MACO [Sweet Memory] [Y-MV]

Should we start 2018 with the courage to love someone..bravely..

I wonder..

This is like the MV that I gonna review..huh, it is hard to confess…YUP!! especially if it your BEST FRIEND!! you’re afraid that there will be the END after the confession..hmm, BUT without confessing our love, we still gonna lost it..the chance..n there will be misunderstanding IF something like in this MV happened.. is sad enough..BUT yeah, I love SAD song..wait..I love BALLAD genre..thus, this FIT me perfectly..

‘Answer me!! Answer me!! ‘ lol, that dialogue really make me DAMN desperate n frustrated!! err

LOL, when I read the comment..everyone thought the same..I guess, i’m not the only one..sweat..


Happy ENDING?? !! The start of the MV~ sigh

The story start~ aaa, with some conversation~ related to how to confess…yup, consult with your friend…how?? how?? ok?? lol..

Nervous~ isn’t it?? especially when your love one stare at u like..


Alright..that is enough…that stare..kill her courage…

relaxthat happened girls…confession is not an easy things to do..huhuhu..


YUP!! her crush success in confessing her love to a guy there..


OMG~~ my haatttooooo~~ tantrum


felt lonely~~ missing her badly~~ 


yea~ yeah~ she’s innocent enough to thought this guy is a jerk..YUP, she kindly explain about those painting~ with a smile on her face…BUT..then..


I HATE THIS GUY!!! mad..

A confrontation~ this scene…THiS IS IT!!! THE PART that I felt FRUSTRATED n NUMB~~ ANSWER IT!!! err

The heartbreaking scene…


Why did she do this?? huh…her crush…aaaaa..her crush should wait patiently…listen..LISTEN!! n don’t destroy that beautiful memory of her..



YUP, she recover it!! recover that painting with her SWEET MEMORY!!!


Hmm, be strong!!! YUP, to anyone who face this kind of situation~ fighting!!..

No words can comfort u…BUT hey, there might be another sweet memory that we can create in the future…so, live with those sweet memory n never too late to remind good n bright are u when u love one is with u..huhuhu…


P.S – I don’t have any right on any of the picture n the mv…all right goes to their own owner..the rightful one.. I just sharing..cause, SHARING IS CARING~~



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Nijikan Dake No Vacance-Utada Hikaru, Sheena Ringo [Y-mv]

It’s a NEW YEAR!!! A gift from nowhere~ lol…i’m lucky that i’m roaming around searching for a good Japan song to listen~ huhuhu..

God bless them~ I’m THAT happy~ yeah~ me, a lonely soul searching for a good healing song for myself..

the RESULT is UNKNOWN until I found this song~ now~ it’s gonna be in ma playlist~ lalalala…spent some money buying it is WORTH IT!! lol..happy2

Wonderin why right?? first~ the song is DAMN GOOD!! I LOVE IT!! PLUS the extra gift for me is there is YURI in it!!! the lyrics it self..huhuhu..

K, the song is about searching the time aka an escape to freedom for both the main character…ok, why 2 hour~ i’m not sure either..sweat

Let take a few glance on some scene shall we?? blush



Future technology~ touch


DAMN HAPPY!! Don’t u see it???!!!


Staring contest~ hehehe


This is the moment~ hide shy


The time that we spent~ I wish it longer than this..I wish we can be like this forever…





Just kidding!!! lol..i’m not gonna let u felt left a MUST SHARE song!!!




I don’t own anything at all.. related to this music video n image in here~~

SHARing IS CARING!!! GO BUY the album!!! *search n buy the song in i-tunes*

excited, u wanna proof?? hehehe..


:- I admit that I love utada hikaru~ n I knew it TOO LATE~ yeah, i’m quite slow in finding a song..just now have mood to search some J-music..hahaha… k, ROGER n OUT!!


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The Guardians [Lookout: 파수꾼 ] 2017

Kdramas is like one of the interesting things that I’ve been following when I am bored. My routine is quite similar everyday..hehehe..

