Am I the only one with butterflies? [Y]

I forgot to share this even pay for their s2ep2 n above..that proved something right??

Knock!! Knock!!

Forget my bills, I just can’t stand still n hoping it is free forever…they need source of income n budget for producing this series..

PLUS the actress..quite popular n known..I do watch her dramas before..hmm, it’s been a while I see her in major dramas..same as the one in another series that I update before..

YUP!! that justify my short term memory n lost memory..I always forget names n not face..I just don’t..

Thus everyone should glad IF I remember their am I ranting here..

Anyway..this web should I explain it..

When you have one sided love with someone..BUT not sure how to act on it..cause you just not sure what the other person thought about you..n you act weird around them BUT at the same time taking care of them..

DAMN!! I LOVE IT!! sharing your story online..hoping someone give a good advise n so on..

Quite real..people nowadays always sharing their stuff I?? I do..BUT I share the bored love life..boring life..

Back to the story..

Season 1 are FREE to watch at, I will share the link n video to everyone..

Ep 1

Ep 2

ep 3


Season 2 ONLY ep 1 is FREE on youtube..

Ep 1


About ep 2 n can purchase or rent it on VIMEO!!


I recommend it!!

shy pointing


Thanks a LOT!!

Do support n love this series!! WORTH IT!!

I don’t have any right on it..

Just..sharing is caring..

thumbs up

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Another update, this web series kinda the latest one cause it out on august this year..

I subscribe to this channel for a long time..cause of lot of interesting content where we can relate directly and indirectly..

I wish lot of people supporting this series..hehehe, cause it is interesting in many ways..

PLUS I do believe that I see the main actress somewhere before..BUT I forgot

Maybe another dramas or movie..

Aaaa…ep 1 n 2 are out..

Gonna wait for more n watch it till the end..

So, let’s watch together shall we..

Ah, again, I don’t have any right on this web series..

Just sharing is caring..

I wish someone out there will supporting them n donate that lot of good web series will be out there..

I only can support by sharing it here..sweat

Have lot of bills to pay..err


Ep1- Being honest or not


Ep 2 -Out of closet 


My readers, do support this channel!!! by subscribe..n donate..





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Do you “Truth or Dare” with me? [Y]

I’ve been quiet make me kinda end up in depression state n etc..

BUT yeah, youtube does help me a bit by recommending lot of web series related to my fav video..

THUS, resulting to what i’m gonna share with the readers..

This is one of it..even it just a pilot episode..I wish it have the continuation..

Do watch it!! n COMMENT under it so that the uploader n the one that produce it will make a continuation..

or watch it here..n comment at their channel..

I don’t have any right on anything..

Just..sharing is caring..

Take care..

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Tenny(테니) – 159cm MV [Y-MV]

I wanna share this before… is brand new song for shown in my recommended list when it first out..yeah..that early I found out..

BUT I jsut have time to share it now.. sweat

The song is good~~

The music video is NO JOKE!! extremely cute~~ n I LOVE IT!! happy2

About how her parents react~ yeah, pretty normal..but her mom…naaah…

OK, don’t wanna drag this you reading this nonsense more~

WHY don’t u watch it??

wait I guess i’m gonna share a few pic as usual..

Main character~~


be silly together~~


Being caught!!! you see what I see??

I thought the glasses is not there before…lol..already been move…while they.. *chu* *chu*



After run away..

n then what happened??..






Naahh…just joking..seriously…u should think positive~~ is a good ending..

Don’t worry ok??



shy pointing




As usual, I wanna say, I don’t have any right on the video, picture and etc.. 

Every right goes to their rightful owner.. 

Sharing is caring..



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i STORIES ตอน ” L ” [Y-movie]

First for all, this is the short movie that officially in the channel of ‘HondaMotorcycleTHA’..n every episode have it special story n meaning…

this is part of the full story taken from word ‘L-G-B-T’.

I  am really greatful when I found this story…lol, it’s been a while I found movie related to my fav theme..

The excitement start when I recognize the main actress…

IF u see the series called ‘HORMONES’..YOU KNEW WHAT i MEAN!!! hehehe



 – the actress – 



The main character called ‘i’ and the actress~~

alright, i’m gonna share a few picture, cause it a short movie..not that short


hehehe, pay attention to this hands and…

flower~~ symbolic~ beautiful isn’t it??


i work as 2nd assistant and in charge of assist the actress with the dialogue n etc..

