[Y-movie] 5 Steps to Accept Farewell (2016)

Alrite~ the korean title for this film is 이별을 받아들이는 다섯 단계…ah..it’s a short film by CINEHUB..Five Steps to Accept Farewell (2016)

let’s get straight to the point…it is DAMN short BUT it FULL of message…i’m so sad n depressed just by watching it..

Wait..the kiss~ aaaa…hehehehe…




Waaa…become serious~ tantrum


That’s not funny at ALL!!!gloomy




OK..i am happy that the one that produce this is making this SUPER REAL situation in this short film..I’m really glad that she’s open minded person n support her in her dream life job~ this is your first film..Miss Lee YeJoo


Let’s watch it together!!! AGAIN n AGAIN!!! cause it hurt me so much..lol..


hmmm…how I can explain this…u know..sometimes I do imagine things happened n end up like the situation in this short film..

How? When? I’m not sure…the type? the reference..i’m not sure either..if someone like me gonna end up with a guy or a girl…or am I gonna thought about this n worrried about this..it is a big gomin…lol..

Ah..back to the short film..

The one that direct n wrote this stories is Miss Lee YeJoo..that also act in it..huhuhu..the one that turn her back from EunMin n be with a guy…

In this story..I wonder if she regret about her decision or felt guilty when she make her past lover cry..cause at the end she’s crying..yeah..too hard to believe…when she’s the one that make that one decision n cruelly do that..


I am somehow have imagine myself as EunMin before..are we somehow connected writer-nim??!! hehehe…cause I do imagine if one day..I’ll make a SAME decision like EunMin..I dun mind having a relationship like that…even though deep inside me…is broken…and i’m in pain…

I wish there are more movie like this..yeah, the truth about this kind relationship..BUT I wish for a happy ending tho..cause we need a happy ending to give us a HOPE!! a hope to dream n wonder n go through this difficult life..

Hope for a miracle to happen…

I wish..

I wonder..

I dream..

Should I..err

Alrite..before I end this review..lets visit this director page n support her..LOL..I dunno how to support her there tho..so, here I am writing this in my page..

u can visit her page here..

I wish YOUR wish come true DIRECTOR-nim aka WRITER-nim…YeJoo Lee…

miss YeJoo..thanks for produce this short film..

I enjoy it..ah…

I’m waiting for your next work.. with this theme n more.. wait.. you know I love this theme like crazy right..hehehe..yuri theme, girls love theme..

Before I forgot..I don’t have any right on this video or any pic here…ALL RIGHT GOES TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNER…OK!!




hugbanzaifighting!!thxthxhide shyhappy2


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[K-dramas] Night Light

YOSH!!! K-dramas PLUS YURI lover!!! OK..I shouldn’t give any hope on this dramas about those kind of things that u might thought..LOL..

Let me just explain…

Actually..there are LOT of dramas that currently airing n on-going right now..such as GOBLIN~ which DAMN COOL n absolutely in different lvl..BUT..hey, who am I?? I am the person that love ‘GIRLS LoVE’ more than any genre out there..especially cause it RARE n DiFFiCULT to find..aaaa…n come from Asian country…


THUS…from the fanvid video that I coincidentally found while i’m exploring youtube world..  hehehe~ I found this beautiful dramas  that staring my fav actress!!! lee yo won!! no doubt, she’s DAMN GOOD n EXCELLENT n COOL in this dramas…OK, for Uee, I do respect her…she’s improving A LOT!! N I love her acting here..i dun found it awkward n all..PLUS she win right at the latest award from her last dramas..she’s that good..

I quite worried about her appearance though..wait, her health..BUT from the making n the dramas itself..she’s look happy n excited…she’s always laughing n all..so, it make me felt relieved somehow..

Congratulation UEE!!! hehehe~ ok..I like afterschool..naaahh..cause they do have yuri related mv..n that my fav~ hehehe..

Wait…back to the dramas..

WARNING!!! IT is business related dramas, full of greedy character n etc…u can guess it right??? our main focus is the CEO of a certain gallery..n her lovely one n only person that she cared n love at first sight..

From the first episode, it already intense..PLUS the 1st time they met..the CEO said about how she never forgot about what she love…things or person..she’s never ever forget..that dialogue already caught me off guard n let me open my heart for this couple… ship them until the END…I wish what I thought come true..the HAPPY ENDING for this two..even ‘the making’ of this dramas~ DAMN!! the one that record n the VJ n etc that make all those video become my HOPE n WISH super BIG!!! they MUST responsible for the heartbroken feeling that I felt IF this so called ‘womance’…aaa…ok, that’s what they called..ano..the crew..anyway… IF this ‘womance’ not happen…LOL..they give me that BIG hope..