At night, following the latest dramas on tv.. time..



The Guardians tells the story of a group of people who team up to serve justice themselves after losing their loved ones to criminals. The group consists of a detective, prosecutor, hacker, and an extremely shy person. They want to give these criminals the punishment that they deserve, and take matters into their own hands as the corrupt justice system in South Korea fails to capture the culprits.


Above is what wiki sure conclude all..

I absolutely in LOVE with this dramas..why??

Interesting plot!!! Intense fighting n action scene~~ SAD storyline for each character..more like their history..n the reason why they have been selected to work as a group..

YUP!! they’re the chosen one..


The criminal~ is an interesting person..what i mean by interesting is because…the REAL evil is a kid. U can say the Devil been born cause of the EVIL deeds that their parents did. More like his DAD..his mother is just a mother who love n spoiling her kid in many ways..

Hmm, the twist n the truth is DAMN scary..

I’m not sure how his mother face it.. hmm, I thought he gonna kill his mother..BUT instead of killing, he’s threat her n tell her..

“You should protect me like you always do..n etc..” hehehe, something like that..

Ah..the main character..

Lee Si-young as Jo Soo-ji, a mother that loss her daughter.. k, she’s one of my fav her a lot especially when she’s doing the action theme dramas or movie..ah..did u see her in REAL MAN – 진짜 사나이..her stamina is amazing..I knew that she’s an athlete..doing boxing..RESPECT!!!

AH, she’s doing a lot of action scene here..PLUS, that hide n seek scene…shooting scene..ALL of it is a MUST just awesome..I LOVE IT!!

Sad scene make me gloomy~ crying with her too..alright, I admit..all of the sad scene inside this story make me heart is super soft~~ cry

Kim Young-kwang as Jang Do-han, this character is amazing in many ways..yup, he’s a leader of this group. At first he’s an enemy for this group, but as time goes on..the truth is out n he revealed his identity…a prosecutor who are greedy to be the right hand for the one that his group target. YUP, absolutely, I praise him cause he’s playing his role perfectly as it fit. The interaction between him n  the group plus all the people around him is just wow..hahaha, change in a second..lot of personalities.. complicated one..

when the truth is out about he witnessing that little devil kill..i’m speechless..

Kim Seul gi as Seo Bo-mi …alright…this character is talented in many she control n manipulate the CCTV n etc. Waaa, super lucky..I wish there are people like her in REAL life cause we need those people to catch all the bad guy. She knew exactly where to find. Of course with the help of Kyung soo..hehehe, her BF at the end.. her past is traumatize…very sad one..

Key (shinee) as Gong Kyung-soo..a hacker..a kind n innocent person..he help a LOT , doing undercover outside..hmm, u knew that Seo Bo-mi is extremely introvert person cause of her past..more like she have a problem outside..glad that he’s there for her at the end.. happy2,

ah.. key doing a good job here..good job~~


So, I ship Soo ji n Do han…BUT u knew things are totally out of hand..the tension…n the end..pleeease cryingcry


If here there is a rate for this story~ I’ll gonna give 8/10, WHY not 10 out of 10??!!

Cause it~ is~ DAMN SAD!! U MAKE ME CRY A LOT!! like a river~ anyway~ there are lot of interesting n fun scene..dun worry..

LIke this one~



The OST is DAEBAK!!!


Ah..I love this FMV~ so, just share it too~ cause it to the owner xautumnbellsx … I dun have any right on this video..huhuhu..



I don’t have any right on the video, picture, this dramas n etc…I only sharing cause I’m care..THIS STORY is a MUST watch!! 

credit to their rightful owner!! 

ALL right goes to their rightful owner..

SHARING is CARING everyone~ 


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(Y-movie) We are Gamily aka 偽婚男女

Alright, this is the 2nd movie that I recommended to all of u..OF course..I’m not gonna compare both of it..cause each of the movie have it own strength n weakness..

Let’s start it..


