Club Friday The Series 7-The Birth of Love Online [Y] [2016]

WELCOME~ Ladies n Gentleman…let me introduce you to the latest short-dramas from the well known series- Club Friday the series…Club Friday The Series 7 เหตุเกิดจากความรัก ตอน รักออนไลน์

YESSUUU~ you’re right!!! it’s already season 7!!! Am I watching each of their season??!! Nope not really, just watch a glimpse of the series here n there…PLUS only attracted to the theme that ALL of you know…hehehe, girlxgirl aka girls love!!!

Of course…the teases n etc!! I LOVE IT!!! naaahhh, am I late? not too late right??

Cause the newest season is season 8 WHICH also hv aaa…this kind of theme too..BUT it still in progress aka coming soon~~~

Gonna wait for it tho..

First for all..I would love to say,

GMM25…I really appreciate your initiative to spread the awareness n REAL life story to the public so that everyone can probably relate with it n trying to solve or avoid things…n etc…

There are lot of things that we can learn from all of the stories…the ability to create those dramas make the production n company that produce this SPECIAL in my haaattooo…lol..

Enough with my nonsense n grateful heart towards the one that made this series exist..

Ah..I don’t have any right on this story aka dramas…ALL right goes to their rightful OWNER!!! I just sharing n spread the love…I wish there is eng sub..PLUS i wanna know the end of this story  in REAL life..


Shall we start the fun~~

This short dramas…4 episode only..

shy pointing

AH!! the game make me felt in love with the love those kind of game too…’s not relate…LOL..

Aaa…I gonna take n share out the moment of girlxgirl ONLY ok…

Expectation vs REALITY is the introduction of this review n dramas…lol..


Expectation~ it is a disease…DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH!!! alright, above is one of the main cast..she, make friend with another gamer…ok, let say they are ‘click’ after they greet each other..

From above..we can see that she’s DAMN HAPPY isn’t she?? hehehe, yeah~ yeah~ her imagination of the other person is kind of ‘NORMAL’ for a person that never ever thought of falling in love with someone..


Reality~~ make things become complicated…yeah~ yeah~ above is another main, u can conclude they’re a couple in this story..she’s become a gamer after came across a flyers..AND, she change her profile to a ‘guy’ cause guys keep bother her while she’s playing her games..

Ah..u know there is chatting stuff while we’re playing multi-player games right?? ONLINE~ lol..yup, it’s bothering her…OK~ when everything become so calm that she at last can concentrate on the game…there is a GIRL..yeah…that all cheerful girl on the 1st pic~

U can imagine it right away right??? how it turns out..gonna call the short hair one as a gamer..cause i dunno their character name n detail..wait, i do know her nickname..the one for that game…BUT naaahh..i’m too lazy…PLUS… is urgent..I need someone to sub this..hahaha..I wanna know what they call each other..I did random search here n I wanna know the content of their chatting~ seems so


Yup, sweet conversation n chat…here n there, quite lively isn’t it??…hehehe..sending a short vid with the kiss is always sweet..sweet like honey, make our heart flutter…n butterfly~~~ everywhere…

The moment of truth, yeah, a meeting…

Guess what?? the girl NEVER EVER expect the other girl to meet her…OF COURSE!! she’s expect a MAN not a WOMAN…lol, u can watch who the ‘GUY’ in her dreamlike imagination…hehehe…he is a handsome guy…BUT I don’t capture his ‘moment’ with the cheerful girl as it’s NOT real..hehehehe..why bother..LOL..

Hmm, the newbie gamer..reluctantly meeting…n try to sit next to her…BUT you know what hurt the MOST?? the other girls rejecting her..telling her that she have company..she reserve those chair next to her for a guy..a guy of her dream…n u can tell the result of the 1st meeting isn’t it? the gamer retreat n crying by herself..wait…this is the 2nd meeting…the official one aka 1st….LOL..the 1st unofficial one..u can see the pic below…

7Waa…this girl waiting for a long time.. >,< ..a loyal person…isn’t she? she’s waiting for a long time cause the gamer didn’t there to initiate any conversation with her…she just watching her for a far..

OK~ move on…

8Alright, u can guess what happened right?? the cheerful girl become confuse n in a shock state…she did disappeared in the middle of their meeting..OK~ gonna show her imagination with the ‘guy’ one…BUT now everything change..every moment…aka imagination is with the other girl…the newbie gamer..huhuhu..