I present some photos that u might found interesting~ hehehehe~

ah..I dun have any right on ALL the photos n video ok…the credit goes to their rightful owner..I just sharing is caring..LOL..spread the LOVE!!



I wonder IF u thought the same thing as mine.. kekekehehehe


Now..see the character~ the two main character..


CEO Seo Yi Kyung


Lee Se Jin



See what I see?? hehehe…never mind..hehehe..

OK..let’s move to the other world..where ‘the making’ that make my heart fluttering by time..hehehe..

I should immediately *bow*


to ANOPINION for uploading this sweet video with the eng sub for us…seriously THANKS A LOT!!!

I gonna share some of it ok~ credit to the uploader!! I dun have right at all..

shy pointing



I dun have doubt about what CEO Seo felt for Se jin..hehehe..both love each other for sure…BUT I dunno how it gonna end it tho.. I wish my wish come true..

fighting!! Hwaiting writer-nim!!! n ALL the production crew that related to this dramas..

I’m looking forward to the next episode n more…till the END!! DAMN!! not gonna miss it…FOR SURE!!!

ah..u can watch it here..

Again..I dun have any right on anything…I just sharing n caring~ hehehe..

Credit to the their rightful owner..ALL the video n pic..

Thanks for reading~ thumbs up


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[Y-MV] Sistar- One More Day

Where is the happy ending??!!!

Where is the love that we yearn..

When is the day where we gonna end up together..

We’re not alone…

Are we..

I just wish we have one more day..

One more day..

Oh yeah~

The hell is this nonsense that i’m writing…lol..ok~ let’s go straight to the point shall we?? heheheheee..excited

First for all..

I am very thankful to one of my friend~ she’s the one that tag me to this video…lol..i am kind of busy with life n stress about a few things..so, this MV sure help me a LOT!! a LOT!! more than u thought..



I wish ALL of u will love this song~ n MV!!!


shy pointing


So..what’s your comment??

LOVE IT?? like i do..hehehe..

I see the actress a few times, yeah..in a dramas…she’s always there..in  my fav dramas..

aaa..for instance, the princess’s man n history of salaryman..PLUS!! she’s in ROOMMATE season 1..huhuhu..with park bom..ok..now I elt down again because of 2NE1 disbandment news..


Hmm..ok..life must go on..





I dun have any right on anything…sharing is caring~ hehehe..

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Forget it.. [Hyomin x EunJi][OS]

I may be able to forget it…

This love…

That pain me..

All of this memories…

Bring lot of tears and sadness into my life..

Make me crazy…


I’ve been betrayed by this feelings..




We’ve met again…BUT she’s not the same person anymore..the one that I love..

IF..IF she’s still there…love of my life…I wish she’s make an appearance in front of me..

And tell me all of this just a lie…ALL of this is just a DREAM..ALL of this is just a JOKE..

Not a reality..

It hurts…

Why should I felt sorry n forgive her..

Am I the one that forget this love..

Am I the one that should held her hand n confess my love..

When she’s the one that drag me to this hell..

When she’s the one that currently in relationship with someone else..


She’s my first…n my last..

But..that’s long time ago..

I must end this ‘pabo’ love..

Like the first day we met…

We’re just a stranger..

I wish..

I can do this..

A year already pass..

Why I still like this..

Park’s Resident


“ Hyomin-ah..why are u spacing out a lot this days..”


“Great..u n ur lie..u know that I knew u quite well by now..” Soyeon look at her younger sister dearly. She absolutely worried.

“Ani..unnie…am I a coward?” Hyomin suddenly ask that one question.

“Wae? U’re quite afraid of certain things..BUT I guess it normal..” Soyeon thought for a while n agree that it’s a normal thing.

“Unnie..are u in love with her?” another question caught soyeon off-guard.

“Who??? WHO??” Soyeon stuttered n awkwardly rub the back of her neck.

“I know that u love Boram..” a smirk appeared on Hyomin’s face.

“That..aaaa…is it that clear?”

“Un..hmmm…” Hyomin nod weakly.

“My dongsaeng is in love with someone?” Soyeon guess randomly.