This movie..the center of this I said..a u all know..LOT of people don’t understand this love..while i’m here thought that LOVE is for everyone..LOVE is a beautiful things..hmm…

anyway..the story started with 2 guys waiting for a girl..u can guess who’s the couple here based on the start only..yup, the bro have his own lover..BUT he need to get married with her old friend..yesssuu, a girl..which is also have her own that time..both agree to lead their own life after marriage..

As we all know..marriage is not about us only..our family will also have a big part of our marriage life right..hmmm, so, trying to hide their relationship…which is a BIG SECRET not easy at all..

BOth trying their best..BUT hey, it is not easy to stay calm n accepting in this situation..thus, one of the couple break up..

n the miracle things happened..hehehe, the little sister of that guy is back n guess what??!!! she’s like girls too!! is funny when she knock on her bro’s car window..n there is a confession time…

wait..dun wanna tell more..U MUST watch it!! it is funny most of the time..n sad at some part especially when their mother realize about their complicated relationship just because they wanna hang out together with their own lover..

At the middle..yessu..their mother lie about her disease..BUT after that, when each of them keep asking for forgiveness n etc…there is progress here n there where the mother actually learn a bit of everything…

their character..their situation…their feeling…their is quite beautiful to see the progress…eventhough it hurts when I see they fought each other..blaming here n there..


U can guess the ending based on this picture..


Sorry, cause i’m not putting the character name..huh..I have a headache nowadays.. my emotion also not n surely make me felt down most of the time..

Ah..i shouldn’t write my nonsense, I tell it in my nonsense..

I’m sure people gonna love this story..

I just wish I can see it fully with eng sub..I only watch the first 20 min with eng sub..hmm..

*sigh* it..


i dun have any right on this movie or pic or etc..

SHaring is caring~

A bit of the movie~

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(Y-Movie) The Substitute《替身》

Living is hard..yeah..especially when you’re living as ‘someone’ else for your special one. Who’s the special one here..

Of course..your MOTHER..there are 2 movie that I’ve done watching recently that relate to this one person..

The first movie is ‘The substitute’ ..huhuhu..of course..there is conflict in this story..

You know when you’re desperate to achieve something in life..just because you want an attention..wait not that..more like those words..

“I’m proud of you” or maybe “You’re my you..” .. or etc..

Or maybe this one person can proudly admit to others n share you achievement without hiding anything..

hmm..ok, that one is just my inner thought n conflict..hmm..back to the story..

In this movie, Lulu act really tough here..hmm, I guess her mother really love her brother..much more than one

Judo match is one of the interesting scene..I don’t have any’s DAMN HOT!! wait..the competition ok..hehehe, I love to watch this kind of match..

So, the main character met each other in this one small competition..I guess it is an important one cause the winner can change their life to a better one… It is much MORE IMPORTANT to Han Lu aka LULU..cause she’s living under her brother’s shadow..yup, her mother raised her as if she’s a boy..hmm, it is absolutely a sad scene when I watch her mother give her that gold medal n cut her hair..short..yup, she lost.. defeat against her crush..

I kind of hate it n crying cause of that matter..I started to ask myself If I also living under some kind of expectation..well, this story let me questioning myself a lot..

ALrite..her crush is living as a popular person..using the application Rela..her name is Nicole..Lulu always there watch her ‘live’ in gym n etc. Give quite a lot of comment that make Ni realize her existence…it is like dream come true right, when your crush actually knew you’re there watching..wait..more like admire her.

So, Ni have a chance to met her properly..n kind of want Han Lu to admit she’s Lulu. Then, u know..every meeting have it consequence..bad or good in the process right..

Thus, u can see..Ni try very hard to approach Lu when she knew Lu’s situation at home. PLUS she did like Lu..A LOT..

waiting scene, classroom scene..she’s leaving that apps.. suddenly absent from Lu’s life..she’s giving those good opportunity to Lu..yup, I sure about it..PLUS Ni have her own situation..yup, everyone have something happened in their life.