YOSH!!! I don’t put all of it tho..huhuhu..



Ok…they try…YUP!! with a clear mind they talk with each other…YESSUUU!!! n everything START!!! our lovely moment…


Yup…I guess someone gonna get excited over this…’finger’..hehehe..I’m not gonna denied things..I do felt excited too cause their love story will officially start..huhuhu…thumbs up

YOU GO GIRL!!! grab it~ awkwardly n confidently…wait..can we sum up those two

yes2yes1st date~~ OFFICIALLY~~~ it’s going very well…yeah, he cheerful girl taking a lead..I respect her..

datesweetWhere is this place?? the gamer’s home!!! YEAH~ everything is DAMN WELL this time..

STAR n the MOON~ LOVE IN THE AIR!! YOU’RE THE WITNESS!!!  those moment with wonder why it’s very familiar…hehehe, apron always…remember SHE:Their love story..u know what happened next right??

WAIT!!! don’t make your imagination gone wild!!! LOL..hehehekekeke


LOL..I already tell it…DON’T EVER make your imagination gone wild…LOL..i shouldn’t do this..hahaha.hide shy.




See, I already tell you..i’m not joking…REALITY DAMN HURT!!

Ok, who is this kid..IF u watch it~ u know who she is..she is the newbie gamer’s daughter…long story short…the gamer…a divorcee..on the way..or already divorce..i’m not sure..cause I can’t understand the story..hmm..what i can say is she already living separately away from her husband that cheating on her..hmm..before she have long guess u can guess it right? what happened before she start things over again..her ‘new’ life..

She’s quite a lonely girl…trying to search the meaning of her life back..

Back to the story..

What did u miss?? aaa…I gonna sum up all the things…u know it awkward n difficult right?? trying to act naturally n at the same time be careful with your action..

I kinda give a big hand to miss cheerful girl cause she’s trying her best to fit in the situation n still caring about her love one…ok, maybe someone not agree with me..BUT hey, they are newly couple ok, she still have this honeymoon phase on her relationship..what u expect from her..act ‘normal’? like a friend…damn no~ there is no way she gonna do that..

U can see that the kid can sense it right?? PLUS they have been caught by her..

geThe worse have come…this is the main conflict…this is the moment where everything goes bad for the couple..I didn’t say that the kid is at fault..hmm, she just a kid..I’m not gonna blame her..THIS IS REALITY!!! it’s RARE to find someone who understand this..relationship..

She lost it..her ONLY daughter rejecting her…YESSUU~~ that’s what I can conclude from the flow of this story..maybe..her husband become the rightful person to take care her daughter..her own daughter..hmm..I am hear about it..really..hmm..u know this is from the REAL story right? I just wish it gone well sooner o’s heart is very hurts..LIKE HELL..the pain..DAMN IT!!

K, back to the story..


At the end, the med for her pain is HER..BUT…then, she decide to..

End their relationship…after talking..a bit at the veranda…DAMN that scene…hmm..the cheerful girl…trying her best to not cry while wearing an ‘OK’ expression…as if everything is fine..the scene above…the gamer..BLOCK her!!! DAMN IT!! WHY??? there is no need to BLOCK n delete her contact…’s just my opinion..why..

A GOODBYE~ when there is no need for that..err

The tears…


Hurting your own self is NO GOOD~ this is what I called SELF-HARM~ it can’t be reversed anymore..

b3Bb4Both are in PAIN~ NO JOKE~

I’m in pain too~

I’m screaming out ALL of my thought…while watching this scene~


The end is..


Fate~ is cruel~ isn’t it?? gekkeum…isn’t it? or always cruel…i’m not sure..

I just wish..the REAL character in this story end up happily..n not regret..maybe…hmm..just wish for their happiness…

Thanks a lot for GMM25 for sharing this story with us…

We learn a lot…

Expectation vs Reality…

It is crucial to know the truth n be true to our own self..

May love win..

I wish everyone enjoy this review~~~

Ah,,u can watch it at their GMM25 on youtube…

Currently waiting for the next season..huhuhu..the new teaser is..hmm..interesting..maybe..let just wait n see..


Thank you GMM25…

Thank you everyone..


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  1. Blake2812 says:

    Do you know where i can watch it with eng subs??

  2. SomeoneWhoWantToWatchL says:

    Where dod you watch Club Friday the Series 7: Ruk Online/Online Love??

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