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KHAN – [fav duo]

My random nonsense… So, I’ve got hooked by them…n now~ I admit that i’m so into them..before I knew them with the another song aka Goodbye rain~ that I forgot..lol..I kinda have a short term memory.. it is common..for me.. … Continue reading

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Million ga Ippai Caps FHD Part1

I…I LOVE IT!!! LOL…that’s it..is  it enough..hihi.. LOT..LOT OF QUALITY PIC that make me..*grin n giggle* RenaYuki!!! lol..there are lot of other pairing too.. WMatsui!!! LOL..me become crazy again.. HOPE U ENJOY IT!! Thanks blackgekikara for this post!! i’ll absolutely … Continue reading

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ZEE [Thai]

Hmm, I did enjoy thailand ballad song…sometimes..huhu, as the fans of those theme and yeah..’that’ theme…thus, I find out about this singer. The truth is, I find about her when I read a very interesting fanfic of YES o No….I … Continue reading

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SPEC continuation….^,^

Huhu…I dunno how to actually write about my excitement when I found out about this…for ur info, I actually rarely read about dramas n movies recently…how lazy were I…hmm..that I just found out about this news… Anyway…VERY2x EXCITED!!! Billion times … Continue reading

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