K, Lu become an actress..n Ni become a stunt girl after she just kind of prove that she’s in the other league in action scene..waaa, without any safety rope..super duper cool..

I shouldn’t tell u a lot..huhuhu, not cool at all.. even though I’m a spoiler in may ways..

I’m not sure how Ni survive at the end..BUT that KISS!! yeasssuuuu!!! KISS in front of the media, director n etc…LOT of people watching..U can’t miss it!! it is important!!! before the END!!


DON’T EVER SKIP to the end just because u wanna watch the things that i’m telling u’s not a good manner..

WATCH IT from the start to the END!!

No regret~~ I assure u..

Hope u enjoy it!!

I dun have any right on this movie or picture or etc related to this movie..


A bit of this movie~

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Love : Yêu – [Y-Movie]

It’s been a while~ and I don’t feel like searching things around nowadays…hmmm, maybe cause I felt bad n no good~

PLUS why the hell my action always different than what I thought..huh..I thought that I wanna buy one song…BUT end up buying LOT of song from I felt miserable this day to buy all those sad song..

AH..back to the

I did found it late right?? hehehe~ BUT still I manage to watch it with eng sub~ I am very thankful n grateful to the one that sharing this movie around..huhuhu..

Anyway..the main character~ one of them I knew from some movie that I make a review’s Chi Pu..n the other one..I’m quite new with her.. it’s Gil le..

You’re better search them thoroughly..huhuhu..


Lets start shall we..


What I’ve learn from this movie~

1- A lot of things happened for a reason..

2- Don’t blame other people~

3- Don’t take things for granted..

4- Someone do sacrifice things for their love one..

5- Someone rather felt miserable by themselves..

6- Your life is yours.. live your own life.. hmm, how should i say this.. don’t ever think that your thought fit someone life..their life is their life.. their future is their future…not yours.. you don’t have a right to decide what is better for them… you can only support and cheer them, give some advise n so on..



the movie start with their childhood~ yeah, from friendship~ n then, there is separation…the part is quite short..enough to explain..why n how they’re fond to each other..

After 10 years..yup, 10 fucking years..i’m not sure how Tu know how Nhi look like..hehehe, I do know Nhi know it is Tu when she see her hand…and when Tu call her by her nickname..

AH..fate isn’t it..

I don’t feel like sharing the whole story I said before, I don’t have mood..n currently listening to LOT of sad song…

Gonna keep it do felt relieve that I can cry at some part of this movie..

I tend to cry..even when i’m listening to sad song..hehehe, cause I felt a need to cry..err

Wait..gonna tell more, alright~ Nhi have boyfriend..yup, a boy~ society call it normal right..BUT when things turn the other way round.. people felt disgusting n talk bad about her..

Hmm..I wonder when things gonna change..sigh

Anyway, I found it funny when the one that record those vid of~ Nhi admit that she n Tu is in love with each other when she fought with her so called ‘boyfriend’ FAR!! DAMN FAR!! BUT when the vid is being upload to facebook~ the sound is quite clear..wait..SUPER CLEAR..

hehehe~ kekeke

K, Nhi’s grandma knew it all..I knew it..hmm, I felt sad when she die in this story…she hide it well..well enough that Nhi know nothing about it..Both Tu n Nhi aware that she’s not well tho..hmm..

Somehow, when Tu’s mother thought that Tu’s n Nhi’s feeling is a mistake make me felt complicated..n how Nhi keep avoiding Tu..


Naah…forget about’s a happy ending~ maybe~




hehehe.. I like the song at the end of the movie~ can’t find it.. hmmm..

Still~ ENJOY IT!!


p.s – I dun have any right on anything n everything related to this movie..all right goes to their rightful owner..huhuhu..



thumbs upfighting!!thx




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Faith [MariHaru] [P-8]

O.M.G!! lol..let’s celebrate the comeback of this fanfic..shall we?? hahaha..I felt dizzy when i read it over again..lot of error here n there…BUT yeah, you know i’m lazy right??kekeke

I just found the file again after a long time..PLUS with my laptop with me..fighting!!

