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LOL…I PROUD AGAIN with my the truth is…I want to read JiReum fanfic badly…BUT I very lazy to find it…so..I made it..haha…


To:- T-ara fans…n Jiyeon fans..n Areum fans…hihi..n JiReum pair fans…huhu…this 2 is my fav maknae couple..haha..

shy pointing



T-ara just finishing their performance aka stage. So, they still there waiting n resting. AH..this situation happened right after Jiyeon injured been announce n known to public. At the time they promoting no.9.

“Hmm..should I..or..not..” Areum walk back n forth in front of t-ara waiting room.

“BUT…” Areum scratch her head that doesn’t itchy while staring blankly at the door.

“Areum-ah!!” a familiar voice calling Areum from far.

“Ah..hyomin unni…” Areum quite surprise to see Hyomin. It’s been a while they meet in person cause she busy preparing for her debut while T-ara with their comeback.

“U…what are u doing here??” Hyomin asking as she’s very curious with a sudden visit by Areum.

“I..” Areum stared the other place, avoiding Hyomin curious gaze.

“Wait…let me guess…” Hyomin snapped her finger as she thought of something.

“….Jiyeon??” Hyomin glance at Areum to see her reaction.

“Fuuuh….unni!!” Areum trying to denied it with all her might. She wave her hand right in front of Hyomin n shook her head.

“ expected…our areum so transparent..” Hyomin let out a small laugh.


“Yeah…why not coming in??” Hyomin ask again as it strange to standing there alone.

“Hmm…afraid that..”

“Afraid that???” Hyomin waiting patiently.

“It’s been a long time…”

“Areum-ah…I thought that u always message her when u free..” Hyomin bluntly said what she thought cause she always see Jiyeon holding her phone when they’re free.

“It just…I’m too tired everyday…so…I always fall asleep as soon as I come back from training..” Areum let out a long sigh after she finished what she want to say.

“Everyday??” Hyomin quite surprise with it.

“No..not everyday…just…hmm..because I doesn’t message her for a while…I just.. felt.. it… hmm… awkward to message her…n I can’t message her..” Areum stuttered as she found it difficult to find a right word to express what she thought.

“That’s complicated…”

Suddenly…the door of t-ara waiting room open from inside..


“Ah..eunjung unni?” Areum bow a bit.

“Waa..u look..are u eating well areum-ah?? U look a bit..” Eunjung stared Areum n scanning her from top to bottom.

“LOL..I eat more than enough..just..the training make me lost weight..” Areum say while trying to hold her laugh.



Inside the waiting room…

Jiyeon staring blankly at the half open door while thinking about that one person that her unnie’s found outside that is Areum. She’s try to calm herself as a sudden anxiety attack her. She can felt her heartbeat beating fast than usual.

It’s Areum…

Why she’s not come in??

Is she..avoiding me on purpose..

Hmm..she’s not messaging me like before…

I wonderin why..

Is she’s healthy?? Did she miss me??

I miss her like crazy..BUT..hmm..I guess she’s not…

Bothering my mind everyday and make me..

Injured my own body like this…

I’m not a careless person…BUT this…

A proof that I miss her..

LOL..i become crazy if this goes on..



“Where…where are…the others??” Jiyeon quite surprise to see there is no one there except Areum and herself. She’s trying to act calm when she realized about that one situation that she doesn’t expect at all. She doesn’t know that her unnie’s will leave her alone with Areum as they know what an awkward situation that she felt all this time.

“I dunno..they suddenly left after push me in…” Areum awkwardly said while avoiding Jiyeon gaze.

“Push u in??” Jiyeon can’t believe what she heard.

“Yeah..PUSH..” Areum repeat again while awkwardly put her bags at side.

“They force u to come in??” Jiyeon still can’t accept that one fact.

“Hmm..yeah…BUT…not really..” Areum said while awkwardly scratch her neck.

“They did force u…” Jiyeon let out a long sigh and pretend that she felt down because of it as if Areum come in without her will even though she knew that Areum did want to meet her with the last words that she said before.

“No..NOPE!!” Areum say quite loud while shook her head furiously.

“Areum..why so loud..I can hear u..” Jiyeon smile excitedly as she’s enjoying what she see.

“S..So..Sorry..Mianhae..” Areum feeling very guilty and start blaming herself cause making Jiyeon uncomfortable.

“It’s alright..”

“Hmm..Are u ok??” Areum ask with a voice that full of worried.

“Yeah…I’m fine…” Jiyeon nod weakly. she know that Areum worried about her just by looking at her expression.

Unnie..she’s very good at dance..but why suddenly… Areum thought quietly inside her mind. She thought a few possible reasons why it happened.

“Why u frown.. areum-ah..”

“Just wonderin how u can injured urself..” Areum said bluntly.

“I’m not intentionally injured it!!” Jiyeon suddenly shout trying to defend whatever reason that she think at that moment.

“That’s why…so strange..” Areum still make a serious face n acting like she’s thinking.

Wait..did..did she knew..I..I think about her… Jiyeon suddenly felt that she’s been caught by Areum.

“U..” Areum said with a serious tone while look at Jiyeon.


“U’ve been caught..” Areum said calmly and still wearing her serious face as if she already know everything.

“What..what did I done??” Jiyeon ask with anxious tone.

“U’re guilty for making me worried about u..” Areum said while wearing a smirk on her face.

She..she doesn’t knew Jiyeon let out a small sigh of relieved at the thought that Areum doesn’t know the REAL reason.

