…i’m not sure..

I just wish..the REAL character in this story end up happily..n not regret..maybe…hmm..just wish for their happiness…

Thanks a lot for GMM25 for sharing this story with us…

We learn a lot…

Expectation vs Reality…

It is crucial to know the truth n be true to our own self..

May love win..

I wish everyone enjoy this review~~~

Ah,,u can watch it at their GMM25 on youtube…

Currently waiting for the next season..huhuhu..the new teaser is..hmm..interesting..maybe..let just wait n see..


Thank you GMM25…

Thank you everyone..


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HELP ME!! 썸남썸녀 aka Flirty Boy and Girl ~~ 2014

Damn!! I felt frustrated cause I can’t find the full series of this web dramas.. sigh

ah..also known as Wedding fever~ @,@


Somebody~~~ HELP ME!!! Currently there is  4 episode with eng sub there in youtube BUT others!!??? WHERE IS IT??? err


Aaaa…wanna know why??? WHY AM I searching this!!


Ano..this familiar yeoja…actress name 박희본 / Park Hee Bon …of course, that’s not her real we shouldn’t focus on this..

Remember this??

shy pointing


currently i found her old web series..hmmm..i’m not sure if it have the kind of relationship that i love in it…BUT..



Make me want to watch more of it!! is it really happening or what??

Ah..the series, i just wish I can found the full episode of it..hmmm..from 1-4, it’s quite ok..


Naahhh..ignore me if u dunno..BUT hey, HELP ME PlZ~~~ ONEGAI!!! crytouchpleeeasetantrum


AH..I dun have any right on any video that i share in this post..all right goes to their own owner…I just sharing is caring..hehehe…

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연애담 (Our Love Story, 2016)(Y-movie)

Hmmm…hmmmm…this movie make me realized about people nature n what kind of world that i live in… make me numb with this pain feeling..i felt sorry..n sad..i felt hurt..

Ok..lets make things sweet n sour later ok??!! Ando-ssi!!! DAMN IT!! I felt nervous…’s been a news is I own mine~~~ ah..I mean a laptop..I just bought it..thus, make my wallet empty till the next payday..fighting!!

Back to the story..

Alright..I fell in love with the story the moment it start…all this sweet things n that expression of first love written all over the character face…that first moment…that first move…that shy face..melt my heart…OF COURSE!!! who doesn’t have that expression??!! THEY’RE SOMEHOW A LIAR!! lol..

First for all..let me introduce our main character..


Yoon Joo (lee sang hee)


Ji Soo (Ryu Sun Young)

What make this film is DAE!! BAK!! is …aaa…it felt quite REAL~~ I guess..n most people can relate..huhuhu.. escalated my opinion, very smooth..the storyline.. want me to show it??

Lets enjoy it~~



*thought about your crush*


*first night + first kiss*


*after some failed make out* 


*NO~~while smirking* 


*nervous* hehehe..after some confession

ols11 *redden face appeared out of nowhere*

hide shy


thank you meal~~ 


public aka brave date aka sweet date

ENOUGH!!! ENOUGH!!! hehehee..sweet isn’t it…I really wanna elaborate more about how sweet it is..BUT a bitter scene is coming soon..huh..i’ll gonna show you some good n bad side of this things called reality~ that guy..he’s a good guy n friend of yoon joo..i am glad when he can accept yoon joo when she’s telling the truth about herself..

Yoon Joo smiling happily..sharing that happy news with her friend..hmm..n the second pic..she’s broken as hell..damn..this world..why??? ok, change’s..the hell with you Ji Soo!! why you’re hurting her??!! Ignore her!!! Play with her soft n pure heart…DAMN IT!!! I felt betrayed BUT at the same time I do understand why she do that too tho it doesn’t felt right..sigh

That girl…who the hell is she?? Alright, I can guess..she’s her EX!! Ji soo’s EX!!! this is the start of everything?? Every bitter things..this is the START!!

I might be wrong tho..why?? I do understand a bit of korean language..thus, I’m very happy with this movie? why? cause it use mostly a very usual conversation.. but yeah..i can be wrong in interpreting things..hahahaa..I’m a bit

ok..let’s move on..


this is  COLD..AWKWARD…n CRUEL… this unexpected meeting n greeting… unexpected question n answer..their conversation..hmm..poor Yoon Joo..n Ji Soo..tell me why?? why??? I know your dad want you to have a BOYFRIEND!! why u drag her into this..DAMN IT!! WHY u make things hard for her..I know u try your best to hide her..u don’t want her to stay at your house bfr..wanna ‘go out’..hiking, spent ur time outside..afraid that your dad coming

ah..the detail..about the conversation..let me just tell u a bit of it..I already be a spoiler.. -,-”

ok.. aaa…about who is she? which Ji soo answer “close unnie”..ok, she’s interrupting Yoon Joo..when she want to answer it..then, how they met?…n her father quite surprised that Yoon Joo come from Seoul to met Ji soo..cause it FAR!! u know FAR!! lol..n  in the picture above..actually, Ji soo’s father ask about her age n if she have BOYFRIEND..which she answer..reluctantly..admit that she have one..awkwardly smile when Ji soo’s father thought about her daughter’s relationship n hope for it..

this is kinda make me felt down..yeah..NEXT!!! More BITTER things..


