My only fault.. [EunMin, JiReum][P-4]

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shy pointing


Chapter 4 too.. Eunjung cup her face n let the tears flowing down. She doesn’t want to hold it anymore.

But for me..I regret that I’m not there when she’s there.. Eunjung took her phone n read back the chatting history between her love one.

The memories from the past kept playing in her mind the more she think about that one girl.

I love u…but…why it end up like this… Eunjung mumble by herself while the tears kept running out non-stop from her pair of redden eyes.



Hyomin come to visit Eunjung that seems stop contacting her or maybe avoiding her for a few days already. She made something n hope Eunjung can be like her usual self towards her. It’s really breaking her heart as time goes by without Eunjung by her side.

-In front of Eunjung house-

Eunjung walk out from her house n letting the door’s open as she go out.

“Unni..I made this for u…” Hyomin said while wearing excited face n showing of a bag of plastic bag.

“Hmm..what is it??” Eunjung wearing a very curious while trying to look at the content of the bag.

“Ur most fav…” Hyomin hide it behind her.

“Ah..really..” Eunjung nod weakly as if it’s really nothing for her.

“U’re not happy??” Hyomin raise her eyebrows n look at Eunjung with surprise look. She doesn’t expect that Eunjung will react coldly like that.

“I am..BUT..” Eunjung said reluctantly while at the same time thinking some good reason to tell Hyomin.

“But…” Hyomin waiting patiently the answer while look straight at Eunjung BUT eunjung seems avoiding her gaze.

“Hyomin-ah..” after a while, Eunjung look at Hyomin.


“Can u give me some time alone…” eunjung said while holding Hyomin free hand.

“Alone..” Hyomin wearing a confuse face. After a few second of silence, Hyomin..

“Am I disturbing u?? mian..mianhae…I’ll be back..” Hyomin  seems so nervous n try to release her other from Eunjung grip.

“No..not at all..” Eunjung shook her head.

“…I have some work to do..” Eunjung explain shortly.

“Eunjung-ah…who u’re talking with??” a stranger voice asking from the inside of the house. Hyomin blink a few times n can’t believe what she just heard.

“ one…just someone..yeah…someone…” Eunjung replied nervously.

“AH..really…” the voice from inside seems relieved after listening to Eunjung answer.

“Yeah…I’ll be back…just wait there…” Eunjung added.

“OK…” the voice disappeared after a short replied.

“Who’s that??” Hyomin try to come in by taking a few step forward but Eunjung stop her by standing in front of her n give a sign to stop from going further.

“ co-worker…” Eunjung nervously answered.

“U lie..” Hyomin glared at Eunjung that seems avoiding her eyes from the time she come to meet her.

“I’m not..” Eunjung shook her head n held Hyomin shoulder n held her gently towards the exit aka the door back.

“BUT u stuttering..” Hyomin felt sad as she can sense that Eunjung hiding something from her.

“…Unni..” Hyomin look straight at Eunjung eyes that seems shaking because of anxiety.

“I’m sorry..” Eunjung said weakly after being silence for a few second.

“Hmm..” Hyomin give Eunjung the plastic bag that she bring along with her n put on a small smile on her face before turning her back to go back to her house. As fast as she can cause she can’t let her tears flowing down in front of Eunjung.

“Hyomin-ah..” Eunjung just watch Hyomin back till it disappeared. Her body froze at the fact that Hyomin crying because of her. It’s the first time she see it. The tears of sadness from the pair of beautiful eyes that she longing n love.


What she’s doing now..


Is it already over…

Did she really leave me…hmm..just like that..Eunjung thought quietly while remain in her own world.


Flashback continue..

A few days later..

“ expected from u…” Hyomin suddenly appeared in front of Eunjung that currently on her way to her workplace n say it.

“What??” Eunjung ask for explanation.

“Then…I ask u again..are u sure about this??” Hyomin show a message that she received after her last visit to Eunjung home.

We should give our self time n space to think about our relationship. I can’t stay to be like this forever.

Sender: My love..

“I’m sorry..” Eunjung look at Hyomin n say it as if she whispered it to no one.

“ u wish..” Hyomin delete that one message in front of eunjung n walk away with a very disappointed feeling.

Hyomin-ah…what do u mean by OK??…I’m not ok at all!!!…Eunjung shout it loud inside her mind.

Why…why I said… Eunjung scratching her head that doesn’t itchy.

This words that make u hurt like that…Eunjung look at the last message that she sent to Hyomin.

That…give me this pain…

Unbearable pain… Eunjung rub her chest that received such a big impact when Hyomin said that one words ‘OK’.


“I guess she never come back again..” Eunjung let out a long sigh. Her vision become blurred with tears there in her eyes.


To be continue..

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