“Ani…I just felt that this life is unfair..hmm..unnie..I wanna sleep..can u turn off the light when u’re going out..”

“Sure..have a nice dream hyomin-ah..”

“Un..u too..”

Life never been fair…

We’ve been force to live..

To survive..

In this cruel world..

As time goes by…

We’ve felt it’s a norm n never question it…

That when we thought love heal us..

That when we realize love gonna kill us too..

Our feeling n wish…

Make us blind..

From the truth of this life…

I am a hardworking person…I wake up early…n stay up late just to finish all the paperwork that been given to me..

Maybe I just craving the time…

Where I can met her again..

As a stranger..


At Hyomin’s workplace


*knock* *knock*


“Come in..”  That familiar voice make Hyomin numb for a second.

“Morning..i’ve done my task..hmm.. the paperworks..do u want it now or later?” Hyomin said while presenting the result of her work.

“Really..that fast..ah..sorry..I need to receive this call..” Eunjung said while smiling awkwardly. She sit comfortably while reading the document that she received from her mom that morning.

“owh..ok..” Hyomin stand still n quietly staring at everything that Eunjung do. She trying to erase that face from her memory BUT she do not know how..

“Little dino!! U’re here???” Eunjung suddenly questioning the caller of the phone out loud that Hyomin snap out from her dreamy gaze on her.

“Come on..hint..hint!!” Eunjung seems excited by that one news.

“Ah..” her face change to a disappointed one for a second




“SURPRISE!!!” an excited voice greeting from the open door.

“LOL..I thought we gonna met tonight?” Eunjung smile widely when she realize her fiancée arrival. She automatically walk to that beautiful girl n hug her.

“I just miss u..” that one girl said n give a surprise peck on Eunjung’s lips.

“Miss u too my little dino..” eunjung playfully pinch that girl’s cheeks.

“Stop that!!” That girl try to avoid the pinching attack n doesn’t even realize the existence of the stranger that watching uncomfortably by their side.



After about 5 minutes..


-awkward silent-


“Mianhae..I guess..I’m out for now..” Hyomin suddenly utter those words after she realize that she’s been watching too much.

“Ah..yeaahh…mianhae..that u need to see this little dino in action..u can dismiss now..” Eunjung said while awkwardly rub her neck. She glared at her lover n give a sign to apologize.

“Un..call me whenever u need the files..” Hyomin smile bitterly before walk away. Her step felt heavy by time.

“I will..” Eunjung answered shortly after n never realize what kind of expression that Hyomin have on her face.

I’m good..

It’s over right..

Is it really over..

“It’s gonna be awkward for me n her later…damn..jiyeonnie!! u create this trouble u know..u need to fix this habit of yours..” Eunjung said in a serious tone. She don’t want her relationship with her co-worker become awkward. It might effect her work later.

“Teheheheee..should we invite her for lunch?” her lover smile sheepishly while wearing a cute face that no one ever reject.

“LOL..so that u can show off our lovey dovey act? Nope..I definitely can’t accept that idea..” Eunjung quickly shook her head at the thought of it.

“We’re a couple right? It’s normal for us to act like that..”

“Hey..we’re inside MY company…MY workplace…please…please…behave?” Eunjung begging as if her life depend on what her lover done in the future.  She never want to mess up her relationship with any of her co-worker especially Hyomin.

“Huh..whatever..ok..ok..in exchange…our dinner date..my favourite place?” a smirk can be seen clearly on that pretty face.

“DEAL!!!” Eunjung make a thumbs up sign n held her lover dearly before planning things or their dinner.

“Hyomin-ah..lunch? our treat..” eunjung awkwardly ask.

“Hmm..is it really ok?? I might be a nuisance..” Hyomin try to avoid it with some excuse.

“Nope..this little kid want to apologize for interrupting our conversation beore..” Eunjung point out her lover n smile widely hoping that Hyomin accept their invitation.


“Hi!! I’m Jiyeon..” that one pretty girl greet excitedly while introducing herself.

jiyeon peace

“Ah..I’m Hyomin..” Hyomin bow a bit n at awe with a random things that Jiyeon done today.

“Come on!! Let’s eat together!! I’m hungry..” Jiyeon suddenly clinging by Hyomin’s side n make a cute face.

“Su..sure..” Hyomin can’t escape from it anymore. This girl surely very cute n friendly different from her appearance that shout out an opposite from what her current thought is.