After that..she..she..ok, Yoon Joo feel a need to tell more people…cause she felt frustrated…u know that feeling ..when you need to tell someone about yourself..cause you’re unsure about life..about why?? why the hell that girl hide her from her dad..something like, she end up telling her housemate..then..the consequence is unbearable..that PAIN of rejection is PURE HELL.. it felt REAL!! I felt it too..

Thus, Yoon Joo want a comfort from her love one..BUT FUCK IT!! Ji Soo so cold n cruel..u see that face..Ji soo’s face show it all..she push her away.. want her to go back afraid that she miss the last bus..n if…DAMN IT!! n the next things she do..


no words can described sad..T,T

Alright..not gonna explain why they end up the small room of motel.. cause it make my heart broken..that’s CLEAR as crystal.. Ji’re…crygloomy


move on time..



Alrite, Ji soo in the car with a guy … i guess…a ‘date’ that her father arranged for her..this is not the first date, in above pic..Ji soo randomly ask about what kind of bad things that the guy once do..yeah, n that guy answer it happily with a laugh n so on BUT Ji soo keep this serious expression on her face..

The answer for herself is be a LIAR..telling a lie aka GOJITMAL..n that guy thought it’s nothing serious n all..BUT she kept wearing that serious expression n guess what??

She tell him to send her there..SEOUL..n u can tell by

shy pointing


A meeting…unexpectedly..Yoon Joo come even though she’s the victim here…I wonder what I gonna do in that situation IF my ‘someone’ that hurt me badly..want to meet me despite the bad situation we’re end up before..

Yoon Joo is a strong woman..indeed..she’s AWESOME..despite her busy schedule she free her time..despite a far distance, she’s end up there..near to her love one..hmm..thumbs up

Ok..back to the story..

It the opposite n u can see the difference..the desperation n all..


happy with a small gesture of care


wish for a miracle..regret…



please, hold me..

yeah, Ji soo..desperate for love…she miss her Yoon Joo..she miss the shy n clingy Yoon joo..the Yoon Joo that love her…

Yoon Joo even reject her kiss..yeah, ji soo’s heart broken..BUT who start it?? it’s her..DAMN IT!!  err


Yoon Joo’s heart broken million times more for sure..

A closure that we search…is it there? in this story?? is it happening?? what your thought??

Yeah, about the ending.. is hard..especially this type of love?? DAMN it!! why people even thought that it’s different? IT is LOVE…there is no boundaries…my definition of one around me will understand it..I wish there will be someone out there…I knew some..n I respect it..





What kind of ending that we wish for our love…our love story..

Not a happy ending…


A happy ending one..

Till the death separate us..

May world become a better place..

For me n everyone..




P.s – I don’t have any right on any picture n etc in this post…I just share cause I want to spread the love…PLUS this film is DAEBAK!! not bad at all..recommended..may more good films coming to this world n to me..

Come on !!! tell me any good films..hahaha, I do search n watch it IF i don’t watch it yet..make sure it’s not in my radar yet..even though I not share some of my already watched short film, film n all…hehehe..

Thanks for reading!!!






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K..I felt super duper disappointed…why the truth came out late…too late… least someone say it right..I should be thankful…hmm…

I felt sad…my heart broken..poor Areum..she’s super young n innocent at that time..why..hmm..the other member too…T,T

I LOVE T-ARA from the start…from the ‘LIE’ n ‘Time To Love’ song came out..from the 6 original member..


Areum…i do suspect that you’re emotionally hurt..badly hurt..when u post the pic that seems ‘dark’ …hmm…how to say that..huh..i dunno…n etc..when you’re stop being a member of t-ara.. cry..Still..i want you to know that I love u..i love your habit o bringing a LOT of snacks inside the bag…hehehe..I love you cause you’re so cute…a maknae that I love..of course..bfr you..there is Jiyeon..the cute

The original member is STRONG!! it make my heart in pain..when I see them trying their best to fit the atmosphere at their own country..where people misunderstood them..