Aaaaa..I wish I can finish this properly..n soon…’s been 4 years.. sweat

I become OLD!!! err

DAMN..forget about this nonsense..




shy pointing

Chapter 8

At Minami’s house…

“Acchan~” a midget girl looks uneasy as her hand keep calling the one number that quite important for her.

“What is it??” Acchan come closer while wearing a worried face.

“I…I can’t contact Mariko..” Minami answered as if she’s whispering. She let out a long sigh after try to call that one number again.

“Hmm…minami…she’s an adult..she know how to take care herself..”

“BUT..” Minami look at her phone screen n typing something instead of calling.

“U’re on date with me..” Acchan seems bothered by it. She take Minami’s phone away n put it on the nearest table. She did knew how important Mariko is BUT still..she’s much more important than her.

“Un..that’s true…” Minami nod weakly n look intently at Acchan’s eyes searching for something. Maybe a med for her heart that currently in panic state.

“Now..let’s..” Acchan just smile n reassuring Minami that everything is fine with a kiss.

“Mou~ Acchan~” Minami blushing hard after that one sudden move. A smirk can be seen clearly on Acchan’s face. She’s bluntly take another action that gonna make Minami regret of caring someone else more than her n make Minami’s love her more.


At Haruna’s house..


“U..” Mariko quite shock to see that familiar girl.

“Owh…dun move!!!stay still..dun push urself..” Haruna become panic n try her best to help Mariko sit comfortably.

She..she’s absolutely..beautiful.. Mariko quietly thought as she admired that one person from the first time she met her.

“Why u staring at me??” Haruna look uncomfortable.

“Why?? reason..” Mariko awkwardly rub the back of her neck. She find it funny cause that one girl seems much more innocent than she thought.

Haruna ignoring her n go straight to the bathroom to take some long shower. She need a time to processing all this event.


After a half n hour..


Mariko fell asleep but a loud sound of something falling make her wide awake.

*sigh*.. Mariko rub her sleepy eyes while watching Haruna search something inside her closet.

Lol..I can’t believe my eyes..Mariko wearing a grin n a smirk slowly grow on her face. But her expression have been caught by Haruna.

Haruna absolutely aware by Mariko way of looking at her. She can’t understand it. Why that one girl always looking at her like that.

Is she.. huh..naaahhh..she’s not.. Haruna dry her hair while wearing only a towel to wrap her body that still a bit wet.

“Do u have some spare..I means..shirt..” a sudden question suddenly came from Mariko’s mouth.

“Yeah..sure…” Haruna seems hesitate as she know well that Mariko want to take some long shower to clean up her body.

“Can I borrow it??” Mariko said shortly without really taken seriously Haruna expression.

“Un..sure..” Haruna nod weakly n get her backpack. She search thoroughly  n found what suit Mariko the most as she imagine it in her mind.

“….u want it?? hmm, but u need to take a bath first..but ur wound..” Haruna look worried as thought about it.

“Dun worry..I knew how to handle it properly..” Mariko wink n smiling widely as if nothing serious happened.

“Ah…ok..if u said so..” Haruna give out some clothes n awkwardly move back to retrieve some night pajamas for herself.

“…” Mariko staring at her with a frown on her face.

“What are u waiting for??” Haruna ask with a blank expression.

“I need a towel at least..” Mariko keep a poker face.

“BUT…I only brought one towel..hmm..for myself..” Haruna reluctantly answer n blushing by herself.

“…I..I give it later…u can go to the bathroom first..”

“Alright..” Mariko just nod n smile a bit understanding what kind of thought that might be thing by Haruna. She slowly walk towards the bathroom n glancing at Haruna once in a while as her eyes seems unstoppable from scanning Haruna up n down.

Damn..why am I turning to pervert all of sudden.. Mariko knock her head lightly n close the bathroom door.


Haruna’s POV

I felt hot even after showering…

Is this real.. Haruna wipe some sweat on her forehead. She can’t seem to relax under that one gaze.

