Did u know bout yuri theme movies o dramas..plz feel free to tell me..I want to watch it..huhu…especially asian movies o dramas..

the one that I doesn’t make preview yet o the new one o else…XD

HOPE U ENJOY all the preview and FMV n the movies n dramas that I recommended..

All the Y-etc in the categories…related to yuri o L…hihi…

hmm, n if u knew new yuri related anime, feel free to share with me…huhu, even i’m not make a review about it..I did watch n enjoy it..huhu..

5 Responses to YuRi

  1. anisa23zahra9 says:

    hmm please try to watch Yes Or No 1 and 2 , if you want to watch Yuri Movies 😀

  2. “She their love story” watch guys this is YURI 😊

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