BUT at the same time I am HAPPY that they keep staying together n support each other..

I am very thankful to the fans at the other country that accept them without questioning anything..their sincerity n love..

T-ara~~ Ma Boo~~Ma LOve~~

T-ara is LOVE…t-ara..I LOVE YOU!!!

From the fans that can’t help you when you’re struggling..hmm…what I can do..buying the digital songs at i-tunes, a few physical single n album..huhuhu..

Soyeon, Boram, Q-ri, Jiyeon, Hyomin n eunjung~  



Thanks a lot for everything…your music make my life journey fun…especially when I have a hard time..huhuhu..exam time is when your catchy songs useful..n your sad songs is the BEST!! it make me cry..hmm..good for me..cause I am someone that not open easily to others..I never tell my problems n etc to others..

Thus, the feeling..err…but after listening to your songs..huhuhu..most of your songs equal to my healing songs..thumbs up


May you can comeback with more good n healing songs…n the catchy one is DAEBAK too..huhuhu…

wish for your comeback again..cause after ‘tiamo’…i’m still waiting n stay loyal to you…don’t be afraid n stay strong..

U have us..the loyal fans of yours..

hmm..i miss their reality show so much..>,<“

K..I should stop..

Stay healthy!!! 

Wish ALL of you to have a healthy n happy life…you’re not excluded Areum…you’re part of the’re like me..have snacks inside my bag too..hahaha..n love foods like the other member too..such as Jiyeon n Boram..

wish..2017 n the more coming year will be full of love n success for them..stay strong!!


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LOL..i’m not sure how to translate it tho..anyway..another great short movie..

Sweet n nice…yeah, about words n all..

People talk n all..

Simple, sweet n nice ending…

even though there is some sort of argument about those letter aka arrangement n all..

still…love can’t be denied..

yeah..i u love someone..u can’t stand seeing them crying n hurt..

Let’s enjoy this short movie do we??

shy pointing


ah..again..i dun have any right on this..

I just want to share..cause sharing is caring!!!


Congratulation to the writer n the one that produce this..

I do enjoy it..

hehehe..fighting!!thxthumbs up


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[Y-movie] 5 Steps to Accept Farewell (2016)

Alrite~ the korean title for this film is 이별을 받아들이는 다섯 단계…’s a short film by CINEHUB..Five Steps to Accept Farewell (2016)

let’s get straight to the point…it is DAMN short BUT it FULL of message…i’m so sad n depressed just by watching it..

Wait..the kiss~ aaaa…hehehehe…




Waaa…become serious~ tantrum


That’s not funny at ALL!!!gloomy




OK..i am happy that the one that produce this is making this SUPER REAL situation in this short film..I’m really glad that she’s open minded person n support her in her dream life job~ this is your first film..Miss Lee YeJoo


Let’s watch it together!!! AGAIN n AGAIN!!! cause it hurt me so


hmmm…how I can explain this…u know..sometimes I do imagine things happened n end up like the situation in this short film..

How? When? I’m not sure…the type? the reference..i’m not sure either..if someone like me gonna end up with a guy or a girl…or am I gonna thought about this n worrried about is a big gomin…lol..

Ah..back to the short film..

The one that direct n wrote this stories is Miss Lee YeJoo..that also act in it..huhuhu..the one that turn her back from EunMin n be with a guy…

In this story..I wonder if she regret about her decision or felt guilty when she make her past lover cry..cause at the end she’s crying..yeah..too hard to believe…when she’s the one that make that one decision n cruelly do that..


I am somehow have imagine myself as EunMin before..are we somehow connected writer-nim??!! hehehe…cause I do imagine if one day..I’ll make a SAME decision like EunMin..I dun mind having a relationship like that…even though deep inside me…is broken…and i’m in pain…

I wish there are more movie like this..yeah, the truth about this kind relationship..BUT I wish for a happy ending tho..cause we need a happy ending to give us a HOPE!! a hope to dream n wonder n go through this difficult life..

Hope for a miracle to happen…

I wish..

I wonder..

I dream..

Should I..err

Alrite..before I end this review..lets visit this director page n support her..LOL..I dunno how to support her there, here I am writing this in my page..

u can visit her page here..

I wish YOUR wish come true DIRECTOR-nim aka WRITER-nim…YeJoo Lee…

miss YeJoo..thanks for produce this short film..

I enjoy it..ah…

I’m waiting for your next work.. with this theme n more.. wait.. you know I love this theme like crazy right..hehehe..yuri theme, girls love theme..

Before I forgot..I don’t have any right on this video or any pic here…ALL RIGHT GOES TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNER…OK!!




hugbanzaifighting!!thxthxhide shyhappy2


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