She’s from that restaurant.. is it a coincidence meeting or she’s after me…

She seems to know me well with that smirk on her face…

Is this some kind of plan..

Is she hiding something??

In the first place…why she’s being she a criminal??..

Wait..with that’s impossible..

Why am I being bias over pretty n handsome face..

She’s surely an ikemen that can make girls melt under her gaze..

Wait..why am I judging her..

Hmm..I’m sure she’s a player..


Mariko POV

LOL..this is interesting..what’s with that expression..

I wonder what she thought..

Her scent remind me of someone..

Ah..she’s that girl..



After a while..

“What a sight..” Mariko said with a teasing tone. She just open a bit of the bathroom n watch Haruna mumbling by herself while sit near her bed.

“Ah..gomen..i forgot to give u the towel..” Haruna clumsily finish off drying her hair n pass the towel.

“Naah.arigatou ne..” Mariko just laugh a bit n close the door.

“Is the wound open?” Haruna sound worried when she ask that one question.

“Nope, don’t worry..I used to it..” Mariko open the door n reveal herself that fully dress with a still wet hair n a towel carelessly wrap on her neck.

She used to it??? Is she really a criminal on run or what??

“ assure miss..i’m not a criminal..nor a bad person..I’m just a jobless person now that suddenly involve in some robbery case at some bank..somewhere…” Mariko calmly answer n sit on the bed. She take her time to dry her hair.

“BUT how u end up being shot..” Haruna look lost.

“I’m just a stupid person that provoke, this the result of it..” Mariko make a peace sign n smiling as if it nothing unusual.

“Un..I wish it’s true..” Haruna found it suspicious but she want herself to believe this girl.

“It is..hmm..are u ok now??” Mariko suddenly ask out of the blue. A very unexpected question.

“I’m fine..wait..why you’re asking’s u the one that we should be worried about..” Haruna look confused.

“Ah..I’m sorry.. I should introduce myself..I am Shinoda Mariko..a patient that help u when you’re in…5 month ago..I it 5 month already??..I forgot..” Mariko said with an innocent face.

“U!!! that IKEMEN??!!” Haruna suddenly remember about that day. An image of that ikemen back cross her mind.

“Am I? An Ikemen?” Mariko point out herself.

“GOMENASAI!!” Haruna bow 90 degree n apologize a few times.

“Iie..why a sudden apologize n all..” Mariko awkwardly stand n want to stop Haruna from bow towards her.

“U’re absolutely someone that in much more worse condition than me..but u still help me..” there is a guilty tone in that statement.

“Am I?” Mariko found it ridiculous BUT it kind of true when she thought about it again.

“A nurse tell me..”

“So, I’m an ikemen with much more worse condition than u..a patient..n so are u..thus, are u changing your career or what??” Mariko jokingly said.

“Hmm..what..” Haruna look clueless.

“U’re a doctor..BUT I can guess that you’re not..based on your appearance n etc..” Mariko tell what she thought from what she observed.

“I’m once a doctor..” Haruna answered shortly. There is some kind of sadness hidden behind that statement.

“I’m I crossing the line..” Mariko felt guilty.

“Iie..” Haruna shook her head n look blankly at the wall.


A silent engulfing them for a long time..until..

“Is that why u bluntly stare at me? U thought I’m a liar n etc..” Haruna ask out of curiosity.

“Nope…” Mariko just smile as she found out what her feeling towards is about.


“It’s simple..” Mariko snap her finger.


“You’re make my heart felt at ease..u make my heart flutter..u make my heart felt different..” Mariko bluntly said while count what her feel using her finger.


“You’re so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes away from u..” Mariko look intently at Haruna.

“Stop it..u make things complicated..” Haruna felt her heart beat fast at a sudden confession.

“Naaah..not at all..maybe I like u..” Mariko added with a wink.

Haruna become speechless as her poker face betrayed her by turning red by times. She’s blushing hard under that one gaze.

“Maybe I’m falling in love with u..”


To be continue..







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