“N!!” Areum look intently at Jiyeon eyes and by time make the distance between her n Jiyeon as close as possible.

“What??” Jiyeon try to distance her face from Areum

“Missing me like crazy..” Areum whispered slowly while grin by herself. She knew she got the right answer as JIyeon suddenly close her eyes as if waiting for whatever things that Areum gonna do to her.

Areum push Jiyeon forehead and distance herself. She stand and laughing out loud when she saw Jiyeon reaction. It absolutely amuse and very interesting in her eyes. It’s been a while she tease Jiyeon, her beloved unnie. That is the one that she love.

“HUH!!! AREUM!!! U’re CRUEL!! NAUGHTY!!!” Jiyeon stomped her leg that doesn’t injured a few times and glared at Areum while mumbling by herself. Areum just chuckled while seeing all her reaction. Jiyeon unintentionally make her cute dinasour reaction while she mad and make Areum pinch her cheek.

“OUCH!! It hurts..” Jiyeon make a sad face. *super duper cute by the way* *lol*

“Yeah..yeah..” Areum caress Jiyeon cheek that she pinch before.


“I’m glad to see this Jiyeon again..” Areum smile warmly to Jiyeon.

“U just want to see my mad face..” Jiyeon pretend that she till sad and sulking by herself.

“Why not…it’s cute..” Areum  grin by herself and pat Jiyeon head.

“Little eunjung unni said..” Areum added while mimicking Jiyeon reaction before.

“It’s not funny…” Jiyeon hit Areum lightly while trying to act she’s serious about it.



“Sorry..” Areum said after a few second silence make them felt awkward again.


“Really..really..sorry..” Areum said again. Her shaking voice that full of regret really show how much she meant it.


“Can u accept it??..”  Areum ask as she want Jiyeon forgiveness badly to make her felt better.

“U never make something that u should sorry Areum-ah..” Jiyeon said after think for quite a while.


“It’s my fault..” Jiyeon cut areum words n said shortly.

“’s mine..” Areum try to take a responsibility again.

“It’s mine..” JIyeon really thought it’s her fault.

“It’s mine..” Areum still want to win over that one thing.

“’s our fault..” Jiyeon smiling while caress areum face. She longing to do that since long time ago. Areum awkwardly smile and just let Jiyeon do whatever she want as she also miss her touch.

Suddenly…all the unnies come in and an excited voice celebrating them.

“WAA!!! OUR TWO MAKNAE!!!” Eunjung shout excitedly while

“LOL..unnie..u shouldn’t disturb their moment together..”


“No..but..just don’t..”

“I WANT TO SHOW THEM OUR MOMENT TOO!!” Eunjung hug Hyomin and attempt to kiss her a few times BUT hyomin push her and try to avoiding her kiss.

Everyone laughing as they see the EunMin couple that seems very playful n in their own world from the start.


JiReum couple in their own world..

“Thanks for visiting me..”

“Naahh..I miss u so much..n very worried..hmm, make me can’t sleep..”

“LoL..that’s explain ur panda eyes..”

“It’s because of u..”

“I know..” Jiyeon say as if she whispered n quickly kiss Areum lips while Areum still mumbling by herself n blaming her. She done it fast because she doesn’t want her unni’s teased her later BUT unfortunately her action been caught by Soyeon and Q-ri while Areum still surprise by Jiyeon action n froze there and blankly watch Jiyeon that smiling happily as she success.

After a few second..suddenly…

“KISS HER..KISS HER…KISS HER..” EunMin couple also join the chanting that first started by SoRi couple n Boram.

Jiyeon blushing hard and trying to hide her face buy cupping her face while Areum shyly look at Jiyeon. Her heart beat fast and felt like it can explode anytime as the result from Jiyeon action before and all the eyes that staring at her as if they’re waiting Areum to make a first move.

Areum give an ‘OK’ sign to her unnie’s before start to move forward..slowly..towards Jiyeon. She’s really thankful to her unni’s for giving this one chance cause she actually felt reluctant to start it first as it’s been a while even though she always be the first that make a move.

Areum slowly move Jiyeon hands that currently cup her own beautiful face.

“U’re blushing hard there..”

Jiyeon still doesn’t want to open her eyes. Her cheek absolutely redden like a tomato now especially when she can felt the hot breath of Areum. A sudden silent absolutely make it more clear to her as she can listen what Areum whisper.

Everyone watch intently their action. Some of them grab some snack and eat as if they currently watching a movies.

“I LOVE U..” Areum whisper near to Jiyeon ears n then kiss Jiyeon lips.

~yeah…long n hot kiss as if they are in their own world~


A few second pass..

“Let’s out..out..” Hyomin whispered while drag Eunjung with her.

“I want it too..”Eunjung still trying her best to get a kiss from Hyomin.

SoRi couple n Boram also going out..following EunMin couple from behind to grab some nigh supper to take back to their company as they have late night practice to make their stage perfect.

“They’re gone..” Areum said after separating herself from Jiyeon.


“Unnie..I LOVE U..” Areum said again while look intently at Jiyeon.

“Love u too areum…” Jiyeon replied while caress Areum face.

“Shall we..” Areum  smiling n give her hand to Jiyeon. Areum help Jiyeon to stand up and catching up with the others unnie. Their hot love story continue n yeah..happy till whenever u want it..hihi..XD


LOL..I should buried myself.. *blushing hard*

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