[Y-film] Miss You Always

Last~ yeah..last..I’m tired..lol..

This is a short film~ made by LESDO app. ..that’s written in the description…kekeke

Ok..straight to the point..

Let me introduce u to our main character..



Two beautiful girls..

The story start with Xiaxue return to her original place..yeah..she’s going somewhere or 3 years..YUP!!! 3 years…after have a bad argument..I mean..bad break up with her love one..Weian..

She’s return to her home n all the flashback about her love one playing like there is no end..yeah..a sweet, bitter n all kind of moments..





Yup..all this scene come back instantly..n then..

DOOOMMM!!! something happened..lol..a confusing one tho..until u actually know what happened later on..

Actually..she fell asleep..n when she’s awake..she’s BACK!!! before everything happened..YUP!! 3 years back..before she met Weian..

n guess what?? she’s trying to avoid meeting her until fate do it job..even though she’s trying her best to not meeting her at all while she’s doing every little things behind her love one back..

Xiaxue help Weian..behind the scene n all..hmm…n this Weian is absolutely OPPOSITE of the one that she have back then..

the one that not ashamed of their love..the one that can admit that she is her girlfriend..the one that fight for her love..yup..opposite..

BUT..yeah..she still end it though..n make Weian..suffer..DAMN IT!!

hmm..she have her reason..

STILL ..I AM CONFUSE!! with XiaXue crying hard inside the bathroom while the image of Weian say…aaaa…i dun want to spoil things more..lol..

it is more than enough right??



shy pointing

Ah..u can watch it here..

Thx again or the uploader~ for uploading this..I appreciate it..




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14 Responses to [Y-film] Miss You Always

  1. Sedna Yue says:

    I think this is the best yuri film from China.
    I’m so in love with YueXin (XiaXue) and the storyline kinda confusing but still, it’s a great short movie.
    I really want to see more of YueXin’s cool side. She is literally my yuricrush *coughcough*

    • YuRiAnDo says:

      hehehe~ a yuricrush huh… *grin* yeah, she’s damn cool..anyway, good to have one..once in a while, it make our heart become warm n excited~ a good thing~ *thumbs up*

  2. BON says:

    I can’t find YueXin, can you provide more of her info? Cause I love her so damn bad 😦

  3. Dina says:

    I loved the movie but I honestly don’t understand the ending at all. Fingers crossed that they are making a sequel anyways.

  4. Farah says:

    do you know her another movie or film name and how to get it?

    • YuRiAnDo says:

      most of the time I search it on dailymotion or youtube..other movie with her..hmm, I just done watching “my girlfriend is white snake” recently..other..not search it.. gomen!! T.T

  5. Pearl says:

    I live in Philippines. and those links you shared are prohibited. why o why? 😦 But still a big THANK YOU for sharing. love lots 🙂

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