“Jiyeon-ah!! Behave!!” Eunjung sternly remind her lover again.

“I WILL!! “ Jiyeon shout out loud while dragging  Hyomin away from Eunjung that try to catch up with them.

At some restaurant nearby..

Jiyeon take some time at the restroom after ordering some food. While she’s gone..


“Is she always like this??” Hyomin ask out of curiosity. This is the first time she met Jiyeon. Face to face. Before, she just watched from far n heard a lot of rumour about her.

“LOL..not really..” Eunjung absolutely found it absurd too. How Jiyeon react to Hyomin is totally a new side of Jiyeon. She never act like that to stranger.

“Oooo..” Hyomin just make an ‘O’ shape mouth. She can’t ignore the fact that Jiyeon quite adorable.

“I guess she’s very fond of u..she rarely open up to anyone..I also surprise when she clinging to you before..” Eunjung state that one fact while smiling like a fool. It is the truth after all. She is happy that Jiyeon want to be close to Hyomin.

“Really..she’s an interesting person..” Hyomin nod a bit n act as if she’s in deep thinking mode.

“Un..she is..i’m lucky to met her..” Eunjung nod agreeing with what Hyomin said.

“Are u happy?” Hyomin ask while looking straight at Eunjung.

“That..random..aaa..I am..” Eunjung awkwardly smile. Her face redden by time.

“Both of u..will married soon right?” Hyomin bluntly ask even though she can guess the answer right away.

“Yeah..kind of..our parents already set the marriage date..it’s the end of this year..” Eunjung felt excited at the thought of that one event.

“Owh..that fast..”

“LOL..I wish it sooner than that..”

“U really love her do you?” Hyomin try her best to act as if she’s happy for them.

“I AM CRAZY IN LOVE wih her..” Eunjung answered with a firm n happy tone. The expression on her face absolutely ruined Hyomin’s mood n break the broken piece of Hyomin’s heart.

“….” Hyomin become speechless.

“WAIT!! ME TOO!! EUNJUNG-AH!! I LOVE U!!” a shout can be heard a few feet from their seat. Apparently Eunjung voice quite loud as she’s too excited about her feeling. Jiyeon happily walk to them n showering kisses on Eunjung face when she’s arrived there.

“BEHAVE Jiyeon!!!” Eunjung try to push Jiyeon away n glared at her.

Jiyeon Eunjung Kissing

Jiyeon just laugh n hug her tight. Everyone clap their hands as they witness the childish act of the cute couple.


Forget it..it’s over..


Hyomin just smile bitterly while watching their childish bickering.


It’s really over..

hyomin sad

my love..



-The END-


Hehehe, a new OS~ out of the blue..i’m just celebrating my little freedom of living alone for a short time..

Thx for reading!!!..I am happy..that I found a good song that make me wrote this…songs n my mood~ lol..

hide shyhappy2thx


ah..I dun have any right on the picture I uploaded..all right reserved to their own owner..hehehe..just the story is MINE!! lalalalala…

HAVE A NICE DAY!!! DAMN IT!! 3.55 a.m~ oh my Sunday~ tomorrow work..


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Dangerous love?


Alright..basically, this is just my random thought..BUT as everyone know..I am someone that watched something because of a certain charm when it come to movie n all..

I either like the character or the theme..hehehe…

THUS!!! this is one of it!!!

WHAT AM I DOING???!!! WHAT IS ‘DANGEROUS LOVE’? What’s the meaning behind this title n that random vote things..

Naaahh..I felt unfair n all..this is just my random thought…so..ignore it if u dun like it ok?

1- theme – YURI


3- Competition – dance~ lol..i know nothing about it..but yeah..appeared in the channel that i watched..HIT THE STAGE~


SUPERB!! AMAZING!! for certain performance..BUT YEAH..I LOVE HER PERFORMANCE MORE..LOL..who?? MOMO~ REASON? U knew it..lol..

I deeply in love with the ‘COMMON’ storyline~ lol..why? cause that’s one of the theme they use when making some of my fav mv or dramas..

obsessive love~ YURI~ or just a usual storyline n theme…they use it a lot!!!


Alright..forget it..

I just know about this girl..she’s from the girl group called TWICE~

I dun really following them..thus..i know nothing…BUT~ BECAUSE OF MOMO!! I knew only her lo….Momo..a very talented girl…what talent? dance..I approved it!!!

from this stage..