The actress is kinda bored with the original dialogue that she keep practicing with i…the truth is she already remember everything..huhuhu, thus, the feeling between them that start in the first session of practice grow in this scene..

what scene??

i suggest that they practicing other episode that are part of episode G, B and T where everything is totally new to the actress..

hehehe, BUT at the episode of B, there is this certain part where…the character need to kiss..


the feeling is MUTUAL for sure~~~


THEY’RE KISSING!!! at last~~ hide shy

k, let just end it with this scene..



no reason~ lol..don’t ever thought that bad things happened at the end ok?? NOTHING LIKE THAT!!! it just i wanna save this beautiful moment…

nothing special..

the ending is not bad…IT IS INDEED GOOD!!! no bad things..I ensure you..

so, don’t make a conclusion because I end the picture spree just like this..

WHAT ARE you waiting for???



Don’t forget to watch the other other episode too~~ ok??

shy pointing




I don’t have any right on this video and picture..

ALL right goes to their own owner n creator..

I just share to spread the love and message to others~~ 

Thanks a lot for reading it!!!



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KHAN – [fav duo]

My random nonsense…

So, I’ve got hooked by them…n now~ I admit that i’m so into them..before I knew them with the another song aka Goodbye rain~ that I kinda have a short term memory.. it is common..for me..err

SERIOUSLY!!! I dig it!!! n FOUND IT!!! I totally blank when I see their new video with an official group name KHAN..I thought..where I see this two girl before..WHERE??!! n WHERE??!!!tantrum

I recognize jeon minju in some mv before..she dance a lot in that video..where…thus, I search her name n found it!! LOL..Euna only have a short appearance time there plus inside the tv..that make me not fully recognize it..BUT still MinJu..she dance a lot in this mv..

N it is one of my MOST FAV can I forget them.. sigh


Yeah~ i like sad song~~ plus it have rap in it..hahaha..I’m so in love with Goodbye Rain before ..I AM SERIOUS!!! super duper happyexcitedexcited

So, here I am sharing my fav song~~


hehehe~ DAMN~ I LOVE IT!!  hide shy

K, now that I share about my love for their old song..let’s get into their cover their channel.. hehehe, my fav~~


Battle scars~~ my type of song..hehehe, the end is DAMN CUTE!! blush






~~about the ark..i dunno them, I gonna check it out..anyway~

~~~back after a few minute searching for ‘the ark’..

hehehe, as I thought they’re cool~~ the cover~~


ALL right goes to their rightful owner!!! thx to drighk for the fancam~~ !!!

their song~~

hehehe, I love how they wear a very comfortable shirt..their fashion for the performance..I LOVE IT!! their dance n voice..all perfect..

I guess KHAN gonna keep it up!! full of SWAG!!


They’re COOL~ full of SWAG~~ n CUTE!! lol..

fighting!!~ KHAN~~!!!




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KHAN – I’m Your Girl ?- [Y-M/V]

Hey, it’s been  LOOOoooNNggg updating things I right??

People might forget about this site..yeah~yeah~ goes on~~ too much stress here n there in ma life.. pleeease

Let’s back to the REAL topic here..

KHAN~ a new group~ BUT people said the duo is part of the group called ‘The Ark’ already disband tho..hmm, i’m not sure what happened..cause i’ve lost in my world..anyway, I ADMIT~~ I love their voice!! hehehe, i’m not into this song because of the title, lyrics n MV only..BUT their voice!! their voice, complete each other, can I say compatible with each other..

I would like to recommend this badly..cause I’ve addicted to it..hehehe, buy it

Let me share some pic~~ wait, before I share..


Introduce the duo first..


Kim YuNa aka Euna


Jeon MinJu aka MinJu


The scene~~


Start with the date, alright, there is video reaction on this scene on youtube, n I quite agree with that..go watch me, the one at the back is someone much more important than the one Euna currently go out with.. or you can interpret it like the one at the back got her interest..

N as you can see..the one at the wearing the white hat is disappointed n sad..Minju is sad..

Happy moment~~



Next~ the longing stares..







Wait, not the end of this post

K, I wanna share the video lo..better view it n appreciate it..

BETTER WATCH IT!! till the END!!!

DoN’T skip it!!


the chorus is addicting..hahaha..

HAVE A NICE DAY everyone~~


shy pointing


N~~ah, just wanna share this despacito cover by them~~ so cool~~


the full version of their cover~~

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