SHE NAILED IT!!! OK…that smexy scene~ VAMPIRE GIRL with the other VAMPIRE? HEHEHE~

OK~ let’s ignore my thought on it…the theme make me squeal like crazy..hehehe..i am that crazy~ hahaha..

ABOUT the other one..that clearly show that it’s girlxgirl love..with the theme title for this episode is..’THIS LOVE’..

WISH U ENJOY IT~ hahaha..for MOMO crew~ the title is ‘Dangerous love’

Momo did explain what her dance about bfr their turn..



Even though I do like the first vid..than the second one..BUT i dun felt it unfair..hmmm…the vote…alrite, forget it..I DAMN IN LOVE WITH BOTH OF IT!! T,T…I LOVE BOTH PERFORMANCE!!!

for both performance…


Dun worry…I support u MOMO!!! U’RE AWESOME~ HEHEHE..




LOL..i wanna write some dramas review..BUT I am lazy~

so..ja neee~~~~

hehehe..lol..seriously..my random thought..too random.. =,=”




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[Y-Kmovie] JIN JIN

I have a day off today!!!



I actually watch something that I LOVE!!! I stumbled over it..n I just found out now that it already out quite long time ago..3 years ago..

Why I didn’t found it..lol..

N I am PROUD TO SAY!! KBS doing a great job in accepting this kind of theme for their dramas special..so..the total of KBS dramas special that relate to what I can say as ‘Yuri’ theme become 3…

excitedthumbs upthx

maybe I miss some more..lol..cause i just found this dramas special today..

the actress that act in this one dramas special is very familiar one…n I LOVE IT!!!

hmm..not gonna spoil anything..just gonna introduce who the two lead actress in my heart..hahaha..


Seo Ha-Jin



Jang yoo-jin


P.S:– I dun have any right on ALL OF THIS PIC!!! ALL right goes to KBS!!! n etc..

Let’s watch it together!!

shy pointing
BUT..I don’t want to blame me IF it did not make u happy..lol..


I am crying like crazy!!!





The ONLY person that love u..


  • -Her response for everything that u do…
  • -That stare n how her body react when she see that teacher do that to u..
  • -Her warm smile..


LOL..why am I ranting here..

Whatever..this story remind me of ‘The secret Garden’..how that one person sacrifice..for her love one..PLUS the novel things..lol..

Even though this story n ‘the secret garden’ not showing directly about those ‘Yuri’ scene..I am proud of it..

The deep meaning n plot twist..surely make me felt sad n down…how she hide those love..make me felt frustrated..why?? cause it remind me about someone..who?? maybe..me?






I just realized it that I can’t open my original youtube account..so..I quickly check my mail n found out that it already been terminated yesterday..

The things that I can conclude is ALL my YURI n FMV videos that I uploaded on my channel is GONE!!! I’m not kidding..ALL OF IT!!!











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[Y-film] Miss You Always

Last~ yeah..last..I’m tired..lol..

This is a short film~ made by LESDO app. ..that’s written in the description…kekeke

Ok..straight to the point..

Let me introduce u to our main character..



Two beautiful girls..

The story start with Xiaxue return to her original place..yeah..she’s going somewhere or 3 years..YUP!!! 3 years…after have a bad argument..I mean..bad break up with her love one..Weian..

She’s return to her home n all the flashback about her love one playing like there is no end..yeah..a sweet, bitter n all kind of moments..





Yup..all this scene come back instantly..n then..

DOOOMMM!!! something happened..lol..a confusing one tho..until u actually know what happened later on..

Actually..she fell asleep..n when she’s awake..she’s BACK!!! before everything happened..YUP!! 3 years back..before she met Weian..

n guess what?? she’s trying to avoid meeting her until fate do it job..even though she’s trying her best to not meeting her at all while she’s doing every little things behind her love one back..

Xiaxue help Weian..behind the scene n all..hmm…n this Weian is absolutely OPPOSITE of the one that she have back then..

the one that not ashamed of their love..the one that can admit that she is her girlfriend..the one that fight for her love..yup..opposite..

BUT..yeah..she still end it though..n make Weian..suffer..DAMN IT!!

hmm..she have her reason..

STILL ..I AM CONFUSE!! with XiaXue crying hard inside the bathroom while the image of Weian say…aaaa…i dun want to spoil things more..lol..

it is more than enough right??



shy pointing

Ah..u can watch it here..

Thx again or the uploader~ for uploading this..I appreciate it..




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